Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Learning about fragrant herbs for Her foot baths

After waking up at 6.01 i go out first and change the watering direction. A new morning routine.

Mistress starts preparing returning to Her job after Her sabbatical, now She gets the stress. She goes early to bed, but doesn’t get to sleep.


My new pubic triangle is ready today – epilated to a reduced size. i wake up at 5.25, watering, peeing, shower, cb on, time for a long net browsing, as i have to be at work today at 9 o’clock only. No one else wakes up early, Mistress at 8. Kids summer holiday has started and they are taken to Her mom’s today: i will be a few days openly Her domestic slave.

i get home before Her. i call Her from the car and W/we decide i make Her shrimp bhuna, as it is ready She gets home. After W/we have eaten W/we go to the garden with a basket. She shows me Her fragrant herbs and i may learn to mix them to prepare Her foot baths. As W/we get inside i have to wash and bag the herbs, and prepare Her a foot bath. As i bring Her a bowl full of warm, bubbly and herby water, She brings me a pair of old, soft biker shorts and orders me to dress in them. i strip everything including the watch, until i’m slave naked, only the cb on. i get a prominent erection, the points dig hard into my sissy clit, and according to Mistress it makes me walk like i’ve shitted my pants as i get the towels dressed in the tight shorts. She sets Her feet in the warm water and tells me to start reading aloud a book about Edward Munch to Her. It’s good, because it has all been so overwhelmingly erotic so far, that my clit has been all the time badly bitten my the points. Now i can concentrate on the story i read, and my clitty gets relief. How ingenious cb-2000 is! After i have finished the book i may file the calluses, raise Her feet from the bowl and dry them, empty the bowl, bring Her socks, clear everything up, and move the watering with clothes on. Again the sissy clit tries to raise its head. However, She informs that there will be no sexual exploitation of me today. i dare say it has already happened.

Next She leads me to laundry room, where i am to soak and handwash Her knitted caps and cardigans. After each chore i kneel up for a new orders. i prepare sandwiches for supper. After retiring upstairs i will have to make at least three trips downstairs to get Her things: pantyliners etc. She also inquires about the use of my “free time” early in the morning, but my explanations were satisfactory to Her. The day ends with 60 abdominals and reading my own book kneeling by the bed lifting weights.

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