Tuesday, 31 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 12


We started running with our hoof boots. With them one has to bend his knees a bit, balancing is difficult. There are nettles everywhere, we have to plunge among them, more hits to penis, balls, also outsides of thighs. ricki leads the way, i was following behind him, then tried to bypass him. he cannot find the ball. Suddenly we both notice it. It is in the middle of nettles. We both drop on our knees to reach for it with our mouths. i get a nettle burn on the tender underside of my penis, near frenum. Ouch! We stick our heads in the nettles. Burns in our cheeks, neck, hands, chest, tits, places that had survived the nettles so far. ricki is braver to take the pain in his upper body and he gets the ball in his mouth. It is not easy to hold on to it. It falls from his mouth, drops before me. i get my teeth on it, hold it cautiously, turn and raise myself, evade his tripping leg and start running with a result of an overdose of nettle bites. his leg… i fall down… In the midst of nettles… ouuuuuch… the ball drops from my mouth but i get a new bite on it. i get up and run full speed to Sir Marc with the mad stallion chasing me, kneel up, hands still behind neck, offer the ball in my mouth. He and my Wife are now sitting comfortably on garden furniture that ricki constantly maintains.

He takes the ball and throws it again. Also this time ricki gets to the ball first, but this time he doesn’t drop it. We are tied. Pain everywhere has got our penises to shrink.

‘Put the cb’s back on’
we put them on each other, anticipating they could provide some protection. Third throw, maybe the decisive. It becomes a fierce battle. This time we reach for the ball simultaneously from both sides. i am the first to get a hold with my teeth, maybe my mouth opens wider. he checks me roughly, but as i manage to keep the ball in my mouth he tries to grab it directly from my mouth with his teeth. i duck and get going again. After a few leaps he tries to trip me again. We both fall in the nettles, the ball drops from my mouth and he gets it. he is already running out of the nettles field as i manage to trip him down. The ball bounces from his mouth. he tries to crawl to it, i bypass him running. i lower my face to the ground, my red butt still once more in the air, and get it just under the watchful eyes of Sir and Mistress! Proudly i offer the ball again.
‘Seems We have a winner. ricki, come here. you’ll fetch us some accessories from the house’ (whispers to his ear)
As he gets back i am made to help the strap-on on him first.
‘Stand up here’ i stand up before Sir, He opens my cb.
‘ricki, change these to hubby’ Yes! He flings short points of intrigue to ricki. Without short points there is no possibility of cumming inside the cock cage.
‘Fix him in the spreader bar’. i kneel down in front of Sir and Mistress and lower my face to the wet ground. Soon my legs are spread and my boots tied to the spreader bar and my hands to the middle of the bar and my red bruised ass is displayed properly. i know what to wait for next. A big clamp is placed on my ball sac, and a rope is thread from a belt ring above my left buttock, through the clamp, my balls are being drawn back using the clamp. the rope is tied to another ring in the belt above my right buttock. my balls are drawn towards asshole, and the cock cage follows, penis now pointing upside down to the rear.
‘christa, suck on the strap-on’
christa is responsible for lubrication.
‘ricki, get behind hubby’
ricki puts his knees between the spreader bar and the hollows of my knees.
‘Push in. – Start fucking. christa, take the stick and start poking.’
Now christa takes a short blunt metal bar that fits between the bars at the tip of my cb-2000 cock cage. she starts poking at my frenum with it. Getting fucked hurts, but also excites, the attention i’m getting excites, and poking of my g-spot excites me especially. i bulge in my cb, try to shut off the world and concentrate in my g-spot. It is so much easier to get off if you are allowed to poke your g-spot by yourself, but Sir Marc insists i’m totally passive while being pleasured. Now she’s not poking exactly at the right angle. If i push back she might poke too hard, and it could be painful. Oh God, now it is on the spot! ricki keeps on fucking with the dildo that is larger than his or my penis, a bulbous head, lifelike veined shaft, producing so much feeling in my “pussy” and banging on my prostate. Oh God, Oh God. i can look through my legs and see how viciously my genitals are drawn back by the clamp in the ballsac, just a hairless mound showing between my legs, hands tied, ankles spread wide. Oh my God, i’m nearing the edge.
‘Sir, this slave is close to cumming, Sir. May this slave cum?’ i know my duty to ask permission to cum. No answer. i start holding back. i think about things on my work desk.
‘No, you don’t’
Poking stops, fucking continues. i’m so near, so fucking near. i bulge, the small points being merciful and allowing this. i need to cum – i am not allowed to say it, but the thought fills my mind. So long denial. i concentrate on the dildo kneading my prostate, a big dollop of precum pushes out of my urethra. A little vibration or a few pokes on my frenum would make me get off. i don’t notice any more how painfully the clamp now pulls on my balls, how unnaturally my penis is made to point in the wrong direction, how it will remain smashed inside the smallest of cock cages while releasing the pathetic semen, prevented from getting fully erect. i don’t notice the constant burning caused by the nettles. i just notice the friction i get in my anal canal, and it is only enough to keep me on the edge.

Monday, 30 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 11


Sir was walking towards the end of a bed of nettles.
‘I stand here, Mistress stands in the other end. Here! (we start crawling to Him) Face the nettles! Stand up! Spread your legs! Boots either side of the nettles’
The beds of nettles were 10 meters long and some 50 cm wide. One bed for each of us. The nettles were tall waist-long bushes.
‘Hands behind necks! Walk to Mistress keeping your feet on either side of the bed! NOW!’
Strong shock of electricity hit the base of my penis. His strong voice and the fear more shocks started us moving. As our penises were freed, the strap of the training collar worked as a penis ring, so our erect penises were the battering rams, the first part of our body to take contact with the stinging nettles. Those lucky days we still had our foreskins as protection! Foreskins and penis skin took the most hits initially. As we got further in the midst of nettles, balls, thighs and legs above boots got also continuous bites. Our going slowed down a bit, as long nettles brushed our groin at each step. Then i felt a strong jolt hit my penis again. Sir was not happy with speed slowing down! He repeated zapping my genitals twice before i had picked up the speed and accepted the fact that i could do anything but move and got more and more burns on the most sensitive parts of my body. Each time i couldn’t keep up with ricki’s pace He shocked me again. Undoubtedly He did the same to ricki whenever he slacked. Pain from the burns becomes excruciating, new nettles brush the tender regions, and each new touch burns, while all the earlier ones still sting and create a constant heat and ache. We get nearer and nearer Mistress. As we finally kneel in front of Her, She says:
‘Now walk backwards to Sir. Keep your legs on the paths like before.’
Now the nettles get contact with the rest of the erogenous areas that had yet escaped the nettles, the buttocks, crack and asshole, where the stems and leaves now gather and brush. As we get to Sir, we turn to face Him and kneel. My crotch, balls, penis… all on fire..
‘Walk to Mistress. Repeat what you did’ Again we start, now quicker, routinely, accepting that our genitals constantly touched stinging nettles. Erection has died out; pain is too much.
‘Stop!’ We are just in the middle of the bed.
‘Squat!’, Sir shouts. Mistress looks me in the eye, as i obey Her lover’s command and start to lower my butt towards the abundant nettles. My crack opens, and the spiky leaves find still new targets, between my balls and asshole where i feel a few nasty, angry bites.
Argh, not again!
‘Continue to walk!’ Now His voice comes from another direction, He is walking back to Mistress. The ordeal would be over soon. As we kneel up before Them, i notice christa is filming all this. They soon have it on tape.
‘Head down! Ass up! Turn around! See how red their whole butt is. And full of welts. Like they were well whipped. But they did it all by themselves, no work for us, ha ha.’ The pain was evenly distributed throughout the whole area, no square centimeter without nettle burns between the belt and the boots.
‘Do you think dogs would be eager to fetch’
‘But they are always’
‘Yeah, can you think of a better place for fetching than the pain garden?’
‘What do you say dogs?’
‘Woof woof’ (in unison)
‘As you showed such obedience and willingness to suffer, you will be rewarded. christa, give each boi a kiss on the mouth. Bois, turn, on all fours, neck tilted up!’ christa was passable as female, her face looked so feminine, as it approaches, her mouth opens and a sweet kiss is like something from another world.
‘you will get another prize as well. One of you is going to get fucked, and the other one will fuck him. But which one? W/we will find out. I am throwing this ball far in the pain garden a number of times, and the one to get it back to me most times is the winner, and gets fucked. You may tread on the plants, don’t worry, nettles don’t die easily. This time you are exceptionally allowed to fetch on two legs. you may grab the ball from the other dog’s mouth, trip it, whatever. But your hands stay all the time behind your necks.’
He shows us the ball, it was a large red rubber ball, bigger than one’s mouth, and difficult to keep in it. He throws it far away in the boundless nettles field with some cacti towering above everything else. No movement is seen.
A leap into action.

