Saturday, 16 April 2011

Surprise in the middle of chores

Early wake up, some net time, morning chores. Barley porridge on the oven. Soon O/others wke up and i may leave for grocery shopping. After preparing lunch Mistress tells me to go and plant some buckthorns in the slope descending to the beach. In the middle of it She appears above me.

i have not told much what Mistress looks like and She doesn’t allow any pics to be published of Her. She is tall, slender with a slim waist, but quite curvaceous, brunette with short hair and a pretty face, not very big, but perky breasts. She asks rhetorically ‘Would you like to have a little sex with me’. It turns out both kids have been taken to their mates’ places. W/we go inside, to the bedroom, i may open up the chest and put leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, and get Her a strap. There’s no taking off the cb, but She dons stockings and a corset and lets me hug Her soft breasts as the points of the cb dig deep. i am not yet used to seeing Her dressed this way while wearing the cb.

She puts one metallic clamp on my ball sac, it’s connected with a chain to another clover clamp and that She put on my nipple, the chain taut. She orders me on my back on the bed, i’m miserable with all the pain. She straddles me, moves on my head and as i lick Her pussy i look up and see Her eyes through the breasts. Only now She removes the clamps, so that i can remove the cb. But She reattaches them to my earlobes, with the chain going behind my head. i may get a condom and lie down again, put it on, prepuce back, as ordered by Her. Now She attaches my hands up on the headboard with the little strap, so that my hands are nearly upright. More licking Her from below follows, then She impales Herself on my sissy clit and fucks me with eager thrusts a few times.

i may fuck her from below, until She removes the strap and orders me to lick Her pussy from behind, so that the tip of my nose touches Her asshole. Next She wants me to fuck her from behind, so that the chain swings behind my head. She wants it deeper and cums, and i cum too, with a permission.

Next i am told to bring us a selection of cakes and drinks in the garden, and i may rest a minute with Her there, before heating up the sauna. In the evening it’s time for some Eurovision watching (more my favourite than Hers, but She allows it this time).


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time Mia. Glad to hear you're a Eurovision fan as well, sometimes feel like i'm the only one!


  2. Hmm, maybe it requires some masochistic tendencies to develop a liking for Eurovision...

    Your accounts on last year's Eurovision made very nice reading.