Sunday, 27 March 2011

Why are slaves so happy and content?


i have time to read poetrician’s Training of a novice (now his site is unfortunately down, but i added a link to a copy to my Links). It’s a good description of masturbation training for a slave, and i get a painful erection while reading it. As i leave for work (i have an important lunch meeting today) i notice i’m all wet down there. i think it’s good slave training to be in a chastity belt, in itself. Sissy clit learns to enjoy and flow precum while semirigid.


Mistress is away in some professional training, and arrives late. i would have liked to show Her the ingenuity of the cb, how i can draw the foreskin back through the bars for better hygiene etc. but after midnight She’s not interested.

In the morning i wake up with alarm at 7.30, epilate etc., prepare porridge, burn cardboards in the fireplace and maintain fire, get the paper, put on the washing machine. As W/we have eaten i may take Her shopping. As W/we get back, it’s lunchtime, i prepare a tortilla meal, and clear the table afterwards. She wants for a walk, even it rains a bit. She is content as i don’t whine about the weather any more like i used to, when She made me go out in a rain.

Indoor chores next, i have to locate steam cleaner parts etc. Later i will have to warm up the sauna, and She surprises me by denying my weekly beer which i have been allowed to drink in the sauna, and orders water for me instead. Full water workout. As i am exercising, i notice my sissy clitty has turned so sensitive in confinement, that i get excited from jumping jacks and from running with heels hitting my butt. i try to get as excited as possible, but i can get no near orgasm. How appropriate it would be for a slave to get off while doing a workout! In the evening i have a little net time and paper reading time. Many briefings/kisses with me ordered on my knees – once Lina sees us.

Mistress ponders why some people want to be slaves. She comes to the wise conclusion that a person can be happiest as a slave, because then (s)he knows very clearly what is expected of him/her, and as s(s)he fulfills those expectations (s)he knows (s)he has been good.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cumming on command?


i have a late leave for work in the morning and i read more of the Frugaldomme site (see links). i have of course the cb-2000 on with points. My body has learned to let the precum flow without an erection, i am able to read a long time.

As i get home Mistress is in a farewell party of Her secretary, and i have a long list of chores waiting for me: mowing the lawn, sawing boards for the fence, a meal for kids at 7pm, taking kids to their hobbies, putting smart clothes on and joining Mistress at the party at 8 for an hour, departing alone from the party to pick up the kids, putting kids to bed, waiting for Mistress get home.

While i wait i for Mistress to return i surf for some net porn, and find, where a female slave is taught to cum on command. It sounds utopistic, but the training method, where the slave learns to keep a vibrator in her pussy longer and longer time, minute by minute, without cumming, and gradually increasing intensity, is a good idea. a male slave could be taught by fixing a vibrator on a chair, making the male bend his knees and squat on the dildo, hands tied behind his back, to press his penis against the vibrating dildo. The position would be strenuous and the slave cannot press his penis against the dildo firmly enough to cum. A male could be taught not to cum while its penis is stimulated a long time with a strong vibrator, an then cum on command? With a plug in the butt? With clamps? With a blindfold? Then trained to cum with less and less vibration? In a condom? A further idea: Mistress is sitting on a chair and masturbates slave that is standing up legs spread and bent.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Making Her cum

i have a meeting in the evening so i get home late. At the door Lina informs me that W/we are to get hamburger meals, and soon we set out to get some takeaway food with Lina as Mistress confirms what Lina said. Easy, not much work for me. i just clear up the junk afterwards and i may even watch some TV. Mistress gets tired again (She’s still working) and gets early to bed. i go to net for a while, though my chastity belt and the points soon cause massive pain. Then i wash my teeth and go for a pee. After peeing i draw my foreskin back and wash it thoroughly through the bars. Also the balls as there is some precum on the balls. i remove the cb in the bedroom and climb in bed.

Mistress is still awake and pushes Her butt against me. i know it’s a sign for me to start humping Her butt with my thong on. She even spreads Her legs and i rub my sissy clit through the thong against Her pussy. It’s pleasure and pain and makes me moan a bit. She asks if it hurts, and orders me to remove the thong. i continue bareback and soon my bare sissy clit is inside Her and i feel the unique sensation that it causes. i notice She likes this breness also a lot, and i guess She’s cumming soon. However, She orders me to get a condom and i jump to do it. She orders me to put it on with foreskin drawn back and off the glans. ‘Otherwise it doesn’t feel as good’, She says. Then She settles on top of me and i may suck Her nipples, as She fucks me for a moment. She turns on Her side, and i continue from behind, but i have to pull out as i am about to cum – though it is only less than week since i last orgasmed! Well, W7we move to doggy style position soon, and She cums thanks to my quick fucking performance. i fuck Her as fast as i can, and even accelerate as She cums and i try to simulate my orgasm by a few intense thrusts, but i don’t cum. She makes me hide the condom in kitchen trash before going to sleep.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A nocturnal emission

After eating the oldest scraps Mistress informs She want to go for a walk and i "may" join Her. During the walk i get chance to tell Mistress what happened yesterday at the Embassy and in the net. Also She decides that i will save some of my summer holidays to be used during the school year so that W/we can be alone. i suggest it, She is happy that i want such holidays. This talking makes my sissy clit swell a bit in its prison, the head starts to rub against something through the bars, but the problem is not very painful. i still use the third smallest ring, as the second smallest caused a chafe behind the balls. Now it starts to be healed.

