Saturday, 30 April 2011

Trying two condoms to limit my pleasure


A late takeoff again this morning, quite a lot of net time as a result of that. i try to be useful and work out tile consumption and look for pricing i the net. Before i go Mistress wakes up and i present to Her my findings. She tells me to get samples after work.

As i return home i look for Her first and after finding Her i present to Her the samples – She notes they have slightly different colour – i had not noticed. She gives me a book with instructions for making herbal foot baths and herbal salt. i read it while She watches tv – an antenna man has visited during the day and repaired the antenna.

i prepare lentil soup or tomorrow. ‘Bring me a glass of water’ She shouts from the living room, i bring it swiftly and ask if i can take some diet coke. She allows. i prepare sandwiches and warm up pastries for supper, take care of watering all the time. After supper She orders me to dust the mattress pad on the balcony and vacuum the mattress, change sheets – total bed maintenance.

Next putting toothbrushes ready with toothpaste, She also orders me to wash my crotch – and so: She is naked and sitting on the edge of the bed, points down before Her. i may approach on my knees and suck her breasts while my thong clad sissy clit gets rubbed against her mons. Next i may take all clothes off and lick Her pussy as She’s in doggy style position, from behind, my nose by Her ass. She tells me to put on a condom and She wants me to fuck Her while kneeling and She sits as before. She raises Her legs. i get to the edge quickly in this position. As this happens second time, She tells me to put on a second condom on top of the first. That’s something W/we have never tried before. Surprisingly the effect is minimal, i get to the edge anyway. Then She orders me on my side, She gets on Her side, i’m behind Her, and She makes me fuck her from behind, while holding Her breast. i manage to get

While i lie there i think how great it is that my penile stimulation has not for a long time come from unallowed masturbation.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Learning about fragrant herbs for Her foot baths

After waking up at 6.01 i go out first and change the watering direction. A new morning routine.

Mistress starts preparing returning to Her job after Her sabbatical, now She gets the stress. She goes early to bed, but doesn’t get to sleep.


My new pubic triangle is ready today – epilated to a reduced size. i wake up at 5.25, watering, peeing, shower, cb on, time for a long net browsing, as i have to be at work today at 9 o’clock only. No one else wakes up early, Mistress at 8. Kids summer holiday has started and they are taken to Her mom’s today: i will be a few days openly Her domestic slave.

i get home before Her. i call Her from the car and W/we decide i make Her shrimp bhuna, as it is ready She gets home. After W/we have eaten W/we go to the garden with a basket. She shows me Her fragrant herbs and i may learn to mix them to prepare Her foot baths. As W/we get inside i have to wash and bag the herbs, and prepare Her a foot bath. As i bring Her a bowl full of warm, bubbly and herby water, She brings me a pair of old, soft biker shorts and orders me to dress in them. i strip everything including the watch, until i’m slave naked, only the cb on. i get a prominent erection, the points dig hard into my sissy clit, and according to Mistress it makes me walk like i’ve shitted my pants as i get the towels dressed in the tight shorts. She sets Her feet in the warm water and tells me to start reading aloud a book about Edward Munch to Her. It’s good, because it has all been so overwhelmingly erotic so far, that my clit has been all the time badly bitten my the points. Now i can concentrate on the story i read, and my clitty gets relief. How ingenious cb-2000 is! After i have finished the book i may file the calluses, raise Her feet from the bowl and dry them, empty the bowl, bring Her socks, clear everything up, and move the watering with clothes on. Again the sissy clit tries to raise its head. However, She informs that there will be no sexual exploitation of me today. i dare say it has already happened.

Next She leads me to laundry room, where i am to soak and handwash Her knitted caps and cardigans. After each chore i kneel up for a new orders. i prepare sandwiches for supper. After retiring upstairs i will have to make at least three trips downstairs to get Her things: pantyliners etc. She also inquires about the use of my “free time” early in the morning, but my explanations were satisfactory to Her. The day ends with 60 abdominals and reading my own book kneeling by the bed lifting weights.

Monday, 25 April 2011

How a slave with a cb pees in the nature?

i wake up a few minutes before my alarm would go off at 6.06. i start operating the watering in the garden right away, get the paper and go to bathroom to continue trimming my pubic triangle. i didn’t remember how much it hurts epilating an area that still has ALL the hairs! Especially the spot between my pubic triangle and my sissy clit is tender. i prepare bran oatmeal and have time to pop in the net after the breakfast table is laid.

