Monday, 4 April 2011

Conversation with Mistress

We had a good conversation with Mistress, i told Her i ate candy without permission, and was in the net, that i feel bad for my disobedience, She was sorry for tiredness in the evening. She thought i go to net as a protest, but i point out i do it only to keep up my sexual activity level, a thing many Mistress’s allow to a stipulated level.

i wake up at 5.16, as my sexual activity is high, i need less sleep. In the mornings i am allowed to be in the net and i view promo pics from and Cb spikes don’t bother me, precum flows strongly.

i report to Mistress right after work, She’s in the garden: ‘Eat and change clothes. Then saw the rest of the fence posts’ Getting pizza for kids, filling and emptying dishwasher. 55 abdominals as Mistress reads a book in the bed, then lifting weights while reading the book for Her.

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