Why were we so enthusiastic to get fucked in the ass? Being fucked means a chance to cum, as we never get to cum unless we are being fucked. Those days before Sir William another slave was always used to fuck us with a strap-on, no-one else was interested in fucking us.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 10

You might be wondering what happened to my diary - i am keeping it as always and will post everything later. Now my limited net time is all consumed by posting of the story



As christa joined the Regina household, the chores were rearranged. ricki concentrated on yard and garden, doing most of the men’s work around the house and outside, inside he was in charge of laundry and ironing. i had the kitchen and dishes, and all cleaning inside the house. christa was the Lady’s chambermaid, bathing her, manicures, pedicures, tending to her clothes, closets. she also served at the table, with ricki occationally helping and clearing the tables. After meals christa was used to suck on Mistress’s pussy, or maybe massage Her or Sir Marc’s feet or shoulders. If they both needed massaging or some more intimate services, also ricki was called, or sometimes me. Those rare visits kept up my longing to be with my Wife.

our wake up time is 5.15am, the lights go on at that time automatically. we rise up, and open a little safe box on the wall. It has a time lock, and the combination works only after 5.15. With the key ricki opens my wrists and vice versa. Now we may use the toilet for 40 minutes to epilate our crotch areas save the allowed little triangle of pubes. The rest of our bodies and head have to be shaved in that time too. The motion detector feed is recorded, so any longer stay in the bathroom would be punishable.

As christa had been with us for a few months, electric dog training collars were added to our outfit, round our genitals just outside the cock cage, with electrodes against the root of penis. Small shocks are used by Masters to make us work harder or move quicker, large shocks are used as punishments. Masters don’t need to tire Their hands any more punishing us, just a push of a button suffices! ricki was made to knit a pouch to the back of our belts for the remote, so that it is easily available for Masters all the time. As we have shaved, we must check that the battery of the remote is operational. We can test the batteries by pressing a “good dog” button which makes the collar emit a nice sound, no need to zap ourselves.

At 5.55 we put on our outfits and our chores start. we have a weekly schedule. my chores start with silent work, washing the floor, cabin doors or windows in some part of the house or dusting the cupboard tops, door frames and picture frames for one hour, then starting luxurious breakfast for Masters. Weekly schedule makes it so that Masters can check any place of the house any time, and if dust or dirt is found, a severe punishment will commence. Masters are not responsible for ordering us to do this and that, it’s all in the schedule.

We may sport our cb-3000’s until christa wakes up at around 6.15. her first chore is to find where we are toiling, shackle our wrists behind our backs and change us into cb-2000’s before freeing us. Then she starts getting pretty for the day which takes only half an hour, as she has to shave only her head (not even her chin which is electrolysed along the rest of her body).

christa sleeps in a small guest room near the Master bedroom in the other end of the house. she may stay up later, we don’t know what happens after we are tugged in. christa checks all alarms and unusual activation times of lights in the control room. her work is supervised and spot-checked by Masters. if christa is not exact she might be in trouble herself!

After another week of hard work at the Ranch i was again in front of my Wife.
‘Madam, Sir is taking the slaves to the pain garden for making everybody laugh, would you care to join, Madam?’
‘Oh, sounds like fun. you must be looking forward to that, pet?’
‘Yes, Mistress, i like it when He humiliates me in front of O/others’

Sir was waiting at the front door with ricki and christa.
‘ricki, hubby, remove your shirts, ankle straps and socks. Put on boots’
Outdoors christa uses high heeled pumps, we bois use Ranchos from punitiveshoes.com which leave horseshoe tracks on the ground. we don’t normally wear any more clothing out, than what we use indoors. ricki wears lots of sunscreen lotion and a military hat if working on the yard. ricki is allowed to use platform boots or be barefoot as he’s working longer periods outside.

we get on all fours to be leashed by our posture collars. we have been well trained to heel, including left and right turns, and being walked as a pair. He clips the leashes, takes our remotes and starts walking with heel on all fours, me on the left and ricki on His right, with G/girls following U/us. Gravel path, of course, not nice for bare knees. Sir is keeping a good pace, dogs may walk on hands and toes to keep up, knees are allowed to stay off the ground. Hoof boots keep our asses high. He’s aiming to the pain garden in the far back of our yard. Mostly nettles, cacti, chili plants. Brisk walk and we are there.

dog stay is kneeling up, hands held folded like paws, hands together exactly in the middle of chest, just below, and pushing up our male breasts, wrists bent as much as possible, backs of the hands showing, fingers hanging straight down, fists not clenched. Mouth must be hanging open with tip of the tongue on top of the lower lip, noisy quick breathing to remind of a dog, knees and ankles spread 25 cm, backs arched, chin straight forward, eyes fixed on Master’s eyes if possible. Without further ado He tells us to remove our jockstraps and deposit them in the mouths. Mouth must be closed now when there’s something in it. We are now naked except for heelless pony boots, belts, cb’s and collars. i feel vulnerable. Mistress walks around us to face us by Sir’s side. Sir is standing tall two meters from us.

‘I’m sure you bois would like some fresh air on your penis and balls. Put these between your wrists and collar.’
25 cm chains are tossed before us on the ground. ricki fixes my hands and i his. Locking of hands always precedes unlocking of the cb.
‘Line up for removal of cb’s’
we stand up before our Master. Clicks are heard.
‘Remove your cb’s’
Quite naturally ricki removes mine and the other way round.
‘Down!’ we drop on all fours again. My semi erect cock gets erect.
‘Do you bois care for some herbal brushing on your cocks and balls?’
‘Yes, Sir’ (in unison)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

