Saturday, 1 January 2011

What a real slave has to do


At 4am Lina comes into O/our bedroom. She has been throwing up, a stomach disease coming up. Mistress goes to check out her room, then gets me, suggests W/we clean it up together. i offer to clear it up myself, She immediately agrees to that, just telling me how to do it.

She had walked from her room throwing up into the bathroom. From 4am to 6am i clean up vomit from the floor, from a few carpets, from some walls, from her door, from the sink and from cupboard doors. i have to unscrew the doorsill as there’s vomit under it. The floor is made of boards, and i have to remove vomit from chinks between the boards with the screwdriver. At 6am i can finally put the dirty textiles into the washing machine, wash the cleaning equipment and the long rubber gloves i used and the places i touched with them. Mistress has not got back to sleep and She rises up also. i make breakfast and get Her the paper.

As Mistress reads the paper i program alarms for Her favorite tv shows using the new weekly tv guide and prepare a menu according to Her wishes. She decides that W/we go cycling next, ride to the town, go to a café, purchase some food and wine.

After getting home i have to sharpen the chain saw thoroughly (45 minutes), prepare lunch, clean up afterwards, prepare coffee and tea, empty the washing machine, run the dishwasher, and saw and chop firewood until i am exhausted, and rake a big part of lawn after that. It’s enjoyable to get so many things done in a day and be useful to your Master.

Next i may start preparing a special dinner – W/we have lobster and asparagus. i cook the lobster and make a lobster salad. However, Mats wants the lobster to be served as a whole, like in Donald Duck. Afterwards i clear everything up.

In the evening W/we watch two episodes of Survivors, i prepare semolina gruel according to Lina’s wish, and do some net surfing while O/others watch tv. In the night i have to sleep without my sleeveless shirt as a punishment for the net surfing.

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