Sunday, 20 March 2011

Making Her cum

i have a meeting in the evening so i get home late. At the door Lina informs me that W/we are to get hamburger meals, and soon we set out to get some takeaway food with Lina as Mistress confirms what Lina said. Easy, not much work for me. i just clear up the junk afterwards and i may even watch some TV. Mistress gets tired again (She’s still working) and gets early to bed. i go to net for a while, though my chastity belt and the points soon cause massive pain. Then i wash my teeth and go for a pee. After peeing i draw my foreskin back and wash it thoroughly through the bars. Also the balls as there is some precum on the balls. i remove the cb in the bedroom and climb in bed.

Mistress is still awake and pushes Her butt against me. i know it’s a sign for me to start humping Her butt with my thong on. She even spreads Her legs and i rub my sissy clit through the thong against Her pussy. It’s pleasure and pain and makes me moan a bit. She asks if it hurts, and orders me to remove the thong. i continue bareback and soon my bare sissy clit is inside Her and i feel the unique sensation that it causes. i notice She likes this breness also a lot, and i guess She’s cumming soon. However, She orders me to get a condom and i jump to do it. She orders me to put it on with foreskin drawn back and off the glans. ‘Otherwise it doesn’t feel as good’, She says. Then She settles on top of me and i may suck Her nipples, as She fucks me for a moment. She turns on Her side, and i continue from behind, but i have to pull out as i am about to cum – though it is only less than week since i last orgasmed! Well, W7we move to doggy style position soon, and She cums thanks to my quick fucking performance. i fuck Her as fast as i can, and even accelerate as She cums and i try to simulate my orgasm by a few intense thrusts, but i don’t cum. She makes me hide the condom in kitchen trash before going to sleep.

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