my Wife and Sir - Part 9


i bit the lifelike bulgy strap-on from side and we moved with ricki behind the spreader bar, he leaned forward, hands held not tied behind his back, until he had to support himself on christa’s loins, soon the penis head was in christa’s asshole. The familiar buzzing sound started nearby and i noticed christa’s fingers and toes started to tremble. ricki pushed himself in a little by little. Saliva is not that good lubricant. However he started fucking her in earnest, long thrusts making christa gasp with her mouth open.
Sir: ’hubby, get behind the bull and kiss his ass each time she pulls out’ my view got worse, now it consisted of mere ricki’s ass, but i had to do what i was told even though my Wife must have followed the play with interest. Otherwise my chances for a getting my own dick into christa’s mouth would be over forever.
Sir: ‘bull, you are starting to cum now. hubby, think that I am fucking your wife this way regularly. Pretend it is my ass fucking your Wife, because you will not ever be allowed to witness Us again. This play is also to remind you of that matter of fact.’ ricki simulated cumming, intensified his fucking. Oh god, how can christa’s ass take it. i heard her whimper. But she was getting lovely buzzing to her clit all the time, the pleasure surely offsets her pain? ricki pushed his tool all the way in forcefully and remained stooped over christa. he was as exhausted as if she had had sex with her. Buzzing stopped leaving her high.
Sir: ‘Pull out, bull. Now hubby may pretend he’s doing the cleanup duties for Us. It is a bit different, though, as it looks more like a chocolate cake not a creampie. Smell is different too. hubby, clean up hotwife ass first.’ Meekly i approached the hole again as ricki gave way. It looked hot, wet, and red. It had been stretched and it was still partly open. Fortunately no brown stuff was to be seen where. i moved my tongue in my mouth, trying to convince it to dive into a newly-fucked sissy male asshole. As soon as i got my head in her glowingly hot ass, my tongue was obedient and slipped into the small opening left by ricki’s rubber dildo. Repugnant taste of excrements welcomed the visitor. i fought back the nauseating feeling and performed my number. He let me fuck her ass with my tongue for a surprisingly long time, maybe two minutes. i have never been made to do that so long.
Sir: ‘i know you would lick christa’s ass for the whole night of given a chance. you don’t get enough of that do you?’
me :’no, Hir! (continuing)
Sir: ‘STOP! Now take care of the bull, after all, you should be very grateful to him, as he has fulfilled your Wife’s sexual needs that you queer boi cannot do.’
me: ‘Sir, yes, Sir’
Sir: ‘bull and hubby here so Audience can see you! Sideways!’
we crept in front of Our Dominants with one real and one artificial cock bouncing. mine was still free, but uselessly so. we knelt up facing each other. There was brown stuff. At the tip. Gulp.
Sir: ‘hubby, extend your tongue and touch the tip.’ i obeyed. An easy first step. ‘Now lick the head clean and swallow’ Gulp. i hesitated and licked my lips. ‘GET ON WITH IT’ My penis twitched and a stream of precum fell. He had said i have to perform well, but… He was making me eat shit in front of my Wife. i swept the head at one of the cleaner spots with my tongue. Then another sweep.
As i cleaned the dirtiest parts, my stomach turned over, but i could get everything down my throat. i noticed i had leaked streams, i could not understand why. ‘Now lick the shaft all over’ As i had cleaned the “penis” of my “hotwife’s bull” from her “pussy juices”, She said ‘Maybe you can get her excited again, start blowing him’ My untouched dick had been erect and leaking for the whole time and it started to ache.
Sir: ‘The end’ (clapping His hands), ‘Actors line up hear, and bow. ricki, remove the rope between christa’s hands and bar and help her here as well. Heads down’ Soon three naked asses were lined up, one still in spreader bar.
Sir: ’Kate, how did you like O/our little play?’
my Wife: ‘Marc, that was a bit vulgar and gross for my taste. But it was interesting to see how hubby’s cock reacted to different things. It seemed that the more he was humiliated the harder he got. It supports your theory that he is mostly gay, not bi. he really loves to be handled roughly. How’s christa reacting to the vibe?’
Sir: I think she’s ready to have her first little caged cummies next time as His Master takes her. she’s edging with middle setting. With a real warm cock in her ass she will have to hold back on the low setting. And she gets hornier each day as her denial is continued.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 8

After two days and some rehearsals (Sir trained me also in some other arts) Sir sent me to my Wife:
-‘Mistress, Sir asked you to join us, as He plans to provide some fun for everyone by directing a little satire on a cuckold’s creampie. He will make me undress and prepare christa for her bull ricki, then warm up both ricki and christa, and after they have fucked, i will get to lick them both clean again like a good cuckold. Would you be kind enough to join us for the show, Mistress?’, i said kneeling like i have to then approaching Mistress.
-‘Oh really, seems like He’s put some effort into this one. I think I want to see this.’, She answered. i followed in tow. In the playroom christa and ricki were kneeling up in their corners in the usual manner. ricki had his usual outfit, christa had a sheer pink dress that ended midthigh, white stockings. i knelt before Sir to wait for next order. He addressed my Wife.
-‘Kate, ready for some fun?’
-‘Yes, what do you have planned for us, dear? Something weird i suppose?’
-‘You could say that. Now that christa’s taken your hubby’s place in Our bedroom, i thought he needs some new hobbies, and W/we have been doing some training and drilling lately. he’s turning out a total faggot and so i will make him perform something that matches her true calling. Aren’t you a faggot, hubby?’
-‘Sir, i prefer sex with You, Sir, or supervised sex with other male slaves or transvestites’
my Wife: ‘Hmm. That’s peculiar. We used to fuck like rabbits.’
Sir: ‘hubby! What’s your opinion on sex with women?’
me: ‘Sir, that doesn’t excite me any more, Sir’
Sir: ‘Maybe that’s because you like different kind of sex now. Tell Her what sort of sex you like?’
me: ‘No Sir, i don’t like to penetrate, i like to be tied up so that i cannot move, i like my cock to remain in the cb as i have sex.’
my Wife: ‘It’s so great to be fucked in the ass, isn’t it?’ (sarcastically)
me: ‘Mistress, yes, Mistress. my favourite thing is to be fucked in the ass by Sir Marc, as i prefer a real cock, Mistress.’
Sir: ‘Sounds like you have started to like being my slave’
me: ‘Yes, Sir, i prefer to be owned by you, Sir’
my Wife: ‘Why?’
me: ‘Sir keeps tighter discipline, and being a slave to a Man, a Real Man, makes me submission and humiliation feel stronger.’
Sir: ‘I’ll show you one thing, Dear. Stand up and remove your jockstrap.’ i laid me jockstrap on the floor and rose, He took my key and opened my cb.
Sir: ‘Take off his cb, ricki’ we are not allowed to touch our own penises. ricki had trouble removing it as i was semi erect, as far as the long points allow.
Now Sir patted His Penis inside His leather pants. That was a new sign for me, i knelt before Him and opened His zipper, caught His penis through the fly and took it in my mouth, crossed my wrists behind my back and waited. One knock on my forehead would now mean ‘start a blowjob using a lot of tongue movements’, two knocks ‘start a blowjob by moving your head back and forth, lips tightly to penis and three knocks ‘i will pee in your mouth, swallow the pee, don’t let anything fall.’ The latter had been taught to me in a few wet sessions, it was really hard to keep swallowing that fast. The thought of this new type of humiliation, in front of my Wife made my penis stand at attention.
Sir: ‘See how hard he got. ricki, tie his wrists: hands and dick not free at the same time’ As ricki was connecting my wrist bracelets, He knocked three times on my forehead. Piss started streaming, not very fast though. Oh god it was warm, sickening, god-awful. Gulp, first mouthful down, more pouring in, my whole concentration was in surviving the task, i felt like choking, vomiting… second, third mouthful down. The stream started to slow down, and my cheeks blushed as i could think again and understood what had just happened. i had drank Master’s pee in front of my Lady Wife.

my Wife: ‘hubby, you are disgusting. Ew, drinking another man’s piss. Are you happy now?’
me: ‘mmm (penis in mouth)’
Sir: ‘Take my dick out of your mouth and answer properly to your Wife!’ As i have pulled away he slaps my face hard making me stagger and my right hand appear a bit from behind my back.
Sir: ‘Hands back! (shouting) i composed myself again – another slap on my right cheek. Now i managed to just swing to the left, keep my wrists crossed and return quickly to basic kneel-up position.
Sir: ‘Now speak’
me: (my thoughts had tangled up by the smacks, i had forgotten what was asked and fought to remember it, and when to decide what to answer) ‘…Mistress,… i am happy because i am drawn towards a deeper humiliation and stricter discipline.
my Wife. ‘At least your dick twitched as if it was a fishing rod. i thought you explode right were. he also leaked some on the floor’
Sir: ‘hubby, i like you being that honest in front of your Wife. Now lick me clean, button up, lick your precum from the floor and let’s start the actual play. Kate, why don’t We sit down to watch. hubby in the corner, ricki and christa, you are the bull and the hubby’s hotwife, kiss and fondle each other here (pointing the area in the middle of the room)’ i poked the corner with my nose but leaned forward and stood a bit further away from the corner not to touch it with my erection. Smacking noises and Sir’s occasional cheering were only clues of what was happening now.
Sir: ‘hubby needed to fix bull his strap-on’ i leaped and brought the basic strap-on behind my back. Working mostly with my back against ricki i finally managed to fix the straps and get it on him’
Sir: ‘hubby, tie your hotwife up the usual way for the bull to enjoy. Expose her ass.’
me: ‘Sir, yes, Sir’
More difficult chores when your hands are tied behind your back. Fortunately christa helped as much as he could, taking the right position. i could use handcuffs on her, which helped. she had lacy thong panties, which i had to remove. As christa was all trussed up i moved back to my Master and knelt eyes down, a standard way to report.
Sir: ‘Now get bull ready for penetration.’
me: ‘Sir, yes, Sir’ ricki was kneeling where i left him. i took the bulbous head in my mouth and draw it as far back towards my throat until gagging started. Then i took it out and licked the rest of the shaft.
Sir: ‘Now make your hotwife all wet and ready for the bull’
me: ‘Sir, yes, Sir’
The spreader bar kept christa’s thighs ad butt cheeks well apart, so i got my mouth right to his asshole without my hands spreading her buttocks. i did my usual basic analingus routine: round movements going deeper and deeper until tongue is extended as far as it goes, then fucking with my only allowed sex organ, my tongue.
Sir: ‘Now guide the bull into his waiting bitch, with your mouth. bull, she’s yours now, do whatever you wish with her’

Monday, 23 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 7


When it comes to licking assholes, first time is the most difficult. Second time it is easier and soon it becomes second nature. During the time Sir trained me in ass tonguing, i was made to rehearse in a queening stool under Mistress’s bottom daily for three weeks (15.5.-7.6.2010). After that i just needed to see Her ass and my tongue was ready for Her asshole. My dick showed i liked it every time. Once they checked it by freeing my penis for the queening session, other times it bulged inside its cage.

