Saturday, 26 February 2011

A service-oriented weekend

Saturday. After this day i can proudly say i’m a real service-oriented slave / workhorse. In the morning She lead me to the beach to fix the beach hut door. Next She ordered me to dig holes for 17 new plants before it’s time for me to start preparing meal - a big tortilla buffet - for O/our guests (my female cousin and her family). During the visit, i also prepared and served coffee, having guests does not change O/our ways. After the guests left i set the plants.

Sunday i wake up already before the alarm. After morning duties a little time in the net, then preparing rice porridge, laying the table. Mistress arrives in bikinis. Her period’s starting. She orders me to get Her painkillers and water. W/we go back upstairs, i make the bed. i ask Her if She wants some sandwiches, the porridge is ready only after half an hour. She says She will think about it. i serve Her the tea and get the paper. She drinks tea, reads the paper on the big oak table. i busy myself in the kitchen. She informs me She wants a roll, filled with banana slices. i prepare, serve. Then i ask if She would care for a bun as a dessert. She agrees, asks for me tea also. i ask if i can warm up the bun a bit in the microwave, She agrees. i take Her the tea and the warmed up bun, but the tea is too weak, i must take it back and brew it further.

After breakfast i must divide and plant Her marigolds. i do some weeding as well in the kitchen garden where She wants the marigolds. It’s early May, spring’s here at last. Then to the gym with Mats, after that preparing lunch – still tortillas. Mistress keeps a strict command, i hang the washing, run the dishwasher, prepare coffee for myself and drink it standing up, cleaning up kitchen, and washing one shelf in the fridge, my weekly chore, that i have neglected.

It starts to rain outside, so i may stay in and check pool water quality and give it more chlorine, then She tells me to find Her a tool, get Her painkillers and water, a book from the bedroom. She starts to read it, orders more tea.

Later W/we leave for a hardware store and to take Mats to his friend. While getting back She wants some hamburgers, takeaway, and clearing the trash falls to me per Her almighty order. Then warming up sauna, half pool workout, and picking up Mats. Today i was allowed to view O/our investment portfolio also, investments have gone well lately.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

a not-so-free day

Friday, wake up at 6am even though it’s my day off. i do the normal morning duties and put on the cb with the second smallest a-ring for the first time. Normally i have used the middle sized one. last night i tried the smaller ring on and it fitted. First i put it on the wrong way, the locking pin is not long enough that way and i must remove it and put it on again. Second time the lubrication seems to be lacking, i must really pull the ring in its place. i get excited and i have trouble with a persistent sissy erection, i must think about work duties to lock the cage.

Middle sized points of intrigue and smaller a-ring are a tough combination but i get used to the new setup during the day. Quite a dramatic development - as the cb-2000 arrived, i measured that i would need the largest a-ring! Now pulling out must be really difficult too, so one solution to the pullout problem: a small enough a-ring.

After clearing breakfast table Mistress tells me, what windows i will wash next – it’s a big house and lot of windows. i manage to carefully wash and dry three more windows before it’s time to prepare lunch, and then W/we drive to town to meet Lina who has been at a sleepover. Mats also joins us and with him i do some grocery and garden peat shopping while G/girls visit some cloth stores.

In the evening Mistress’s orders include vacuuming the ground floor, washing toilets, warming up sauna and preparing a chocolate cake.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

a slave's Labour day

The next day was a holiday, the Labour day. i had to labour the whole day too, Mistress ordered me to clean the windows. i cleaned them thoroughly the windows She chooses. First five windows, then a break and the rest in the afternoon.

In the evening i have become tired and i glance at Mistress in an angry fashion as She notes that i poked Her paper. The punishment follows at bedtime: She takes a strap, orders me to get ready for bed, asks for my hands, crosses my wrists and ties them tightening the strap violently. Then She takes some IcyHot, and rubs some in my nipples which She exposes from the confines of my sleeveless shirt, and rubs the rest to my balls. Pain gets more intense quickly especially in my balls. Then She turns me on my side on the bed and takes a tight bite at each of my buttocks as i bite the corner of my sheet. Then She tugs me in and i manage to sleep though She leaves my hands getting numb in the tight ties.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Exercising dominance


While writing down what happened yesterday i get a full, painful erection. i call Mistress to inform Her about a tv show She might like, but She has taken Mats to his orienteering rehearsals. She tells me to take care of what’s in the hall. There is a pair of Her boots, that i tend to, polish, and as She gets back home i show them to her on my knees. She is not happy with the polish i have used – it should have been black not clear, and tells me sharply to take them in the basement and put them away for the summer. Then warming up sauna, picking up Lina.


i get home after doing shopping in two grocery stores. As a welcome Mistress presses me down to a stooping position, orders my mouth open and spits into my mouth a shrimp chip She was eating.

