Monday, 11 April 2011

Making the most of 2 minutes private time

i wake up at 6. Mistress wakes up for a moment and gives me 2 minutes of ”own time”. It’s a code word that means i will go to the toilet, undress, pee, put a wrist watch in front of me on the floor, and start masturbating 20 seconds at a time, counting down in my mind 20,19,18,… As i reach zero i take a 20 second break. At the end of the fourth sequence i get near the edge and as i take of my hand at zero, a little trickle of semen flows out of my sissy clit. Fifth time i get to the edge of cumming too early and i have to nearly stop for 15 seconds of the 20. As the time is up, one more drop falls. Sixth time i start slowly, 1 stroke per second, until 5 seconds to full time i accelerate. The result is good, a new trickle appears. Sixth was the last time, now my 2 minutes was used. i tried to make the most out of it by dividing it into 6 parts. Now i wait for 1,5 minutes and then i get down to it and lick up the slime, which seems especially jellylike, like frog spawn. Perhaps the reason is the lack of foreplay, high dosage of semen in my balls? Then to shower.

As i get back from work Mistress is out picking up Lina from her new hobby, scout meeting. i unpack the grocery shopping. She arrives, says She has planned something, but i have not eaten, must cook myself some rice with old leftovers. Then She starts a long telephone conversation, and i have time to eat and a little net. She has arranged everything, and W/we get the trailer, and willows with it for Her willow fence. i ask constantly if i can do something more for Her. i may lay the supper table for kids before W/we go, and after W/we get back prepare Her a glass of cold cocoa and bring it to Her in Lina’s room, and even there i ask if i can do something else for Her. She wants me with Her in the bedroom, i trail Her closely. i switch off the lights and run after Her. Straight to bed, i may massage Her shoulders, but She doesn’t let me tell Her about my fantasy about the vibrator induced orgasm.


  1. I enjoy your blog very much.

    May I ask a question. Did you describe somewhere in your blog how you became your Wife's slave? I would like to know how it all started and why.



  2. Thanks appy...

    i don't quite recall if i have described it already, but here it goes. W/we have been together more than 20 years. i started as a vanilla marriage, but i introduced Her to S/M and later D/s activities and She liked them or at least was not repulsed with them.

    However, doing S/M or domme/sub sessions was not my nor Her calling, i wandered more and more among net D/s erotica and about a year before the notes i published today W/we made a deal about me giving Her full attention, real decision making power over me and that is what kick started the current slavery phase. i started to keep a diary as W/we had just made the deal, and if you go back to the earliest posts, they start from there.

    Please ask if you want to know something else.