As serving Mistress’s ass had become a routine for me, Sir took Her place on the queening stool. Initial mental distress was again great (though my dick witnessed contradictory), but They had secured my cooperation by tying my balls so they rested vulnerably on my thighs, as my head was fixed by the stool and my ankles were anchored to a bench so that i could not raise my thighs and try to fold double. Actually Sir didn’t have to use His riding crop on my balls, only a threat of Him striking them with force was enough to break my initial resistance. ‘If I don’t feel your tongue in my asshole right now, I will hit your balls hard with My crop’ Sometimes it’s easier to learn to swim when someone throws you in the cold sea. The first tonguing session with Sir was long. He had trained me to perform the analingus procedure by then – roundish motions, deeper and deeper until tongue is fully extended as far as it goes, then fucking with tongue. As He got my tongue in His ass He told me to start the routine. As i was ready, He told me to start it over. As i was ready again, He told me to redo it once more. At that point i had got quite well acquainted with His personal smell and the coarse hair in His crack.

After that He started another 3 week crash course of Master’s ass licking (20.6.-11.7.2010). On His whim the analingus routine was repeated 1 to even 5 times in a session. That course really earned me the diploma or “Master’s degree” in analingus. Putting my nose or mouth to another person’s ass hasn’t been an issue to me after that.

The day after i got to fuck christa 5 times (=5 thrusts) was a Sunday. i had much work in the kitchen preparing a Sunday Lunch and and a Dinner and doing all dishes and cleaning up. Suddenly Sir Marc appeared, and i ran to Him and knelt.
-‘Get pen and paper. I meant what I said last night about you getting any more pussy or ass. However, turning you into a kitchen slave has been progressing well, and you could deserve your own penis being allowed in christa’s mouth and a ruined orgasm. That would be another Last Time. After that you would never again be allowed to penetrate anyone or anything, not even dry humping a bed or floor. But you will not get in christa’s mouth unless you present me with special grounds. Now start writing down from my dictation’ i was kneeling up with pen ready.
-‘The following are your opinions:
1) you prefer to be owned by me, because I keep more severe discipline and because I’m male, and being owned by a male makes your submission and humiliation deeper.
2) sex with Women does not excite you any more, you prefer sex with Men, or supervised sex with male slaves or TV’s.
3) your favourite pastimes are sucking Master’s cock and getting fucked in the ass by Master. Next best thing is getting done by ricki, but that you prefer a Real Cock to a strap-on. Mistress knows why.
4) you want passive sex only. you are happiest when your penis is locked away in the cb. When having sex, you prefer to be tied so you cannot move at all. Your goal is to orgasm without any stimulation to your cock when fucked in the ass.
5) in the future you wish Sir Marc would keep you in even stricter discipline and deeper submission
6) you love Sir Marc, as you love Mistress, christa and ricki
You may also say that you would like to be feminized, like you do, and kept as Sir Marc’s bitch. Stop writing.’
-‘you will memorize these new opinions of yours by tomorrow. you will make a copy of the list now for me and i will test you tomorrow, and you must reproduce each opinion from memory. I want you to also answer along these opinions of yours when asked by Mistress, also privately. I ask Mistress to talk to you and ask what you answered and if i ever hear something contradictory, it will be no penetration for you again. I also require swifter obeying whenever i give you an order. As all these opinions are communicated to Mistress, ricki and christa, you will get your dick in someone’s mouth for the last time, and a ruined orgasm. you will not be allowed to move during that last blowjob, christa will take your stationary penis in her mouth. Continue!’

i was not happy with having to say things that were partly untrue, and might even annoy Mistress. But when you are kept in a constant state of arousal, and ruined orgasms are the only form of release and they come sparse and seldom, a promise of a blowjob and ruined orgasm fills your world in a way one cannot imagine by only reading these lines. Also, it was an order to memorize the lines. A fail in the test might lead to an unbearable punishment, so i set to the task of learning them by heart. The more i repeated the lines in my brain, the more pleasant the sound of those lines became. They could be my real opinions. Especially the last one. i am a transvestite. i love the silken feel of stockings and a glimpse of suspenders and my bare thighs below the hem. Before christa was acquired, Mistress and Sir allowed me to use a maid’s dress all the time at the ranch. Then They decided it would be only used as a treat and prize for exceptionally excellent service. If i just was allowed back in the dresses, i would be glad to offer my ass in exchange, for Sir to pound. Am i in love with Sir? Or just in love with the sweet feeling of utter humiliation He brings about?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

my Wife and sirs - part 6


My waiting in the dark stall may last the whole evening so i have plenty of time to think back on my life as a slave.


Two days later Sir sent us again in the play room, and told us to both put on masks with only nostril, ear and mouth openings, kneel up and face the corners of the room. He had us waiting for a long time, hands kept at the smalls of our backs, noses pressed tightly to corners . The mask blocked the light so i didn’t even know when the lights went off, but i managed to keep as still as possible as i though He was monitoring that the motion detector doesn’t switch on the lights. Then we heard footsteps, one or to people visited the room, stayed without saying anything, and left. Soon the footsteps returned, and also clicking high heels could be heard.

