Sunday, 13 March 2011

Embassy and the metal detector

i don't yet know how to properly dry my sissy clitty after peeing in the cb. (i learned that only later) So today, after leaving a toilet, i leak a lot in my briefs. i have a meeting in the British Embassy, and after driving there i park on a silent alley and remove my briefs in the car. Now i come to think of another issue. i have the metallic lock in the cb, what if thy do a body search to me in the Embassy? i consider if i can remove the cb somehow - not possible. Can i cancel the appointment - i dare not.

i go into the Embassy. Metal detector is right next. But luckily guests are not subjected to body search - yes!

Although i get home late i have to find time to prepare Mistress an Indian veggie dish for tomorrow lunch. In the evening Mistress is very tired and allows me to stay and use the computer. i get a very painful erection due to the points as i read FrugalDomme pages about different humiliations (listed in my link list). i must cut short may web use this time - a humiliation beyond compare. Web porn leads to a well suited punishment - pain in sissy clit.

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