Monday, 14 February 2011

The best cum ever

i have put an alarm at 6am, but Mistress joins me downstairs before i have finished epilating. She orders me to prepare sandwiches for U/us and porridge for kids. In the middle of preparing porridge She orders me to follow Her upstairs. i guess what it is about, but what surprising timing again. She tells me to close the door to Mats’ room, open the toy chest and remove the cb as She washes her pussy in the toilet.

She joins me and orders me to strip, put on the sturdy leather wrist and ankle bracelets, and a collar. i find the posture collar, put it on. ‘On your back in the bed.’ She has put on a corset and stockings. i may lick Her pussy from below raising my head from the bed. She gets on all fours and i must lick Her from behind a long time, first the clit and then i start sticking my tongue in Her pussy, mking my nose meet Her asshole.

Back on my back, She gives me a condom to put on myself, then She ties my hands to the bars at the headboard. She impales Herself on me and starts fucking me, lets me fuck Her from below. Then She turns on Her side, unlocks my wrists so i can turn. Fucking on O/our sides She cums. i don’t even time has already passed from my latest cum.

She orders me on my back again, reattaches my wrists up to the headboard. Impales Herself on me, starts fucking me slowly but resolutely. i ask permission to spread my legs, She allows it, Her legs together. She bends Her knee, gets depth to Her thrusts. i ask: ‘May i cum’. ‘Yes, you may’. As i cum, completely passive, fucked, my feet start trembling uncontrollably – they are the only parts of my body i can move anyway!

After fucking me She orders me to put all stuff in its place, make the bed and finish the porridge. before the kids wake up i’m back on the roof removing the moss, as per Her express orders. It takes 1,5 hours more. After that it’s collecting the leaves i have dropped off the roof, raking and blowing. i’m close to getting ready as Mistress is hungry, i go warm up the sauce and prepare more rice. After coffee She orders me to prepare a mud cake style chocolate cake before driving Her to Oslo to view some art galleries and have tea in a nice cafe.

Back at home W/we eat the cake and i may start preparing the sauna. There i will complete my aerobics set and as i am ready i will not join the O/others watching tv, but i will go to kitchen ansd start preparing spaghetti and two sauces, one for Mistress and a minced meat sauce for others. i may have some of it for supper and i am ready for bed, drowse on the floor in the living room, there i may watch tv while i eat.

i am allowed to go to bed first, but i misunderstood, and go lying in the bed. As She enters the bedroom i will have to get up and wait on my knees, as She changes Her clothes oh so sexily.

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