-‘hubby, i brought someone in the room. Someone with an ass that needs licking and fucking. i just wonder. If you could choose, what kind of an ass you would wish it would be?’
-‘Sir, thank you Sir. i wish it were a hairless male ass, a white ass that belongs to a sissy gurl. i like christa’s ass best’
-‘So what would a pathetic male slave do if he would be allowed to be in contact with another male slave’s feminine ass’
-‘Sir, i wish i could lick christa’s ass and be allowed to fuck it.’
-‘Would you like to fuck it with a strap-on while your own dick is locked tightly in your cock cage, with spikes hurting it, or would you like to fuck her ass with your own dick.’ That was a tricky question. i thought for a moment. Probably he wants to hear i submit and i want to fuck her even with a strap-on. i didn’t want to fail again!
-‘Sir, i wish you would leave my dick locked in its cage. this slave is not meant to penetrate anyone. i wish i would be allowed to fuck her with a strap-on only.’
-‘That sounds reasonable enough, slave. Turn and walk on your knees to the other corner, free ricki’s eyes.’ i kept my hands behind me as i walked, making me bump into the wall and furniture a bit, but i didn’t want to risk anything. i found ricki and her eye batches and removed them.
-‘ricki, tie christa up, spreader bar, ass up, wrists to the middle of the bar.’ After some time which i waited kneeling where ricki had been.
-‘equip hubby with this.’ Soon i felt ricki’s hands on my hips and thighs, fixing straps.
-‘hubby, your moment has come. you have now exactly two minutes to find a sissy slut here in this room by going on all fours. i started crawling around, bumping my head hard into dungeon furniture, afraid that time runs up. Finally i find her, feel with my hand and find a silken leg and a strap, spreader bar…
-‘Seems it’s your lucky day, hubby. you made it in time. Now stick your nose in her ass and smell your bitch. Is she your favourite bitch?’
-‘Sir, yes, Sir’
-‘The one you would love to fuck more than any real female ass’
-‘Sir, yes, Sir’
‘Wouldn’t you rather be fucked in your own ass’ A tricky question. To be on the safe side i answered:
-‘Sir, i would love that as well’
-‘So licking male assholes is fun, fucking males with a strap on is nice, getting fucked is awesome – anything goes but fucking a woman with your own dick like a real man?’
-Sir, yes, Sir’, i started and repeated what he just said as exactly as i could: ‘… anything but fucking a Woman with my own dick like a Real Man, Sir. You are right, Sir’ He clearly wanted to show how low i was, and i played along, and that made my dick twitch in its prison and emit a drop of precum in my jockstrap. i still had my nose in her ass, not being told otherwise.
-‘If you obey me exactly, i will allow you to stick your little strap-on in her and fuck her. But first, only good dogs are allowed to mate. Let’s test you a bit further. If you succeed well, i have your eye patches removed before you are made to fuck her.’ A familiar click at my neck, tugging of a leash prompted me to remove my nose reluctantly from her ass and start moving on all fours. Sir directed me to the corridor, we made a short round on the gravel paths outside which was agony to my knees, and got back. It was difficult to heel Him without sight, but i concentrated on the leash and it went well, i suppose.
-‘Move forward until your nose in the bitch’s ass again and give her asshole a good lubrication. bitch, relax and just squat there as passively as you did last time, and you are a good gurl. Sir will reward a good performance. ricki, remove hubby’s eye patches and put glasses on him.’ my tongue was extended all the way in her ass as the poppers were snapped open and glasses were attached to my ears, and from the corner of my eye i saw another pair of female legs. It was Mistress, my lovely Wife! How long had She been standing there? i assume all the time as i was blindfolded, that was why Sir made me talk so much and repeat my preference for a TV butt. She has never seen me lick another slave’s anus! i got bright red as it hit my brain. She will never kiss me again, was the next thought. What if She thinks i am really gay? They were all gathered around me. Anyway, the fear of Sir made me continue licking christa’s hairless anus, and only until i started fucking her with my tongue, He spoke.
-‘Now push your little pecker in. Hurry!’ i took hold of the strap-on penis, and indeed it was small, much smaller and thinner than mine. Without problems i shoved it in. The buzzing sound started as Sir started the vibrator inside her cock cage, and she started moving a little, breathing louder. He was training us both simultaneously! i didn’t move as i had the dildo in her anus all the way, as i had been told only to insert it. After a small pause which He took to check if i start fucking her without permission He said:
-‘Now slave, i am sure we all know, that you were not meant to fuck anyone, not even with a rubber stick. So there will be no pussy and no ass for you or your strap-on any more. This will be the last time, so plant this in your mind, well. you are to do five thrusts, in rapid succession, as you hear me snap my fingers. Then it is over for you forever.’ A long pause followed. During it the new information sank in, and my dick twitched again. Then a snap of fingers, soon another, 3., 4., 5. i thrusted my small dildo in at each snap and then pulled out until He snapped again. Right after fifth:

-‘Pull out, and kiss your Mistress’s feet’

Saturday, 21 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - part 5


And so ricki and christa fucked right before my eyes as i continued chewing on ricki’s jockstarp. As told, christa bucked her hips as much as the tight bondage allowed her. ricki held on to her hips and worked in earnest as if fucking her with his own dick. The only difference was his dick will never fuck anything, ricki’s and christa’s penises were held in a cb-2000 with points of intrigue. What a great humiliation for hetero male slaves! The points must have bitten hard.

Fucking continued until Sir called it off. Just before He did he ordered:
-‘hubby, remove ricki’s eye patches. he can see the rest.’ As soon as his eyes were freed his gaze was fixed on the shaft sliding in and out.
-‘Pull out!’

Sir was still picking on my opinion of preferring a female butt to christa’s.
-‘hubby, while you are looking forward to seeing female butts – which probably takes a long time unless Mistress flashes to you – be good boi and take care of the dildo’ Now he made me even clean the dildo that had obviously gotten dirty in christa’s bottom! That was gross, i think you agree with that, but what could i do under such circumstances. If i had disobeyed, He would have found ways of persuading me to do it anyway. Though an ass licker can not be made to lick pussy for hygiene reasons, the amount of excrement consumed during an analingus session is minimal. However, i have never been trained to lick clean a dildo or penis that has been fucking an asshole, and i have never come to terms with that.

i took the smeared dildo in my mouth deeper and deeper until the tip hit my throat. then i licked and sucked on it and took it out of my mouth to be able to lick the upper side and the root as well. – ‘Good boi. Now wonder you Mistress doesn’t want to kiss you any more, ha ha. Now remove his helmet and ricki, remove the strap-on. As you are ready, ricki will remove hubby’s jockstrap and put it on, hubby will put on the one in his mouth’ The added humiliation of being made to wear wet jockstrap caused a drop of precum ooze out of my chastized cock.

christa was freed and after preparing and serving supper for the Masters it was bed time for bois.

We bois sleep in a bunk bed in a small storage room in the basement. The beds are only 60 cm wide. Nowadays christa puts us to sleep at 9pm. we sleep in our corset belts only, and our hands are tied to the sides of our waist, elbows jutting out. That means we have to sleep on our backs. christa connects our ankle bracelets with a 20cm short chain and takes our cock cages off after our hands are secured. she shaves the area under the cock cages and lock us in cb-3000s. she tugs us in under a coarse blanket without sheets. Last thing she does is brush our teeth. The toothpaste is left in our mouths for added hygiene. i appreciate Sir Marc has taken into account also the possibility of a fire. In that case we can just get up, and run to the yard with tiny steps. Sir Marc is an expert of home automation systems and owns His own automation business.

Our room has motion detectors and motion activated surveillance cameras to encourage us to sleep still and also not try anything during the change into the cock cage that allows nocturnal erections. It does not have points of intrigue. Isn’t that nice! However nearly every night the lights go on in the middle of the night, as one of us moves too quickly in the bed. In the evenings we are allowed to chat for 5 minutes in the bed. Our room is bugged with a voice activated mic, so Masters can listen to what we talk. We have no privacy. Talking is not allowed in any other situations unless spoken to by one of the Masters.

The night after ricki fucked christa, ricki started talking right after the lights went off which marks the beginning of the chat time.
‘That was awesome. God! it felt exactly as if i was fucking her! i’m sure i felt the thrusts in my cock! It was as if i was using my own cock. i have not fucked anyone or anything in 5 months now. i really needed that. And being allowed to see it made it even more real, even though seeing the black dildo kind of assured my brain that i wasn’t actually fucking her. i’m so glad he changed me into short spikes! you don’t know what you missed’

i was really sad that i had not pretended i liked TV butts better. i said,
‘Next time i will admit anything to be allowed to fuck her. i have not fucked anything for nearly 2 years. her butt was really cute. i was so turned on as i could see it all. All the time. her hips bucking, the lily white ass, stockings, heels, gloves, dress turned upside down on her. her cage was pointing backwards.’
‘Yes, i felt it against my thighs. it was vibrating pretty bad… she must have been so close to cumming inside her cage.’
‘Yes, she will be cumming in her cage in no time. she is probably a fast learner. Sir was accurate. The buzzing stopped right as He told you to pull out. No cock in her pussy – no pleasure. Training is on its way.’
‘i bet she would have cum right away if the butt vibe would have been in her ass with max speed.’

we noticed that the hands of the wall clock, glowing in the dark, showed it was soon 9.05 so we exchanged good night’s wishes. ‘good night, slave hubby’ -‘good night, slave ricki’

Thursday, 19 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 4


Suddenly i return back from my memoires to present moment, open my eyes in the darkness, and the penislike gag in my mouth brings my thoughts to Sir William, who is my current owner. Sir William is a strong black guy with a big cock. He is really pedant and strictest of our Masters. He is the latest addition to our family, moved in as Sir Marc had finally got my Wife believe i was incurably gay. Later i have come to think that Sir Marc started the campaign that aimed at getting me donated to a gay Master already as i was preparing christa to be fucked by ricki. i start reminiscing that story again:

Now i had the strap-on fixed over ricki’s cock cage. i guessed next i was meant to guide ricki to his slut, but i dare not take any initiative. Sir proved my thought wrong.
-‘We still have to tend to the matter of lubrication. As you bois and gurls know, saliva is the only lubricant for slut holes in this house. In the early days Mistress used ky jelly as She fucked hubby, but after my suggestion She stopped that. That created bit of a problem for hubby. Though he’s supple, he’s not so supple he could lick his own asshole. he had to settle on licking on the dildo and then turn around and offer his slut hole. Am I not a thoughtful Master to take more slaves so there’s always someone to offer more lubrication! i’m sure you want a piece of that pretty ass as well, hubby.. Don’t worry, you will get it. but this time i will be allowing the sissy slut an once-in-a-lifetime luxury of having his hole oiled. So hubby, go to the bathroom and get Mistress’s skin cream and be quick about it.’
-‘Sir, yes, Sir’ i hurried to the bathroom as quickly a i could. i was glad that i didn’t have to lick that gurly bois ass. As i presented the cream to Master kneeling at His feet, He continued:
-‘Are you capable of giving up that jockstrap from your mouth for a second. Put that in your jockstrap, and it goes back in your mouth right when lubrication is ready. Open your mouth! Tongue out!”
i felt a dollop of cream dropping on my tongue.
-‘Now do the thing you know best! Give that motherfucker’s asshole a good tongue bathing. Spread the cream all over her virgin asshole. Maybe you start liking her butt better when you get acquainted with it.’
-‘Hir, yeh, Hir’ i mumbled with my tongue sticking out. my cock twitched in its cage. He had done it again! He had invented another way of humiliating me like never before. i had to walk on my knees to christa and use my tongue to spread cream in Her asshole. Why didn’t i say i liked Her butt better than any Woman’s butt!

i had been thoroughly trained by Sir Marc to lick assholes, first Mistress’s, but lately only male assholes, His own (we had not Sir William yet at that point) and even ricki’s. christa’s a bit roundish bottom that is completely hairless by electrolysis was not a big challenge. i had even been taught to analingus in different styles, so i quickly set to the task as helmeted ricki waited by her. i knew i had to tongue sissy’s asshole as long as Sir wanted, until He frees me by His command. As i had crossed my wrists at the small of my back like i am taught to do if they are free as i tongue someone, i planted the cream on her asshole i knew i had to follow a taught routine, first circulate the asshole with the tip of my tongue, then stick it in a bit, circulate her sphincter, then penetrate her ass deeper and deeper. Master took His time, letting me fuck her asshole with my tongue with repeated thrusts and alternate it with my tongue extended as far as it goes, doing circular movements, my mouth pressed tight against her ass.

-‘OK, stop eating the cream, or we’ll have to do it again. ricki, fuck your bitch! hubby, kneel by! christa, you are expected to only meet each of his thrusts with your hips. As long as you are good, i will be rewarding you with this’

For positive feedback and reinforcement we slaves have a micro vibrator pushed in the end of our cock cages. Sometimes even a dual egg vibrator, with another vibrator or vibrating butt plug in the anus. All the vibrators are of course remotely controlled. The arrangement makes the cb-2000 very crowded, as ricki and me have medium sized cocks. On the other hand, the vibrator gets pressed very closely against the frenum area in this small space, and actually we can even be made to cum inside our cb’s using the vibrator. Sir Marc now showed christa the power He has to give pleasure or pain at the flick of His finger. A buzzing sound was heard between her legs. she winced, maybe it was the first time the cage vibrator was used on her. she started breathing hard.

-‘Now fuck your bitch, boi’ ricki felt his way using his hands, found the lubricated hole and pushed in with difficulty. The bulbous head of the black lifelike strapon dong disappeared as her hole stretched. The buzzing intensified. Sir had twisted the knob.

-‘christa, remember, you are not allowed to cum without permission. If you feel close to cumming, you will inform me’

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 3

So i’m still in the dark indoor riding arena, tied to a sulky, waiting to be maybe used for pulling someone (Sir Marc? Or Sir William?). With my hands tied, i could not resist as the first mosquitoes arrived and feasted, i felt pricks in my thighs and neck. i continue recalling memories from the days when i got to fuck christ with a strap-on.


As we watched christa’s naked (fe)male butt Sir broke the silence:
-‘What do you think hubby, do you prefer this or a Woman’s butt?’
Now that she put it this way, all the nice memories of my Wife came back, and i remembered i am not gay, so i answered
-‘Sir, i prefer female butt, Sir’
-‘Oh, is that so? That’s a pity. I would have let you play a little with that cutie butt, but if you don’t like it… What about you ricki, do you prefer christa’s butt, or a female butt?’
-‘Sir, i love christa’s butt, i adore it. i think it is better than any female butt! Sir!’
Hearing that i thought ricki was also in deep need, he just played his cards better.
-‘That sounds better! christa, i’ve found you boyfriend. Try being a little less sluttish and cover that hungry as of yours. Now turn around and kneel. What would a girl and boy do when they like each other?’
We didn’t know whom He asked, so we remained silent.
-‘Approach each other, rub your faces together, kiss! you are a girl and a boy. ricki, stick your tongue in her mouth. Fuck her mouth with your tongue.’
i saw how her lipstick got divided anew. it looked hot. i could have kissed her like that! ricki and i were dressed in over the knee socks, collars, tight pink sleeveless belly shirts and jockstraps that covered our cock cages, but left our butts bare.
-‘Now you can feel her breasts… Suck her nipples. yes, don’t care about the rings. your gurlfriend’s got pierced nipples, that’s it.’
i noticed sucking made her nipples erect, just like a teenage girls nipples.
-‘Now you can fuck her – with this’
He tossed him a strap on dildo. i saw the disappointment in his eyes. he had thought she was going to be allowed to penetrate this beautiful boy and cum in his ass.
-‘Sir, Yes Sir’
he didn’t let the disappointment sound, the answer sounded military.
-‘I’ll let you change into smallest points for the event. Take off your jockstrap, bring it to hubby and get your ass here boi.’
-‘Sir, thank You, Sir’
-‘And you hubby, chew that jockstrap in your mouth as you watch them, and think what you will miss’
Putting another male’s jockstrap in my mouth was at that point just a mediocre humiliation for me so i pushed it in my mouth like it were chewing gum. i started languishingly as Sir opened lock to ricki’s cage, and gave him the smaller points. Opening the cb slightly ricki replaced the points and closed the cage again.
-‘Now, tie christa with a spreader bar, ass up, head down, wrists to the middle of the bar. she must learn her pleasure comes passively, not moving a muscle. hubby, get ricki a leather helmet and lace it on him. Fix the strap-on on him after that’
As ricki had christa tied up, and i was busy lacing ricki’s head in a helmet which had only nostril openings, Master addressed christa.

-‘christa, put your left cheek against the floor. So you can watch yourself in the mirror on your right. See the pretty gurl over there, thigh-highs, white ass turned up, tied down legs akimbo. Soon a male slave will push his rubber phallus in your sissy pussy. Savour the moment, this is arranged for your pleasure. Actually the only kind of pleasure there will be for a sissy like you.’

Masturbating with Emla anesthetic

Here's a detailed account of the Eurovision night.

Mistress retired a bit before the end, but had managed to keep Herself warm, as when i joined Her, She closed me in a tight embrace, W/we kissed and kissed, She took off my shirt, and also Her gown which was too difficult for me. i removed my thong and waited for Her on my back. She sat on me and as i raised myself i could suck on Her breasts. But back down i went, and She moved on top of my head and as i started to lick Her i noticed how swollen She was, very hot and excited. She seemed to be near cumming as i licked Her, so i introduced a finger and another, and pushed them in Her moist pussy, trying to lick and fingerfuck Her in a rapid tempo, to make Her cum. She turned around, and i continued to lick Her pussy and butt as She gave my penis and balls some manipulations, pulling, masturbating, compressing, feeling my shaved pubic area and the hair triangle, masturbating hard with a tight fist, touching lightly the frenum area. She lowered Herself down, turned my head sideways with Her hand and sat Her full weight on the side of my head, continuing Her manipulations. Her butt was a soft weight although pressing tightly against my cheek. While Her weight was on the side of my head, She turned my body also until She could reach my butt with Her mouth, and She bit me hard on the left cheek. (Next day She told me in the sauna that i have Her teethmarks on that buttock)

She raised Herself again and impaled Herself on my sissy clit, took my wrists, placed them on either side of my head and took my right ear in Her mouth, giving it such sucking treatment that i felt my head explode while all i could do was tremble lightly as i was pinned against the bed like a sissy. Finally She raised Herself so that i could fuck Her from below, but all too soon bareback fucking got me to the edge, as it was maybe 3-4 weeks since my last cum. i suggested Emla cream and a condom, and now i used a liberal amount, especially on the frenum side. i had to kneel on the hardwood floor as She lied on the edge and let me fuck Her. i noticed soon that the feelings were dying, the cream worked. She wanted next on all fours and then on O/our sides from behind, and the feel from my penis was so gone that i felt only a little at the base of the penis, and no satisfaction at all, the feeling was awkward, even painful. Actually i was not sure if i had a full erection any more, but i soon found out as She climaxed like there's no tomorrow. It was a success!

