Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Getting caught without a cb

Mother's Day
i wake up without an alarm (so getting used to early wake ups) at 6.25, straight to prepare gruel, tea and lay the table and tray, get the paper, put the flowers i bought and a portion of chocolate cake with whipped cream on the tray, wake up Lina and get her to wake up Mats. W/we go up to congratulate Mistress, kids have their own presents. As Mistress gets up after eating, i clear the tray away and make the bed. Only then i make my own coffee. She sends me out right away to poison the dandelions.

After getting in i have time only to comb my hair and shave before Mistress says it's time to leave. i am worried as i don't have time to put my cb on. W/we make a visit to relatives in Fredriksstad, She drives back, with me sleeping on the back seat.

At home i warm up some food, clean the kitchen (dirt's already stuck in the gruel kettle) and then again poisoning dandelions for the evening.

i have some supper, eat while sitting on the sofa. As Mistress enters, i raise myself to a standing position, She starts a reprimand. She orders me on my knees. i am idling away on the sofa, no service attitude, She's heard me groan, i slept in the car, She had to drive. She orders me to lower my pants. Then She notices i don't wear my cb, and She explodes fully. i have tried to conceal not having a cb, no explanation is good.

She orders my head down, ass up, takes a needle and starts pricking my buttocks, perineum and even my balls with it. i may try to make it good by kissing Her feet, legs, thighs and even a little of Her panty clad ass under Her skirt.

In the night i may read Her book aloud a long time on my knees by the bed after having cleaned the kitchen.

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