Saturday, 12 February 2011

A strict Mistress

In the morning Mistress orders me up on the roof right after breakfast, to brush the roof. i must wear my safety harness, loop round my thighs and waist. i attach myself to the chimney, remove fir pins, leaves and moss that sticks tightly between tiles. The roof is dry and it is a good day to work there. i can talk to Mistress who is doing some gardening work on the yard. Before noon She is hungry so i climb down and warm up chili fish for lunch, i must eat old dry leftover potatoes with it.

Next i must prepare a shopping list for myself, in a hurry, drinking my coffee standing up, then i must pick up Lina and get the groceries. Lina and her girl friend come with me to the mall, i lose them there for a moment. Back at home, i have to help Mistress with Her gardening. It’s heavy work, and my legs still hurt after the jogging that took place yesterday. i will first spread wet papers and chips around the mountain pines She has bought and planted. Then i must spread big sacks of manure and turn soil in the kitchen garden, a very tiring job. She gives me lighter assignments at times to give me a break and i may even prepare portions of ice cream for everyone, then She makes me continue.

In the evening Her godchild arrives and i will prepare and serve chicken pasta soup. Finally i clear the table, as always. She’s a strict Mistress!

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