After-sex W/we lied in the bed and She decided that i may try masturbating into a ruined orgasm if i could despite Emla. She said no semen on the floor, so i placed a small hankie on the floor, knelt beside it and started mastubating. Using my hand i could press in the right places and it felt good but i wasn't going much anywhere regarding an orgasm. i tried different tactics, fondling the bare penis head or moving the foreskin, and finally i got to the edge. i continued until i felt first spasms and put my hands to my sides. Mistress was watching intently as i had announced i'm getting where. Nothing happened first, and She thought it was a false alarm, but i felt something was moving inside me and suddenly the semen emerged. It was like someone had opened a faucet: a stream dropping straight down from the tip of an erect sissy clit. Everything dropped exactly on the small hankie, wetting more than half of it. my prolonged chastity had created an overload of cum in my system. Now Mistress thought i had bone too far and the orgasm was ruined enough. However, i have not experienced any drop in my submission level, and i use all my free time to work with 'my Wife and Sirs'.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 2

yesterday i wrote chapter 2 two the story. W/we were also watching ESC2011 even though O/our "haba haba" (which i really like) did not qualify. After the show, quite late in the night, Mistress wanted sex. i had to use Emla cream under a condom as i have not cum in some 3-4 weeks. Emla worked well, cutting out the pleasure totally. i did not even know if i had an erection as i fucked Her on my side behind Her. But the erection stayed and She got the biggest orgasm i remember, and afterwards She made me masturbate into a ruined orgasm, kneeling on the floor. it took time because of Emla, but eventually i got to the edge and took my hand off at the exactly right moment. So much time passed that She thought nothing happened (She was watching intently from the bed), but then cum started to leak out, a long stream which wetted half of the handkerchief that i had placed on the floor, because Mistress expressly told me not to make the floor slippery. It just oozed out, but what a big amount! After long denial ruined orgasm works as well, just produces more cum. Erection stayed even after this and today no sign of cum-lag. Here's the continuation of the story:



ricki guides me using the nose ring to the main arena which is a roundish sawdust covered area some 20 x 20 m. he leaves me facing another mirror near the large open doors that lead to the yard and house. The arena is equipped with motion detector lighting. i must stay absolutely still, Sir will check that the lights go off and if they are switched on again before someone enters the arena, woe betide the slave who has moved. The lights can be easily seen from the house.

So i am left alone, tied to the sulky, and soon the lights go off. It’s becoming dark outside, and after some time i stand in complete darkness. i don’t know how long i will have to stand still, but my erection is still full and twitching, because Masters are currently training me to love being a pony boy by exciting my penis only when i work as a pony. i have great expectations that tonight i will get some treat in the form of penile stimulation. Will i get a ruined orgasm? In the darkness my mind goes through all possibilities, and what has happened during earlier sessions. Last time i was ordered to prance around the ring, a long, long time, lifting my knees high each time, but keeping a good pace as well. i was left alone, and maybe an hour passed, i don’t know how long. i was maybe watched through a surveillance camera, so i just walked and walked alone, lifting my knees.

In the dark my thoughts wander back to the time i was allowed to fuck christa with a strap-on. i tell you about it so you get some background to my situation.

Back then Masters were in the process of training christa to get her pleasure in the way a Woman does, in a passive way. she had just got her breasts, and also the sexy maid’s dress was new. It happened in the playroom, where Masters have placed all kinds of play and punishment gear: stocks, narrow tables with rings to help tie us, queening equipment... i was working in the kitchen that day, and just after christa had served a dinner that i had prepared, instead of feeding me as normally happens after dinner, Sir Marc told me to ‘Go kneel in the corner of the playroom’. We have motion detectors in every room, so i quickly scurried there, and pressed my nose in the corner and knelt still waiting for the lights to go off. Before that happened ricki arrived. i saw from the corner of my eye as he hurried to another corner, probably into a similar position.

Soon someone entered and i heard Sir Marc’s voice: ‘Bois, see what i got for you!’ We turned on our knees to look and there was Sir with a most beautiful fair creature, soft blonde long hair and nicely made up thin face. That was the first time we saw her in the sexy maid’s dress, which showed her small breasts that were still growing and her nipples already adorned with golden rings. she had long slender legs, which were in high heeled sandals - i suppose Sir Marc likes him this way. her thin bare arms and chest was completely hairless, as she had undergone full body electrolysis. She had dark thin nylon gloves which ended above her elbows. She stood in a feminine way Sir had trained her: one knee bent forward, smiling, wrists bent, fingers straight. ‘Show us what you got!’, Master told her.

she was already well trained, as she now did a walk around, swaying Her hips very sluttishly, turned to us, pulled her hem up showing more suspenders but not showing her balls yet, turned around, did the same slow lifting of the hem exposing her buttocks in a teasing manner. They were not small boy buttocks, but not full female rump either. They were something in between, as she was still on hormones. But boy, did they look inviting! Finally She lifted the hem all the way up to the waist, showing how her corset was laced tightly at her back (i wondered who tightens that – could have volunteered). Between her corset and her butt was a large tattoo, an ornamental ‘property of the Regina ranch’ – a modern cattle mark with a nice logo consisting of a lasso and tied hands. i didn’t know she was already wearing the mark! Now she bent at the waist, moved her left leg to the left, and she got in a position where her body was horizontal, and legs liberally spread. Now we saw it all, an opened cleft and her asshole, and below it her balls and the top of her small pink cock cage, everything completely hairless.

Now you may wonder why i loved her ass so much after mentioning only Sir William is gay in the household. i must start a little further past to explain. The beginning of the household was me and my Wife, Mistress Kate. Originally it was my idea to involve cuckolding in our relationship, back some 10 years ago. She was already my Mistress back then, but used me as Her sex toy. i love the female body and i find a male attractive only if he is extremely feminine. As She found Sir Marc things gradually changed. He didn’t want to share Mistress with me. Mistress loved me, but fell in love with Marc also, and wanted everything to turn out well for me as well. i was quite content with the current arrangement, although my sexuality was totally in Sir Marc’s hands, penetrative sex became off limits for me and i got humiliating ruined orgasms only on his whim. He allowed me masturbation, then masturbation with one finger penis tilted backwards, and now… i’ll come back to that.

It was Sir Marc who wanted to develop the dynamics even further. His aim was to further train my submissive side, and later i understood he wanted to make me a slave to a Dom. Mistress has now given my ownership to Sir William, but i see Her regularly as i clean the whole house, also Her quarters, and sometimes help christa to serve at the Masters’ table. She is ever so friendly and always asks me if everything’s ok. i sometimes see Her alone, normally in the garden, and i could ask Mistress to allow me to spend more time with Her or even let me kiss Her feet or lick Her pussy. However, Sirs have especially forbidden me to say anything to Mistress that would imply i want to be with Her more often or more intimately. That is not allowed for a member of personnel.

ricki joined O/our household as Sir Marc decided after being with U/us for half a year that W/we need another slave that would share my duties as i had time constraints (i still go to work). He screened slaves with Mistress and they chose young ricki. After initial training ricki spent more and more time tending to Mistress’s skin and Masters’ clothes while i landed the cook’s, cleaner’s and gardener’s roles. That meant i saw less and less of Mistress, and practically not at all naked. Sir also forbid net porn from slaves, putting all computers under a net nanny system.

i was totally surprised as in 3 months they took still another slave, christa. As christa was presented to us in her sexy maid’s dress, her naked butt framed with stockings and corset, i had not seen a naked woman in months. That explains my reaction towards her androgynous butt. i was in a desperate need of female sex, and christa was close enough. In the next chapter W/we get back to that night.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