After breakfast Mistress tells me to finish off with removing the lawn around the bushes, then dig plastic covering around the bushes, bring the bushes new mould and chip. Father of a friend of Mats picks him up for a whole day birthday party. i may help Mistress to measure the volume of tiling W/we are going to need on some paths that She wants tiled this summer.

i am told to make lunch, i warm up the tortillas. Lina is also away at her friend. As W/we eat Mistress starts fondling and rubbing between my legs with Her foot, bringing about, slowly but surely, a quite stiff semi erection, which quite surprisingly culminates in several attempts of a full erection after the fondling already stopped.

After preparing tea for Mistress and coffee for myself She wants to go for a walk and leads U/us to a vantage point that opens to a nearby motorway. As soon as W/we stop, i get an urge to pee, and i suggest peeing while squatting (with the cb on i cannot do it any other way, i have tried squat pee once on O/our own yard, a secluded spot only seen from the sea). She doesn’t give me a permission. W/we sit a long time on the cliffs and as W/we are leaving She finally gives me a permission to find a sheltered peeing spot. i find a hollow, drop my pants and squat. i notice hay reaching my butt. my sissy clit is a tight package in its case. What results is the same thing that happened as i tried to pee through the cb the first time: clit gets semi rigid, the pressure of the cage presses the urethra shut. No pee comes out. i squat for long, eventually i can relax and pee – i think all of it, but as i have raised my pants, explained the reason for my slowness to Mistress, and W/we have started to walk back home, i slip a bit and a little pee dribbles in my pants.

The rest of Sunday i take care of watering, prepare a dinner of whitefish and vegetables, get Her a sherry drink in the garden, and by bedtime She controls as i do 60 exercises and lift weights.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Trying to be service-oriented

Thursday night
i do 60 abdominals and lift weights while kneeling up and reading a book by the bed, while Mistress reads her own book by me. In the small hours i wake up to let the bellowing cat out.

School reports are given today. Mistress visits Lina’s school and orders me to wash windows in the mean time. i do kitchen, bathroom and study windows. T/they get back and She sends me to ask Gary the neighbour how to fit a diamond wheel as i cannot myself; it turns out and i am able to split and fit a roofing tile that has broken. i make tortillas for lunch.

After lunch i am told to do a gardening job that i might find a little secondary important myself, but which is actually quite important: removing lawn from around some bushes that are growing and need more space. It's not my job to question Mistress's choice of duties. i busy myself with it until it’s time to heat up the sauna. During bathing i do full workout. The watering season has also started, and i have to move the hose as per Her instructions also during sauna, wearing only a towel.

In the evening She puts Her hands under my shirt in the kitchen, and rolls my nipples between Her fingertips. She says She likes that i now always react positively to Her advances and put myself at Her disposal always.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

After an orgasm

Sunday and further

i have a late morning, i wake up before the alarm at 8. The length of my sleep is always 7 hours 15 minutes, that dictates the time i set my alarm clock. In the morning i plant the rest of the buckthorns.

Mistress picks up Her mom, i sty home and prepare salmon casserole, but she’s already eaten. T/they have some ice cream cones in the living room, i take the trash away spontaneously. i take Mats to watch movie, in the evening i surprise mother-in-law by making still one meal, chili con carne.

The beginning of the week goes without surprises, either of U/us seems to have much zeal for D/s, and evenings are short. However, She keeps me so busy that on Wednesday, after 13 hours working day i brawl, then fall asleep on the floor while W/we are watching tv. As i get to bedroom She orders me on my knees, i must apologize my behaviour, then lick up the juicy bottoms of Her feet. (She says She’s accidentally stepped on the vomit of the cat today). The punishment is that i may not use my normal blanket, just a thin bed covering, which feels cold. Later i get used to it.

In the morning the water in the shower is cold, as W/we have totally run out of heating oil. It comes to my mind that Mistress ordered me into cold water couple of weeks ago, to refresh memories of O/our legendary “first” day , that lingers in my mind always (described on my first post).

