Thursday, 26 May 2011

my Wife and Sir - Part 9


i bit the lifelike bulgy strap-on from side and we moved with ricki behind the spreader bar, he leaned forward, hands held not tied behind his back, until he had to support himself on christa’s loins, soon the penis head was in christa’s asshole. The familiar buzzing sound started nearby and i noticed christa’s fingers and toes started to tremble. ricki pushed himself in a little by little. Saliva is not that good lubricant. However he started fucking her in earnest, long thrusts making christa gasp with her mouth open.
Sir: ’hubby, get behind the bull and kiss his ass each time she pulls out’ my view got worse, now it consisted of mere ricki’s ass, but i had to do what i was told even though my Wife must have followed the play with interest. Otherwise my chances for a getting my own dick into christa’s mouth would be over forever.
Sir: ‘bull, you are starting to cum now. hubby, think that I am fucking your wife this way regularly. Pretend it is my ass fucking your Wife, because you will not ever be allowed to witness Us again. This play is also to remind you of that matter of fact.’ ricki simulated cumming, intensified his fucking. Oh god, how can christa’s ass take it. i heard her whimper. But she was getting lovely buzzing to her clit all the time, the pleasure surely offsets her pain? ricki pushed his tool all the way in forcefully and remained stooped over christa. he was as exhausted as if she had had sex with her. Buzzing stopped leaving her high.
Sir: ‘Pull out, bull. Now hubby may pretend he’s doing the cleanup duties for Us. It is a bit different, though, as it looks more like a chocolate cake not a creampie. Smell is different too. hubby, clean up hotwife ass first.’ Meekly i approached the hole again as ricki gave way. It looked hot, wet, and red. It had been stretched and it was still partly open. Fortunately no brown stuff was to be seen where. i moved my tongue in my mouth, trying to convince it to dive into a newly-fucked sissy male asshole. As soon as i got my head in her glowingly hot ass, my tongue was obedient and slipped into the small opening left by ricki’s rubber dildo. Repugnant taste of excrements welcomed the visitor. i fought back the nauseating feeling and performed my number. He let me fuck her ass with my tongue for a surprisingly long time, maybe two minutes. i have never been made to do that so long.
Sir: ‘i know you would lick christa’s ass for the whole night of given a chance. you don’t get enough of that do you?’
me :’no, Hir! (continuing)
Sir: ‘STOP! Now take care of the bull, after all, you should be very grateful to him, as he has fulfilled your Wife’s sexual needs that you queer boi cannot do.’
me: ‘Sir, yes, Sir’
Sir: ‘bull and hubby here so Audience can see you! Sideways!’
we crept in front of Our Dominants with one real and one artificial cock bouncing. mine was still free, but uselessly so. we knelt up facing each other. There was brown stuff. At the tip. Gulp.
Sir: ‘hubby, extend your tongue and touch the tip.’ i obeyed. An easy first step. ‘Now lick the head clean and swallow’ Gulp. i hesitated and licked my lips. ‘GET ON WITH IT’ My penis twitched and a stream of precum fell. He had said i have to perform well, but… He was making me eat shit in front of my Wife. i swept the head at one of the cleaner spots with my tongue. Then another sweep.
As i cleaned the dirtiest parts, my stomach turned over, but i could get everything down my throat. i noticed i had leaked streams, i could not understand why. ‘Now lick the shaft all over’ As i had cleaned the “penis” of my “hotwife’s bull” from her “pussy juices”, She said ‘Maybe you can get her excited again, start blowing him’ My untouched dick had been erect and leaking for the whole time and it started to ache.
Sir: ‘The end’ (clapping His hands), ‘Actors line up hear, and bow. ricki, remove the rope between christa’s hands and bar and help her here as well. Heads down’ Soon three naked asses were lined up, one still in spreader bar.
Sir: ’Kate, how did you like O/our little play?’
my Wife: ‘Marc, that was a bit vulgar and gross for my taste. But it was interesting to see how hubby’s cock reacted to different things. It seemed that the more he was humiliated the harder he got. It supports your theory that he is mostly gay, not bi. he really loves to be handled roughly. How’s christa reacting to the vibe?’
Sir: I think she’s ready to have her first little caged cummies next time as His Master takes her. she’s edging with middle setting. With a real warm cock in her ass she will have to hold back on the low setting. And she gets hornier each day as her denial is continued.

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