Saturday, 26 February 2011

A service-oriented weekend

Saturday. After this day i can proudly say i’m a real service-oriented slave / workhorse. In the morning She lead me to the beach to fix the beach hut door. Next She ordered me to dig holes for 17 new plants before it’s time for me to start preparing meal - a big tortilla buffet - for O/our guests (my female cousin and her family). During the visit, i also prepared and served coffee, having guests does not change O/our ways. After the guests left i set the plants.

Sunday i wake up already before the alarm. After morning duties a little time in the net, then preparing rice porridge, laying the table. Mistress arrives in bikinis. Her period’s starting. She orders me to get Her painkillers and water. W/we go back upstairs, i make the bed. i ask Her if She wants some sandwiches, the porridge is ready only after half an hour. She says She will think about it. i serve Her the tea and get the paper. She drinks tea, reads the paper on the big oak table. i busy myself in the kitchen. She informs me She wants a roll, filled with banana slices. i prepare, serve. Then i ask if She would care for a bun as a dessert. She agrees, asks for me tea also. i ask if i can warm up the bun a bit in the microwave, She agrees. i take Her the tea and the warmed up bun, but the tea is too weak, i must take it back and brew it further.

After breakfast i must divide and plant Her marigolds. i do some weeding as well in the kitchen garden where She wants the marigolds. It’s early May, spring’s here at last. Then to the gym with Mats, after that preparing lunch – still tortillas. Mistress keeps a strict command, i hang the washing, run the dishwasher, prepare coffee for myself and drink it standing up, cleaning up kitchen, and washing one shelf in the fridge, my weekly chore, that i have neglected.

It starts to rain outside, so i may stay in and check pool water quality and give it more chlorine, then She tells me to find Her a tool, get Her painkillers and water, a book from the bedroom. She starts to read it, orders more tea.

Later W/we leave for a hardware store and to take Mats to his friend. While getting back She wants some hamburgers, takeaway, and clearing the trash falls to me per Her almighty order. Then warming up sauna, half pool workout, and picking up Mats. Today i was allowed to view O/our investment portfolio also, investments have gone well lately.

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