Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Licking the toilet bowl

Mistress is not happy with my service level which has detoriated after my orgasm, even though i have made according to Her request ghoat cheese sandwiches, which She liked, along with lentil carrot sauce. She orders me to strip naked and take off Her panties under Her skirt, She presses me between Her legs as She sits on the sofa, making me lick Her pussy, then get toilet cleaning implements and a glass of sherry for Her. i may wash the basement toilet. CB has bitten me badly for some time now, and i wobble “gorilla walk”. She comes to watch the toilet getting ready, and checks the results. i have not washed under the soap container, so She pushes my head in the bowl and orders me to lick the inner walls and round the top. Then i may put everything in place and clean the kitchen.

Mistress starts the day by a retake of O/our first D/s day, by taking me to swim. i am quite sensitive to cold, so it is an intense experience for me. i obey, go to the sea first, but return withouit asking a permission, which is a violation of rules. Then W/we leave to pick up the kids.

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