Monday, 7 March 2011

A moment alone

i take kids to swim, and as i get back home (and W/we are alone) Mistress commands: "Get in the bedroom and strip", "on your knees". i get a strap around my neck. Mistress puts on a corset and stockings in the meanwhile. i have not even got masturbation in a week, and seeing Her so sexy i get a raging erection right away, get overly excited. She guides me to lick Her pussy from behind while She is on all fours, this way She gets always hot very quickly. She tells me to get on my back, and She fucks me a minute, and i may fuck Her from below. Next She orders me to try doggy style, but switches soon to side position still from behind, hanging on to Her hips, that the black corset makes bulge so wonderfully. She cums, but i cum too, one or two seconds later. Then She commands me strictly: "Off with the condom, clothes on, prepare evening gruel for the kids and pick them up!

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