Sunday, 27 March 2011

Why are slaves so happy and content?


i have time to read poetrician’s Training of a novice (now his site is unfortunately down, but i added a link to a copy to my Links). It’s a good description of masturbation training for a slave, and i get a painful erection while reading it. As i leave for work (i have an important lunch meeting today) i notice i’m all wet down there. i think it’s good slave training to be in a chastity belt, in itself. Sissy clit learns to enjoy and flow precum while semirigid.


Mistress is away in some professional training, and arrives late. i would have liked to show Her the ingenuity of the cb, how i can draw the foreskin back through the bars for better hygiene etc. but after midnight She’s not interested.

In the morning i wake up with alarm at 7.30, epilate etc., prepare porridge, burn cardboards in the fireplace and maintain fire, get the paper, put on the washing machine. As W/we have eaten i may take Her shopping. As W/we get back, it’s lunchtime, i prepare a tortilla meal, and clear the table afterwards. She wants for a walk, even it rains a bit. She is content as i don’t whine about the weather any more like i used to, when She made me go out in a rain.

Indoor chores next, i have to locate steam cleaner parts etc. Later i will have to warm up the sauna, and She surprises me by denying my weekly beer which i have been allowed to drink in the sauna, and orders water for me instead. Full water workout. As i am exercising, i notice my sissy clitty has turned so sensitive in confinement, that i get excited from jumping jacks and from running with heels hitting my butt. i try to get as excited as possible, but i can get no near orgasm. How appropriate it would be for a slave to get off while doing a workout! In the evening i have a little net time and paper reading time. Many briefings/kisses with me ordered on my knees – once Lina sees us.

Mistress ponders why some people want to be slaves. She comes to the wise conclusion that a person can be happiest as a slave, because then (s)he knows very clearly what is expected of him/her, and as s(s)he fulfills those expectations (s)he knows (s)he has been good.

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