Tuesday, 22 February 2011

a slave's Labour day

The next day was a holiday, the Labour day. i had to labour the whole day too, Mistress ordered me to clean the windows. i cleaned them thoroughly the windows She chooses. First five windows, then a break and the rest in the afternoon.

In the evening i have become tired and i glance at Mistress in an angry fashion as She notes that i poked Her paper. The punishment follows at bedtime: She takes a strap, orders me to get ready for bed, asks for my hands, crosses my wrists and ties them tightening the strap violently. Then She takes some IcyHot, and rubs some in my nipples which She exposes from the confines of my sleeveless shirt, and rubs the rest to my balls. Pain gets more intense quickly especially in my balls. Then She turns me on my side on the bed and takes a tight bite at each of my buttocks as i bite the corner of my sheet. Then She tugs me in and i manage to sleep though She leaves my hands getting numb in the tight ties.

1 comment:

  1. icey hot gets very hot. Lucky you were restrained. If I use it on myself I usually run to the shower after I cum. If you were not restrained, you may try to do the same thing.