Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mistress gets back

i wake up at 5am, stiffness down there, and pain. The foreskin has swollen more. i remove the cb, and sleep the rest of the night without it. In the morning i make the bed, epilate and put the cb back on with the third biggest a–ring and shortest locking pin, without the spikes. i turn on the washing machine and eat emptying the dishwasher.

As i get back from work Mistress has returned, but She is anxious. She advised Her mom on buying a sewing machine and the purchase is turning out to be a mistake. Lina leaves for Her sleepover, Mistress wants to go jogging. i join Her of course and Mats wants to join as well. i have to leave on my gardening pants as otherwise T/they would have to wait for me. W/we do a 7,5km run, first flags Mistress, then Mats as Mistress picks up the speed again. Cb doesn’t hinder jogging.

As a reward W/we all get hamburgers, i pick them up as O/other wait in the car. As W/we have eaten She tells me to warm up the sauna. There She asks me about the use of my daily half an hour net allowance. She is shocked as i have not already confessed that i have exceeded the quota. She yanks my head back, orders my mouth open and spits in my mouth. It feels more commonplace in practise than in my fantasies. i make full water workout according to Her orders.

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  1. What a great thing that She is helping you to get in shape with running. Congrats, actually! :)