A new story - my Wife and Sirs

i have been doing some new writing lately (wearing the points of intrigue of course), and i will probably continue this in later posts

my Wife and Sirs
Part 1

i laid the shopping bags on the doorstep, rang the doorbell and christa came to open. i was so happy to see she was made to wear the so-called sexy maid’s dress, which pushed up and ex-posed Her titties completely. The thick golden rings in her nipples reminded me of the strong willed Masters (my Wife and Sirs) who had made him grow her male breasts into a form of perfect teen-age girl’s mammary glands, and then pierce the tender parts so cruelly. Looking at her face it’s hard to tell she ever was a boy: They picked a thin-faced, slender youth, and with bright red lip-stick, kajal and Her long hair hanging free she looks like a sexy young woman. i have been made to fuck Her in the ass with a rubber strap-on, and i always come to think of that when i see her. The sexy maid’s dress is short and her suspenders show between the hem and black stockings. she wears high heeled strap sandals. i feel a twitch inside my cb-2000, though the long points of in-trigue have a long time restricted my penis to grow into full tumescence.

christa takes my shopping and i take off my clothes, put them in a locker and close the door – i don’t have a key of course. Currently i am a boi in this household, and i put on my basic attire: a leather corset, narrower at the back and wider at the front, working as a waist cincher, a heavy duty leather posture collar, a leather bra which has wide 10 cm openings for my small male breasts to push through, leather wrist and ankle bracelets and present myself before Sir Marc by kneeling down and kissing His foot as She continues to talk casually with Mistress (my Wife), reading the paper. His voice is firm: ‘Take him to the indoor ring, hitch him up before the light sulky and remove his cb’ He addresses ricki, who was the stable boy today. ‘Get up!’ He shouts to me. Now He takes a key and turns it, opening my cb lock, but not taking it off yet. Only Masters have keys to our cock cages. ‘Go!’ i follow ricki - who is dressed exactly like me - out through the back door and to the ring. The arena (which has been used by real equines earlier before my Wife bought the ranch) blocks the view to O/or back yard, so we slaves can walk in the yard in any state of nakedness.

In the paddock part of the ring i automatically start to put on the harness. First i put on the head gear: a bridle going with an O-ring bit in my mouth and a strap around my head, with “browband” two additional straps leaving upward from each of the bit rings, joining at the forehead and continuing straight up over my shaved head (did i mention all slave heads are shaved, maids wear wigs. This makes it easier for Masters to change maids into pony bois, stable bois into maids etc.) to connect to the main strap at the back of my head. The O-ring makes my saliva flow and drip freely. i put back my glasses back on, they rest on top of the head harness. Next i have to lace up the thigh high pony boots myself, taking the time needed. The outfit leaves available my ass and my crotch which is all epilated save a small triangle of short hair. Next i must approach ricki, turn my back, and present my arms for him to strap to the rings at the opposite sides of the belt. Hence my arms are crossed behind my back, but my ass was left completely uncovered. Now ricki takes my bridle and takes me to an area with posts. Posts are short poles with adjustable height, with rings at the top and at the bottom. There are 10 poles in the are in two rows. he attaches my ankles to two poles so that i must stand legs apart. Then he draws my head down using the bridle, and ties it tightly to the next pole, which resides under my throat as i am bent over.

i know what is to come. Soon he appears before me and pushes his strap-on rubber penis, a life-like phallus in my mouth and i suck and lick on it eagerly, making sure it becomes all wet. This is all lubrication we slaves are allowed. Bois are encouraged to fuck the ass of a slave if their assign-ment includes plugging that ass. But of course they must use a strap on because Masters keep all slaves locked up in chastity, and take care that no such abnormality as a slave penis fucking something ever happens. we slaves always use these opportunities. we are always so needy, and even if you’re fucking only with a strap on, and even though it’s a male ass (we slaves are all het-erosexual, only gay one here is Sir William), you are fucking all the same, you grab the hips of the boi, you do the same fucking motions, your own penis doesn’t get part of the action, and points don’t allow even full tumescence, but it becomes semi rigid, fills the cage fully, and after long enough chastity you start getting at least part of the same fulfilment you would get from actual fuck-ing.

But now it’s my time to offer that fulfilment to ricki, as She bangs away against my buttocks, mak-ing the most use of my boi pussy, fucking in earnest. he continues until the points start to dig too deep into his sensitive penis skin, he withdraws, and makes me clean the dildo for him in my mouth. Then he fills my mouth with a rubber gag, inserts a butt plug deep into my anus, puts a big steel ring in my septum piercing, clicks a lead to the nose ring, unties me and leads me by the nose ring before the sulky. i feel horse hair against my bare legs, the butt plug has a tail and it completes my attire.

There are two traces which will connect me to the sulky and ricki attaches one to my posture collar. Now it’s the moment i have been waiting for. i am growing a little already. Sir promised i would be unlocked. It’s a rare moment. i am unlocked only one or two times a week. Sometimes it leads to getting some pleasure, sometimes not at all, and sometimes even a ruined orgasm, if i have been good – excellent - all week. i close my eyes and concentrate in the feeling of fingers working the lock. The cage brushing my penis as it is leaving my body. Fingers dancing on my private parts as ricki pushes the locking pin out and relieving me of the plague of the points. i don’t care if they are male fingers, i try to derive as much pleasure out of these feelings as possible. It is a challenge for ricki to remove also one-piece the a-ring before my growing erection makes it impossible. he has to violently press and knead on my pliable flesh, and push my penis head hard towards the root of my penis, but he succeeds. i’m all naked down there now, i can feel the cooling air. i am happy despite the circumstances.

Now ricki takes the other trace, a meter long leather leash that ends in a combination of straps, pulls it between my legs, and straps one wide strap around my ball sac and another even wider strap round my whole set of genitals. Masters make us pony bois pull them in the cart using only our necks and private parts. If we want to take the weight off our balls, we must lean forward, and take the pressure on our posture collars. Though the collars are wide, and spread the pressure, it blocks blood vessels somewhat, and we can only use our necks to take the weight momentarily off our balls.

As ricki steps back i can see myself in large mirror. My eyes feast first on the full erection. Oh God what a long and thick penis i have. It’s not like it used to be. Sir William wants all slaves circum-cised and pierced with a Prince Albert. i was not circumcised as a child, so i was sent to a doctor, and made to ask to be circumcised, making the skin as taut as possible. It wasn’t so bad. Most painful were the shots of local anaesthetic that were injected to the root of the penis. Then i could see myself the clamped foreskin being removed with a scalpel, blood vessels cauterized electri-cally, stiches… and didn’t feel a thing. It healed properly in 3 weeks and then i was sent for the PA… PA is needed to lock the CB-2000 on. Of course i have to sit down to pee because of the PA and CB-2000.

But back to present moment. i am fully erect as i admire my reflection: smooth crotch with pubic hair epilated daily, head harness with glasses, wide collar, peek-a-boo bra, tight wide corset belt – Sirs sometimes try if they can fit their finger between the belt and the skin, and once Sir William succeeded and gave me a punishment of standing up all night tied to a post, and being given strong electric shocks to my balls by christa every full hour throughout the night. christa also had to make a video account of that night.

i am standing before a white sulky, hands tied, not going anywhere without command, not knowing what is to come. my penis starts to leak as my humiliation is so clearly shown to me. i don’t know what my Wife is doing now, and with whom, as i stand here, a mere pony. i can not even cum though my penis is free, the straps allow so little movement – i am also strapped from both sides to shafts of the sulky.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Licking the toilet bowl

Mistress is not happy with my service level which has detoriated after my orgasm, even though i have made according to Her request ghoat cheese sandwiches, which She liked, along with lentil carrot sauce. She orders me to strip naked and take off Her panties under Her skirt, She presses me between Her legs as She sits on the sofa, making me lick Her pussy, then get toilet cleaning implements and a glass of sherry for Her. i may wash the basement toilet. CB has bitten me badly for some time now, and i wobble “gorilla walk”. She comes to watch the toilet getting ready, and checks the results. i have not washed under the soap container, so She pushes my head in the bowl and orders me to lick the inner walls and round the top. Then i may put everything in place and clean the kitchen.

Mistress starts the day by a retake of O/our first D/s day, by taking me to swim. i am quite sensitive to cold, so it is an intense experience for me. i obey, go to the sea first, but return withouit asking a permission, which is a violation of rules. Then W/we leave to pick up the kids.