Monday, 7 February 2011

Trying chastity 24/7

i tried sleeping with the cb-2000. Before going to sleep i pulled sissy clitty out a bit to allow it more room for nocturnal growth.

At 4.30am i wake up because of pain. i see a sexual dream, sissy clitty tried to get hard and caused pain behind the balls and in clitty. i don’t remove cb, but continue sleeping. The pain fades away, but clitty continues semirigid. Maybe a slave could be trained not to have nocturnal erections?

i wake up before 6am again. Getting ready to work is a bit more difficult wearing cb. i take a shower, taking care to also shower well the narrow space between the cock cage and my balls. Shaving around the cb and plucking hair from balls. i can also shave the base of sissy clitty by pulling it a bit out and back in. sissy clitty was sore all through the morning, as it had remained semirigid since the darkest hours, but the pain went away as i left for work, and stayed away all day.

i make a modest new record of mine by being in cb-2000 two days in a row. The only problem is swelling in my foreskin that i notice in the afternoon as i go to the toilet for the second today. The reason must be the rubber band which is cutting down some circulation.

i go to grocery store, call Mistress, She allows me to tell Her about the record and the nightly problems. At home i take care kids eat some dinner. i change clothes, according to chore list i remove fish from the fish trap, chop a big log chunk into firewood while Lina jumps on the trampoline. i prepare gruel for supper, then a little time by the laptop, back to preparing fish in chili sauce for the next day, running the dishwasher.

After getting the kids to bed i get stuck in the net. i get interested in, and register there to see the pics. However it turns our they are commercial, and i don’t pay for anything in the net.

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