This week, however, my eagerness to serve is in a recession. i notice a clear connection between the orgasm i got last weekend and my bad behaviour this week.

i have finally learned a couple of tricks for putting the cb on. i don’t pull the foreskin back any more, because it gets me semi erect. i just put the sissy clit unceremoniously, quickly in the cb without touching it, and as i work the pins into the holes, the loose skin on the base of the sissy clit must be draw down and away from the pins. Until now the loose skin has been problematic, and it has been caught in the way while closing the cb. i have tried to laboriously draw the skin towards the tip, but now i can do it much easier. i notice my pubic triangle has grown, and some hair get under the cb. i start reducing the triangle.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Surprise in the middle of chores

Early wake up, some net time, morning chores. Barley porridge on the oven. Soon O/others wke up and i may leave for grocery shopping. After preparing lunch Mistress tells me to go and plant some buckthorns in the slope descending to the beach. In the middle of it She appears above me.

i have not told much what Mistress looks like and She doesn’t allow any pics to be published of Her. She is tall, slender with a slim waist, but quite curvaceous, brunette with short hair and a pretty face, not very big, but perky breasts. She asks rhetorically ‘Would you like to have a little sex with me’. It turns out both kids have been taken to their mates’ places. W/we go inside, to the bedroom, i may open up the chest and put leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, and get Her a strap. There’s no taking off the cb, but She dons stockings and a corset and lets me hug Her soft breasts as the points of the cb dig deep. i am not yet used to seeing Her dressed this way while wearing the cb.

She puts one metallic clamp on my ball sac, it’s connected with a chain to another clover clamp and that She put on my nipple, the chain taut. She orders me on my back on the bed, i’m miserable with all the pain. She straddles me, moves on my head and as i lick Her pussy i look up and see Her eyes through the breasts. Only now She removes the clamps, so that i can remove the cb. But She reattaches them to my earlobes, with the chain going behind my head. i may get a condom and lie down again, put it on, prepuce back, as ordered by Her. Now She attaches my hands up on the headboard with the little strap, so that my hands are nearly upright. More licking Her from below follows, then She impales Herself on my sissy clit and fucks me with eager thrusts a few times.

i may fuck her from below, until She removes the strap and orders me to lick Her pussy from behind, so that the tip of my nose touches Her asshole. Next She wants me to fuck her from behind, so that the chain swings behind my head. She wants it deeper and cums, and i cum too, with a permission.

Next i am told to bring us a selection of cakes and drinks in the garden, and i may rest a minute with Her there, before heating up the sauna. In the evening it’s time for some Eurovision watching (more my favourite than Hers, but She allows it this time).

Friday, 15 April 2011

A naked servant

i get kids to swimming hall, and it’s O/our weekly time together alone. There’s an alarm in my phone: an art program for Her on Tv. She goes upstairs to watch it and tells me to come along and bring a big bowl, strip slave naked (only wearing my cb), give Her a foot bath, get a foot file and foot oil, wash, smooth and oil Her feet and especially the calluses, supporting Her legs so that it is comfortable for Her all the time. The bowl must reside nicely just under Her feet. Eventually i will put Her socks back on. Then with my clothes pile downstairs, where i will do kitchen service naked and bring Her wine to the living room, where She rests. After putting porridge in the oven i will have to pick up the kids.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Making the most of 2 minutes private time

i wake up at 6. Mistress wakes up for a moment and gives me 2 minutes of ”own time”. It’s a code word that means i will go to the toilet, undress, pee, put a wrist watch in front of me on the floor, and start masturbating 20 seconds at a time, counting down in my mind 20,19,18,… As i reach zero i take a 20 second break. At the end of the fourth sequence i get near the edge and as i take of my hand at zero, a little trickle of semen flows out of my sissy clit. Fifth time i get to the edge of cumming too early and i have to nearly stop for 15 seconds of the 20. As the time is up, one more drop falls. Sixth time i start slowly, 1 stroke per second, until 5 seconds to full time i accelerate. The result is good, a new trickle appears. Sixth was the last time, now my 2 minutes was used. i tried to make the most out of it by dividing it into 6 parts. Now i wait for 1,5 minutes and then i get down to it and lick up the slime, which seems especially jellylike, like frog spawn. Perhaps the reason is the lack of foreplay, high dosage of semen in my balls? Then to shower.

