Friday, 18 February 2011

IcyHot obidience school


Wake up at 5.30, morning duties, little time for net ( After work to grocery store, at home i first empty the dishwasher, then eat, the mud cake is already eaten, though. i report to Mistress standing up. That’s a mistake, She says i should report on my knees. She sends me to chop one log part to firewood. In the evening i have to prepare gruel for everyone, but only i have to eat it without any sweetener.

In the bedroom i do abdominals again, then wait on my knees. She orders Icy Hot to my balls. She says She has to start arranging ‘obscho’ - dog obedience school - for me, i have been lagging, especially after the orgasm. My sissy clitty stands at attention. She orders me to draw my thong back up. Then She tells me to put more Icy Hot to my balls after a minute. My balls are already smarting like crazy, but i watch the clock and reapply IcyHot. ‘At least you are obedient.’ Feeling terrible smarting i raise my thong again and continue reading James Joyce on my knees. She reads Her own book.

Then comes an especially exciting moment, as She wonders if She should tell me to give myself, in the name of ‘obscho’ a third IcyHot treatment, and i cannot do anything else but stare at Her looking appealing and pitiful, and hope that She would not order me to do that, knowing that, if She orders me, i will do it.

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  1. ooh... that icy hot must... hmm :)