Saturday, 5 March 2011

No more hockey watching

After getting home after work i clean up the kitchen and prepare food for two next days. Then i fill the tax returns. In the evening Mistress lays on top of me in bed, and plants a most penetrative French kiss on my ear.

On Tuesday i continue filling tax returns, Mistress and Mats go orienteering, i warm up sauna and do water exercises, nothing special. Hockey World Championships have started. i used to watch them intensively, now i don't, at all - instead W/we watch a romantic movie!

Mistress is taking part in a festivity at the school, i clean up kitchen, change clothes, continue with tax returns. As She gets back i prepare Her sandwiches. She bites on my ear lobe long and painfully. i start my abdominals as She is doing Her evening exercises. She stands by me as i do the rest of the abdominals, points at Her side to get me there and complements my buttocks. i turn them to Her and put the corner of the pillow already in my mouth as i know what's coming. She nibbles at my buttock until She gets a firm grip with Her teeth, circles my genitals simultaneously with Her fingers, changes the place of Her teeth and bites long and effectively on my buttock. Then to bed!

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