Saturday, 23 April 2011

Trying to be service-oriented

Thursday night
i do 60 abdominals and lift weights while kneeling up and reading a book by the bed, while Mistress reads her own book by me. In the small hours i wake up to let the bellowing cat out.

School reports are given today. Mistress visits Lina’s school and orders me to wash windows in the mean time. i do kitchen, bathroom and study windows. T/they get back and She sends me to ask Gary the neighbour how to fit a diamond wheel as i cannot myself; it turns out and i am able to split and fit a roofing tile that has broken. i make tortillas for lunch.

After lunch i am told to do a gardening job that i might find a little secondary important myself, but which is actually quite important: removing lawn from around some bushes that are growing and need more space. It's not my job to question Mistress's choice of duties. i busy myself with it until it’s time to heat up the sauna. During bathing i do full workout. The watering season has also started, and i have to move the hose as per Her instructions also during sauna, wearing only a towel.

In the evening She puts Her hands under my shirt in the kitchen, and rolls my nipples between Her fingertips. She says She likes that i now always react positively to Her advances and put myself at Her disposal always.

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