As i get back from work Mistress is out picking up Lina from her new hobby, scout meeting. i unpack the grocery shopping. She arrives, says She has planned something, but i have not eaten, must cook myself some rice with old leftovers. Then She starts a long telephone conversation, and i have time to eat and a little net. She has arranged everything, and W/we get the trailer, and willows with it for Her willow fence. i ask constantly if i can do something more for Her. i may lay the supper table for kids before W/we go, and after W/we get back prepare Her a glass of cold cocoa and bring it to Her in Lina’s room, and even there i ask if i can do something else for Her. She wants me with Her in the bedroom, i trail Her closely. i switch off the lights and run after Her. Straight to bed, i may massage Her shoulders, but She doesn’t let me tell Her about my fantasy about the vibrator induced orgasm.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Conversation with Mistress

We had a good conversation with Mistress, i told Her i ate candy without permission, and was in the net, that i feel bad for my disobedience, She was sorry for tiredness in the evening. She thought i go to net as a protest, but i point out i do it only to keep up my sexual activity level, a thing many Mistress’s allow to a stipulated level.

i wake up at 5.16, as my sexual activity is high, i need less sleep. In the mornings i am allowed to be in the net and i view promo pics from and Cb spikes don’t bother me, precum flows strongly.

i report to Mistress right after work, She’s in the garden: ‘Eat and change clothes. Then saw the rest of the fence posts’ Getting pizza for kids, filling and emptying dishwasher. 55 abdominals as Mistress reads a book in the bed, then lifting weights while reading the book for Her.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Getting too carried away by net porn

Tuesday morning, i may leave for work later than usual. She makes me take cat litter bag to compost, collect dog droppings from O/our yard and other odd jobs. Then She puts me on my knees, turns my head with Her hands, tilts it up so that i look at Her, and scolds me for being grumpy.

As i drive to a meeting my thoughts wonder to different D/s ideas, based on Poetrician’s texts. a male masturbates too much if given a chance. So why not create a predicament bondage setup, where masturbation causes strain or pain. Let’s tie a male up in a standing position, wrists and elbows behind his back, and a cord from wrists to ceiling hook. A vibrating dildo is attached to a seat. male may masturbate only by pressing against the dildo, and to do so he must bend his knees and his hands raise behind his back to a strenuous position, upper body is lowered to a horizontal position (which helps aiming). Mistress may tighten or loosen the cord, making vibrating pleasure easier or more difficult. However, no orgasm until permission is granted, and at that time vibration is put on a lower level and a vibrating butt plug introduced.

As i get back home, the R/rest of the family leave for hobbies, i am left alone, without instructions. However, i must of course prepare a meal for the next day, i go to net for half an hour, then to grocery store, again in the net until T/they return. Then i prepare shrimp curry and rice. i am a bit tense as there’s problems with the TV, and i slept badly – new Poetrician’s games were so exciting i thought about those in the night. Later She gives me a reprimand. She has noted i sneak to the laptop without permission, as She is with the kids. She orders me to bed right away, at 10pm, i will miss national Eurovision finals.

As i remove the cb for the night i notice there are bad spike marks in my sissy clitty, there has been too many erections.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

New stuff added to "good essays"

i apologize for lazy posting, have been ill with some sequel to a regular flu, and it took my strength away, even have to call off D/s for few days.


we go with Mats to the gym and grocery shopping, then it’s time to warm up lunch tortillas. Mistress wanted me to dig up some pine seedlings from a roadside, after lunch i had to plant them, and continue with the fence project until she gives me permission to go to a club meeting.

Later in the night i prepare Her whitefish on mushrooms, and She tells me to iron two shirts of Hers, i obey kindly.


After work i change to yard clothes, eat (She’s mentoring Lina) and then to saw fence poles. It progresses slowly, but She insists that i complete the job today even though it takes until 9pm. i’m proud i achieved it, but i get no thanks.

Then supper, a little net. i find immediately some awesome old stuff in Geocities by “poetrician”, especially “The torment games”, where after long T&D and tortures a slave must recite a Shakespeare sonnet verbatim (having been forced to hear it continuously while being tortured). Another funny game is a night at a bar with Mistress. male is not allowed to sit during the entire night, he is sent to the toilet to masturbate for a certain amount of minutes, without a watch, and without an orgasm, this is repeated time and time again. male must try to be back at the right time point, his mistakes are calculated by the Mistress and added together and the result (right to masturbate to a conclusion in the same toilet) is determined by the cumulative mistake. i have trouble getting sleep after thinking about these brilliant ideas.

i checked the site again, and it has disappeared. Fortunately i made a copy back then and posted it in my links under the name “Brilliant T&D games”.