Saturday, 2 April 2011

New stuff added to "good essays"

i apologize for lazy posting, have been ill with some sequel to a regular flu, and it took my strength away, even have to call off D/s for few days.


we go with Mats to the gym and grocery shopping, then it’s time to warm up lunch tortillas. Mistress wanted me to dig up some pine seedlings from a roadside, after lunch i had to plant them, and continue with the fence project until she gives me permission to go to a club meeting.

Later in the night i prepare Her whitefish on mushrooms, and She tells me to iron two shirts of Hers, i obey kindly.


After work i change to yard clothes, eat (She’s mentoring Lina) and then to saw fence poles. It progresses slowly, but She insists that i complete the job today even though it takes until 9pm. i’m proud i achieved it, but i get no thanks.

Then supper, a little net. i find immediately some awesome old stuff in Geocities by “poetrician”, especially “The torment games”, where after long T&D and tortures a slave must recite a Shakespeare sonnet verbatim (having been forced to hear it continuously while being tortured). Another funny game is a night at a bar with Mistress. male is not allowed to sit during the entire night, he is sent to the toilet to masturbate for a certain amount of minutes, without a watch, and without an orgasm, this is repeated time and time again. male must try to be back at the right time point, his mistakes are calculated by the Mistress and added together and the result (right to masturbate to a conclusion in the same toilet) is determined by the cumulative mistake. i have trouble getting sleep after thinking about these brilliant ideas.

i checked the site again, and it has disappeared. Fortunately i made a copy back then and posted it in my links under the name “Brilliant T&D games”.

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