Monday, 25 April 2011

How a slave with a cb pees in the nature?

i wake up a few minutes before my alarm would go off at 6.06. i start operating the watering in the garden right away, get the paper and go to bathroom to continue trimming my pubic triangle. i didn’t remember how much it hurts epilating an area that still has ALL the hairs! Especially the spot between my pubic triangle and my sissy clit is tender. i prepare bran oatmeal and have time to pop in the net after the breakfast table is laid.

After breakfast Mistress tells me to finish off with removing the lawn around the bushes, then dig plastic covering around the bushes, bring the bushes new mould and chip. Father of a friend of Mats picks him up for a whole day birthday party. i may help Mistress to measure the volume of tiling W/we are going to need on some paths that She wants tiled this summer.

i am told to make lunch, i warm up the tortillas. Lina is also away at her friend. As W/we eat Mistress starts fondling and rubbing between my legs with Her foot, bringing about, slowly but surely, a quite stiff semi erection, which quite surprisingly culminates in several attempts of a full erection after the fondling already stopped.

After preparing tea for Mistress and coffee for myself She wants to go for a walk and leads U/us to a vantage point that opens to a nearby motorway. As soon as W/we stop, i get an urge to pee, and i suggest peeing while squatting (with the cb on i cannot do it any other way, i have tried squat pee once on O/our own yard, a secluded spot only seen from the sea). She doesn’t give me a permission. W/we sit a long time on the cliffs and as W/we are leaving She finally gives me a permission to find a sheltered peeing spot. i find a hollow, drop my pants and squat. i notice hay reaching my butt. my sissy clit is a tight package in its case. What results is the same thing that happened as i tried to pee through the cb the first time: clit gets semi rigid, the pressure of the cage presses the urethra shut. No pee comes out. i squat for long, eventually i can relax and pee – i think all of it, but as i have raised my pants, explained the reason for my slowness to Mistress, and W/we have started to walk back home, i slip a bit and a little pee dribbles in my pants.

The rest of Sunday i take care of watering, prepare a dinner of whitefish and vegetables, get Her a sherry drink in the garden, and by bedtime She controls as i do 60 exercises and lift weights.

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