Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A nocturnal emission

After eating the oldest scraps Mistress informs She want to go for a walk and i "may" join Her. During the walk i get chance to tell Mistress what happened yesterday at the Embassy and in the net. Also She decides that i will save some of my summer holidays to be used during the school year so that W/we can be alone. i suggest it, She is happy that i want such holidays. This talking makes my sissy clit swell a bit in its prison, the head starts to rub against something through the bars, but the problem is not very painful. i still use the third smallest ring, as the second smallest caused a chafe behind the balls. Now it starts to be healed.

Back at home i prepare an Indian specialty, red and white shrimps and clean the kitchen. Mistress goes to work this week so She is tired and gets to sleep early. i go to FrugalDomme pages and find nice lists of humiliations (Y/you find it in my links). Among them is a story about a husband who has only one condom per month. he is allowed to masturbate to the condom once each Sunday, unless the condom has broken, so he has to be careful. After he has masturbated is Mistress takes the condom, empties the tip between Her fingers, put the open end in his mouth, all the way until the whole condom is in his mouth, but the tip which Mistress holds between two fingers. slave's lips touch these fingers. Now Mistress draws the condom out of his mouth through her joint fingers. slave now begins to wait for a permission to swallow the load that ended up on his mouth. The permission may come only after a coffee break.

i tell the condom idea partly to Mistress as i get to the bedroom, as She is still awake. Later i get a nocturnal emission, my first during this slavery that has now been going on for 9 months. The feeling is like peeing yourself while sleeping. I try to fight it in my sleep but cannot help. The rest of the night i sleep in a wet thong. It makes me feel a bit relieved, though.

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