Friday, 11 March 2011

a slave's day is tiring


After getting home from work i report to Mistress who's in the kitchen garden - She's having Her sabbatical this year. i've already called Her, asked what She wants from grocery store, visited it, and called Her as an alarm in my mobile has announced one of Her favourite tv shows. Change of clothes, a meal, then preparing the menu and chili con carne. No other garden work for me today but taking care of watering. After all that i am allowed to watch some tv with Mistress, soon i am asleep on the living room floor.

My foreskin has been back all day. As i draw my shrunken sissy clitty from its prison at bedtime, striped by the bars of cb-2000, foreskin is swollen. Bars have hindered the blood flow. It's not sore, however.

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