Friday, 18 February 2011

IcyHot obidience school


Wake up at 5.30, morning duties, little time for net ( After work to grocery store, at home i first empty the dishwasher, then eat, the mud cake is already eaten, though. i report to Mistress standing up. That’s a mistake, She says i should report on my knees. She sends me to chop one log part to firewood. In the evening i have to prepare gruel for everyone, but only i have to eat it without any sweetener.

In the bedroom i do abdominals again, then wait on my knees. She orders Icy Hot to my balls. She says She has to start arranging ‘obscho’ - dog obedience school - for me, i have been lagging, especially after the orgasm. My sissy clitty stands at attention. She orders me to draw my thong back up. Then She tells me to put more Icy Hot to my balls after a minute. My balls are already smarting like crazy, but i watch the clock and reapply IcyHot. ‘At least you are obedient.’ Feeling terrible smarting i raise my thong again and continue reading James Joyce on my knees. She reads Her own book.

Then comes an especially exciting moment, as She wonders if She should tell me to give myself, in the name of ‘obscho’ a third IcyHot treatment, and i cannot do anything else but stare at Her looking appealing and pitiful, and hope that She would not order me to do that, knowing that, if She orders me, i will do it.

Monday, 14 February 2011

The best cum ever

i have put an alarm at 6am, but Mistress joins me downstairs before i have finished epilating. She orders me to prepare sandwiches for U/us and porridge for kids. In the middle of preparing porridge She orders me to follow Her upstairs. i guess what it is about, but what surprising timing again. She tells me to close the door to Mats’ room, open the toy chest and remove the cb as She washes her pussy in the toilet.

She joins me and orders me to strip, put on the sturdy leather wrist and ankle bracelets, and a collar. i find the posture collar, put it on. ‘On your back in the bed.’ She has put on a corset and stockings. i may lick Her pussy from below raising my head from the bed. She gets on all fours and i must lick Her from behind a long time, first the clit and then i start sticking my tongue in Her pussy, mking my nose meet Her asshole.

Back on my back, She gives me a condom to put on myself, then She ties my hands to the bars at the headboard. She impales Herself on me and starts fucking me, lets me fuck Her from below. Then She turns on Her side, unlocks my wrists so i can turn. Fucking on O/our sides She cums. i don’t even time has already passed from my latest cum.

She orders me on my back again, reattaches my wrists up to the headboard. Impales Herself on me, starts fucking me slowly but resolutely. i ask permission to spread my legs, She allows it, Her legs together. She bends Her knee, gets depth to Her thrusts. i ask: ‘May i cum’. ‘Yes, you may’. As i cum, completely passive, fucked, my feet start trembling uncontrollably – they are the only parts of my body i can move anyway!

After fucking me She orders me to put all stuff in its place, make the bed and finish the porridge. before the kids wake up i’m back on the roof removing the moss, as per Her express orders. It takes 1,5 hours more. After that it’s collecting the leaves i have dropped off the roof, raking and blowing. i’m close to getting ready as Mistress is hungry, i go warm up the sauce and prepare more rice. After coffee She orders me to prepare a mud cake style chocolate cake before driving Her to Oslo to view some art galleries and have tea in a nice cafe.

Back at home W/we eat the cake and i may start preparing the sauna. There i will complete my aerobics set and as i am ready i will not join the O/others watching tv, but i will go to kitchen ansd start preparing spaghetti and two sauces, one for Mistress and a minced meat sauce for others. i may have some of it for supper and i am ready for bed, drowse on the floor in the living room, there i may watch tv while i eat.

i am allowed to go to bed first, but i misunderstood, and go lying in the bed. As She enters the bedroom i will have to get up and wait on my knees, as She changes Her clothes oh so sexily.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

A strict Mistress

In the morning Mistress orders me up on the roof right after breakfast, to brush the roof. i must wear my safety harness, loop round my thighs and waist. i attach myself to the chimney, remove fir pins, leaves and moss that sticks tightly between tiles. The roof is dry and it is a good day to work there. i can talk to Mistress who is doing some gardening work on the yard. Before noon She is hungry so i climb down and warm up chili fish for lunch, i must eat old dry leftover potatoes with it.

Next i must prepare a shopping list for myself, in a hurry, drinking my coffee standing up, then i must pick up Lina and get the groceries. Lina and her girl friend come with me to the mall, i lose them there for a moment. Back at home, i have to help Mistress with Her gardening. It’s heavy work, and my legs still hurt after the jogging that took place yesterday. i will first spread wet papers and chips around the mountain pines She has bought and planted. Then i must spread big sacks of manure and turn soil in the kitchen garden, a very tiring job. She gives me lighter assignments at times to give me a break and i may even prepare portions of ice cream for everyone, then She makes me continue.

