Saturday, 30 April 2011

Trying two condoms to limit my pleasure


A late takeoff again this morning, quite a lot of net time as a result of that. i try to be useful and work out tile consumption and look for pricing i the net. Before i go Mistress wakes up and i present to Her my findings. She tells me to get samples after work.

As i return home i look for Her first and after finding Her i present to Her the samples – She notes they have slightly different colour – i had not noticed. She gives me a book with instructions for making herbal foot baths and herbal salt. i read it while She watches tv – an antenna man has visited during the day and repaired the antenna.

i prepare lentil soup or tomorrow. ‘Bring me a glass of water’ She shouts from the living room, i bring it swiftly and ask if i can take some diet coke. She allows. i prepare sandwiches and warm up pastries for supper, take care of watering all the time. After supper She orders me to dust the mattress pad on the balcony and vacuum the mattress, change sheets – total bed maintenance.

Next putting toothbrushes ready with toothpaste, She also orders me to wash my crotch – and so: She is naked and sitting on the edge of the bed, points down before Her. i may approach on my knees and suck her breasts while my thong clad sissy clit gets rubbed against her mons. Next i may take all clothes off and lick Her pussy as She’s in doggy style position, from behind, my nose by Her ass. She tells me to put on a condom and She wants me to fuck Her while kneeling and She sits as before. She raises Her legs. i get to the edge quickly in this position. As this happens second time, She tells me to put on a second condom on top of the first. That’s something W/we have never tried before. Surprisingly the effect is minimal, i get to the edge anyway. Then She orders me on my side, She gets on Her side, i’m behind Her, and She makes me fuck her from behind, while holding Her breast. i manage to get

While i lie there i think how great it is that my penile stimulation has not for a long time come from unallowed masturbation.

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