Back at home i prepare an Indian specialty, red and white shrimps and clean the kitchen. Mistress goes to work this week so She is tired and gets to sleep early. i go to FrugalDomme pages and find nice lists of humiliations (Y/you find it in my links). Among them is a story about a husband who has only one condom per month. he is allowed to masturbate to the condom once each Sunday, unless the condom has broken, so he has to be careful. After he has masturbated is Mistress takes the condom, empties the tip between Her fingers, put the open end in his mouth, all the way until the whole condom is in his mouth, but the tip which Mistress holds between two fingers. slave's lips touch these fingers. Now Mistress draws the condom out of his mouth through her joint fingers. slave now begins to wait for a permission to swallow the load that ended up on his mouth. The permission may come only after a coffee break.

i tell the condom idea partly to Mistress as i get to the bedroom, as She is still awake. Later i get a nocturnal emission, my first during this slavery that has now been going on for 9 months. The feeling is like peeing yourself while sleeping. I try to fight it in my sleep but cannot help. The rest of the night i sleep in a wet thong. It makes me feel a bit relieved, though.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Embassy and the metal detector

i don't yet know how to properly dry my sissy clitty after peeing in the cb. (i learned that only later) So today, after leaving a toilet, i leak a lot in my briefs. i have a meeting in the British Embassy, and after driving there i park on a silent alley and remove my briefs in the car. Now i come to think of another issue. i have the metallic lock in the cb, what if thy do a body search to me in the Embassy? i consider if i can remove the cb somehow - not possible. Can i cancel the appointment - i dare not.

i go into the Embassy. Metal detector is right next. But luckily guests are not subjected to body search - yes!

Although i get home late i have to find time to prepare Mistress an Indian veggie dish for tomorrow lunch. In the evening Mistress is very tired and allows me to stay and use the computer. i get a very painful erection due to the points as i read FrugalDomme pages about different humiliations (listed in my link list). i must cut short may web use this time - a humiliation beyond compare. Web porn leads to a well suited punishment - pain in sissy clit.

Friday, 11 March 2011

a slave's day is tiring


After getting home from work i report to Mistress who's in the kitchen garden - She's having Her sabbatical this year. i've already called Her, asked what She wants from grocery store, visited it, and called Her as an alarm in my mobile has announced one of Her favourite tv shows. Change of clothes, a meal, then preparing the menu and chili con carne. No other garden work for me today but taking care of watering. After all that i am allowed to watch some tv with Mistress, soon i am asleep on the living room floor.

My foreskin has been back all day. As i draw my shrunken sissy clitty from its prison at bedtime, striped by the bars of cb-2000, foreskin is swollen. Bars have hindered the blood flow. It's not sore, however.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Getting caught without a cb

Mother's Day
i wake up without an alarm (so getting used to early wake ups) at 6.25, straight to prepare gruel, tea and lay the table and tray, get the paper, put the flowers i bought and a portion of chocolate cake with whipped cream on the tray, wake up Lina and get her to wake up Mats. W/we go up to congratulate Mistress, kids have their own presents. As Mistress gets up after eating, i clear the tray away and make the bed. Only then i make my own coffee. She sends me out right away to poison the dandelions.

After getting in i have time only to comb my hair and shave before Mistress says it's time to leave. i am worried as i don't have time to put my cb on. W/we make a visit to relatives in Fredriksstad, She drives back, with me sleeping on the back seat.

At home i warm up some food, clean the kitchen (dirt's already stuck in the gruel kettle) and then again poisoning dandelions for the evening.

i have some supper, eat while sitting on the sofa. As Mistress enters, i raise myself to a standing position, She starts a reprimand. She orders me on my knees. i am idling away on the sofa, no service attitude, She's heard me groan, i slept in the car, She had to drive. She orders me to lower my pants. Then She notices i don't wear my cb, and She explodes fully. i have tried to conceal not having a cb, no explanation is good.

She orders my head down, ass up, takes a needle and starts pricking my buttocks, perineum and even my balls with it. i may try to make it good by kissing Her feet, legs, thighs and even a little of Her panty clad ass under Her skirt.

In the night i may read Her book aloud a long time on my knees by the bed after having cleaned the kitchen.

Monday, 7 March 2011

A moment alone

i take kids to swim, and as i get back home (and W/we are alone) Mistress commands: "Get in the bedroom and strip", "on your knees". i get a strap around my neck. Mistress puts on a corset and stockings in the meanwhile. i have not even got masturbation in a week, and seeing Her so sexy i get a raging erection right away, get overly excited. She guides me to lick Her pussy from behind while She is on all fours, this way She gets always hot very quickly. She tells me to get on my back, and She fucks me a minute, and i may fuck Her from below. Next She orders me to try doggy style, but switches soon to side position still from behind, hanging on to Her hips, that the black corset makes bulge so wonderfully. She cums, but i cum too, one or two seconds later. Then She commands me strictly: "Off with the condom, clothes on, prepare evening gruel for the kids and pick them up!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

No more hockey watching

After getting home after work i clean up the kitchen and prepare food for two next days. Then i fill the tax returns. In the evening Mistress lays on top of me in bed, and plants a most penetrative French kiss on my ear.

On Tuesday i continue filling tax returns, Mistress and Mats go orienteering, i warm up sauna and do water exercises, nothing special. Hockey World Championships have started. i used to watch them intensively, now i don't, at all - instead W/we watch a romantic movie!

Mistress is taking part in a festivity at the school, i clean up kitchen, change clothes, continue with tax returns. As She gets back i prepare Her sandwiches. She bites on my ear lobe long and painfully. i start my abdominals as She is doing Her evening exercises. She stands by me as i do the rest of the abdominals, points at Her side to get me there and complements my buttocks. i turn them to Her and put the corner of the pillow already in my mouth as i know what's coming. She nibbles at my buttock until She gets a firm grip with Her teeth, circles my genitals simultaneously with Her fingers, changes the place of Her teeth and bites long and effectively on my buttock. Then to bed!