Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mistress travelling


W/we agreed with Mistress in the evening that i am to be in cb-2000 all through Her trip, day and night. i will use a bigger (second biggest) a-ring without points, but with the rubber loop behind my sissy clitty head, the rubber band tied in the middle and a small lock attached to the other loop, to make it impossible to open the rubber loop, pull out, push it back in and retie the rubber band.

Rubber band has other benefits: i can pull sissy clitty into the cage using the rubber band, and it prevents the foreskin from covering the clitty head in an unhygienic way. i get another idea, there could be a few more side loops, which could be tied to the bars, thus making it impossible foreskin could slide forth.

The day in the cb goes well, without the points i can experience small erections. i try putting the free hanging rubber loop (i still have not purchased the new lock) around my balls, tying clitty and balls in one, but the balls start to hurt very much soon, that’s not a practical idea. i purchase a new lock in a hardware store and lock it to the other loop, hanging from the top of the cb.

i notice that especially without pants the lock works as a small weight, causing constantly little pleasurable feelings in the clitty head area. By pulling the rubber loop i can also masturbate, but not near a conclusion.

i get home early, to make sure kids got food. Lina is already weepy, as she can’t find O/our fish trap, she has fallen in the trampoline and she “cannot find” the food W/we have ready for the kids in the fridge.

As i change my clothes the new lock hits my clitty head through the bars – really painfully, as it has sharp edges. i place the lock hanging outside my panties.

i take care of the chores on my list: seedlings, watering, Lina’s school class trip issues, and chop three big tree chunks to firewood while Lina keeps jumping on the trampoline nearby and keeps talking to me about Her day.

In the evening i prepare shrimp tikka masala for tomorrow and put kids to bed early. Then i browse the net, more than the half an hour allocation given to me by Mistress. i have to finish a story by lovingfemaleauthority about a couple that falls saves to another couple.

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