Thursday, 24 February 2011

a not-so-free day

Friday, wake up at 6am even though it’s my day off. i do the normal morning duties and put on the cb with the second smallest a-ring for the first time. Normally i have used the middle sized one. last night i tried the smaller ring on and it fitted. First i put it on the wrong way, the locking pin is not long enough that way and i must remove it and put it on again. Second time the lubrication seems to be lacking, i must really pull the ring in its place. i get excited and i have trouble with a persistent sissy erection, i must think about work duties to lock the cage.

Middle sized points of intrigue and smaller a-ring are a tough combination but i get used to the new setup during the day. Quite a dramatic development - as the cb-2000 arrived, i measured that i would need the largest a-ring! Now pulling out must be really difficult too, so one solution to the pullout problem: a small enough a-ring.

After clearing breakfast table Mistress tells me, what windows i will wash next – it’s a big house and lot of windows. i manage to carefully wash and dry three more windows before it’s time to prepare lunch, and then W/we drive to town to meet Lina who has been at a sleepover. Mats also joins us and with him i do some grocery and garden peat shopping while G/girls visit some cloth stores.

In the evening Mistress’s orders include vacuuming the ground floor, washing toilets, warming up sauna and preparing a chocolate cake.

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