Tuesday, 19 April 2011

After an orgasm

Sunday and further

i have a late morning, i wake up before the alarm at 8. The length of my sleep is always 7 hours 15 minutes, that dictates the time i set my alarm clock. In the morning i plant the rest of the buckthorns.

Mistress picks up Her mom, i sty home and prepare salmon casserole, but she’s already eaten. T/they have some ice cream cones in the living room, i take the trash away spontaneously. i take Mats to watch movie, in the evening i surprise mother-in-law by making still one meal, chili con carne.

The beginning of the week goes without surprises, either of U/us seems to have much zeal for D/s, and evenings are short. However, She keeps me so busy that on Wednesday, after 13 hours working day i brawl, then fall asleep on the floor while W/we are watching tv. As i get to bedroom She orders me on my knees, i must apologize my behaviour, then lick up the juicy bottoms of Her feet. (She says She’s accidentally stepped on the vomit of the cat today). The punishment is that i may not use my normal blanket, just a thin bed covering, which feels cold. Later i get used to it.

In the morning the water in the shower is cold, as W/we have totally run out of heating oil. It comes to my mind that Mistress ordered me into cold water couple of weeks ago, to refresh memories of O/our legendary “first” day , that lingers in my mind always (described on my first post).

This week, however, my eagerness to serve is in a recession. i notice a clear connection between the orgasm i got last weekend and my bad behaviour this week.

i have finally learned a couple of tricks for putting the cb on. i don’t pull the foreskin back any more, because it gets me semi erect. i just put the sissy clit unceremoniously, quickly in the cb without touching it, and as i work the pins into the holes, the loose skin on the base of the sissy clit must be draw down and away from the pins. Until now the loose skin has been problematic, and it has been caught in the way while closing the cb. i have tried to laboriously draw the skin towards the tip, but now i can do it much easier. i notice my pubic triangle has grown, and some hair get under the cb. i start reducing the triangle.

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