Saturday, 28 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 10

You might be wondering what happened to my diary - i am keeping it as always and will post everything later. Now my limited net time is all consumed by posting of the story



As christa joined the Regina household, the chores were rearranged. ricki concentrated on yard and garden, doing most of the men’s work around the house and outside, inside he was in charge of laundry and ironing. i had the kitchen and dishes, and all cleaning inside the house. christa was the Lady’s chambermaid, bathing her, manicures, pedicures, tending to her clothes, closets. she also served at the table, with ricki occationally helping and clearing the tables. After meals christa was used to suck on Mistress’s pussy, or maybe massage Her or Sir Marc’s feet or shoulders. If they both needed massaging or some more intimate services, also ricki was called, or sometimes me. Those rare visits kept up my longing to be with my Wife.

our wake up time is 5.15am, the lights go on at that time automatically. we rise up, and open a little safe box on the wall. It has a time lock, and the combination works only after 5.15. With the key ricki opens my wrists and vice versa. Now we may use the toilet for 40 minutes to epilate our crotch areas save the allowed little triangle of pubes. The rest of our bodies and head have to be shaved in that time too. The motion detector feed is recorded, so any longer stay in the bathroom would be punishable.

As christa had been with us for a few months, electric dog training collars were added to our outfit, round our genitals just outside the cock cage, with electrodes against the root of penis. Small shocks are used by Masters to make us work harder or move quicker, large shocks are used as punishments. Masters don’t need to tire Their hands any more punishing us, just a push of a button suffices! ricki was made to knit a pouch to the back of our belts for the remote, so that it is easily available for Masters all the time. As we have shaved, we must check that the battery of the remote is operational. We can test the batteries by pressing a “good dog” button which makes the collar emit a nice sound, no need to zap ourselves.

At 5.55 we put on our outfits and our chores start. we have a weekly schedule. my chores start with silent work, washing the floor, cabin doors or windows in some part of the house or dusting the cupboard tops, door frames and picture frames for one hour, then starting luxurious breakfast for Masters. Weekly schedule makes it so that Masters can check any place of the house any time, and if dust or dirt is found, a severe punishment will commence. Masters are not responsible for ordering us to do this and that, it’s all in the schedule.

We may sport our cb-3000’s until christa wakes up at around 6.15. her first chore is to find where we are toiling, shackle our wrists behind our backs and change us into cb-2000’s before freeing us. Then she starts getting pretty for the day which takes only half an hour, as she has to shave only her head (not even her chin which is electrolysed along the rest of her body).

christa sleeps in a small guest room near the Master bedroom in the other end of the house. she may stay up later, we don’t know what happens after we are tugged in. christa checks all alarms and unusual activation times of lights in the control room. her work is supervised and spot-checked by Masters. if christa is not exact she might be in trouble herself!

After another week of hard work at the Ranch i was again in front of my Wife.
‘Madam, Sir is taking the slaves to the pain garden for making everybody laugh, would you care to join, Madam?’
‘Oh, sounds like fun. you must be looking forward to that, pet?’
‘Yes, Mistress, i like it when He humiliates me in front of O/others’

Sir was waiting at the front door with ricki and christa.
‘ricki, hubby, remove your shirts, ankle straps and socks. Put on boots’
Outdoors christa uses high heeled pumps, we bois use Ranchos from which leave horseshoe tracks on the ground. we don’t normally wear any more clothing out, than what we use indoors. ricki wears lots of sunscreen lotion and a military hat if working on the yard. ricki is allowed to use platform boots or be barefoot as he’s working longer periods outside.

we get on all fours to be leashed by our posture collars. we have been well trained to heel, including left and right turns, and being walked as a pair. He clips the leashes, takes our remotes and starts walking with heel on all fours, me on the left and ricki on His right, with G/girls following U/us. Gravel path, of course, not nice for bare knees. Sir is keeping a good pace, dogs may walk on hands and toes to keep up, knees are allowed to stay off the ground. Hoof boots keep our asses high. He’s aiming to the pain garden in the far back of our yard. Mostly nettles, cacti, chili plants. Brisk walk and we are there.

dog stay is kneeling up, hands held folded like paws, hands together exactly in the middle of chest, just below, and pushing up our male breasts, wrists bent as much as possible, backs of the hands showing, fingers hanging straight down, fists not clenched. Mouth must be hanging open with tip of the tongue on top of the lower lip, noisy quick breathing to remind of a dog, knees and ankles spread 25 cm, backs arched, chin straight forward, eyes fixed on Master’s eyes if possible. Without further ado He tells us to remove our jockstraps and deposit them in the mouths. Mouth must be closed now when there’s something in it. We are now naked except for heelless pony boots, belts, cb’s and collars. i feel vulnerable. Mistress walks around us to face us by Sir’s side. Sir is standing tall two meters from us.

‘I’m sure you bois would like some fresh air on your penis and balls. Put these between your wrists and collar.’
25 cm chains are tossed before us on the ground. ricki fixes my hands and i his. Locking of hands always precedes unlocking of the cb.
‘Line up for removal of cb’s’
we stand up before our Master. Clicks are heard.
‘Remove your cb’s’
Quite naturally ricki removes mine and the other way round.
‘Down!’ we drop on all fours again. My semi erect cock gets erect.
‘Do you bois care for some herbal brushing on your cocks and balls?’
‘Yes, Sir’ (in unison)

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