In the evening Her godchild arrives and i will prepare and serve chicken pasta soup. Finally i clear the table, as always. She’s a strict Mistress!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mistress gets back

i wake up at 5am, stiffness down there, and pain. The foreskin has swollen more. i remove the cb, and sleep the rest of the night without it. In the morning i make the bed, epilate and put the cb back on with the third biggest a–ring and shortest locking pin, without the spikes. i turn on the washing machine and eat emptying the dishwasher.

As i get back from work Mistress has returned, but She is anxious. She advised Her mom on buying a sewing machine and the purchase is turning out to be a mistake. Lina leaves for Her sleepover, Mistress wants to go jogging. i join Her of course and Mats wants to join as well. i have to leave on my gardening pants as otherwise T/they would have to wait for me. W/we do a 7,5km run, first flags Mistress, then Mats as Mistress picks up the speed again. Cb doesn’t hinder jogging.

As a reward W/we all get hamburgers, i pick them up as O/other wait in the car. As W/we have eaten She tells me to warm up the sauna. There She asks me about the use of my daily half an hour net allowance. She is shocked as i have not already confessed that i have exceeded the quota. She yanks my head back, orders my mouth open and spits in my mouth. It feels more commonplace in practise than in my fantasies. i make full water workout according to Her orders.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Trying chastity 24/7

i tried sleeping with the cb-2000. Before going to sleep i pulled sissy clitty out a bit to allow it more room for nocturnal growth.

At 4.30am i wake up because of pain. i see a sexual dream, sissy clitty tried to get hard and caused pain behind the balls and in clitty. i don’t remove cb, but continue sleeping. The pain fades away, but clitty continues semirigid. Maybe a slave could be trained not to have nocturnal erections?

i wake up before 6am again. Getting ready to work is a bit more difficult wearing cb. i take a shower, taking care to also shower well the narrow space between the cock cage and my balls. Shaving around the cb and plucking hair from balls. i can also shave the base of sissy clitty by pulling it a bit out and back in. sissy clitty was sore all through the morning, as it had remained semirigid since the darkest hours, but the pain went away as i left for work, and stayed away all day.

i make a modest new record of mine by being in cb-2000 two days in a row. The only problem is swelling in my foreskin that i notice in the afternoon as i go to the toilet for the second today. The reason must be the rubber band which is cutting down some circulation.

i go to grocery store, call Mistress, She allows me to tell Her about the record and the nightly problems. At home i take care kids eat some dinner. i change clothes, according to chore list i remove fish from the fish trap, chop a big log chunk into firewood while Lina jumps on the trampoline. i prepare gruel for supper, then a little time by the laptop, back to preparing fish in chili sauce for the next day, running the dishwasher.

After getting the kids to bed i get stuck in the net. i get interested in, and register there to see the pics. However it turns our they are commercial, and i don’t pay for anything in the net.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mistress travelling


W/we agreed with Mistress in the evening that i am to be in cb-2000 all through Her trip, day and night. i will use a bigger (second biggest) a-ring without points, but with the rubber loop behind my sissy clitty head, the rubber band tied in the middle and a small lock attached to the other loop, to make it impossible to open the rubber loop, pull out, push it back in and retie the rubber band.

Rubber band has other benefits: i can pull sissy clitty into the cage using the rubber band, and it prevents the foreskin from covering the clitty head in an unhygienic way. i get another idea, there could be a few more side loops, which could be tied to the bars, thus making it impossible foreskin could slide forth.

The day in the cb goes well, without the points i can experience small erections. i try putting the free hanging rubber loop (i still have not purchased the new lock) around my balls, tying clitty and balls in one, but the balls start to hurt very much soon, that’s not a practical idea. i purchase a new lock in a hardware store and lock it to the other loop, hanging from the top of the cb.

i notice that especially without pants the lock works as a small weight, causing constantly little pleasurable feelings in the clitty head area. By pulling the rubber loop i can also masturbate, but not near a conclusion.

i get home early, to make sure kids got food. Lina is already weepy, as she can’t find O/our fish trap, she has fallen in the trampoline and she “cannot find” the food W/we have ready for the kids in the fridge.

As i change my clothes the new lock hits my clitty head through the bars – really painfully, as it has sharp edges. i place the lock hanging outside my panties.

i take care of the chores on my list: seedlings, watering, Lina’s school class trip issues, and chop three big tree chunks to firewood while Lina keeps jumping on the trampoline nearby and keeps talking to me about Her day.

In the evening i prepare shrimp tikka masala for tomorrow and put kids to bed early. Then i browse the net, more than the half an hour allocation given to me by Mistress. i have to finish a story by lovingfemaleauthority about a couple that falls saves to another couple.