Monday, 30 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 11


Sir was walking towards the end of a bed of nettles.
‘I stand here, Mistress stands in the other end. Here! (we start crawling to Him) Face the nettles! Stand up! Spread your legs! Boots either side of the nettles’
The beds of nettles were 10 meters long and some 50 cm wide. One bed for each of us. The nettles were tall waist-long bushes.
‘Hands behind necks! Walk to Mistress keeping your feet on either side of the bed! NOW!’
Strong shock of electricity hit the base of my penis. His strong voice and the fear more shocks started us moving. As our penises were freed, the strap of the training collar worked as a penis ring, so our erect penises were the battering rams, the first part of our body to take contact with the stinging nettles. Those lucky days we still had our foreskins as protection! Foreskins and penis skin took the most hits initially. As we got further in the midst of nettles, balls, thighs and legs above boots got also continuous bites. Our going slowed down a bit, as long nettles brushed our groin at each step. Then i felt a strong jolt hit my penis again. Sir was not happy with speed slowing down! He repeated zapping my genitals twice before i had picked up the speed and accepted the fact that i could do anything but move and got more and more burns on the most sensitive parts of my body. Each time i couldn’t keep up with ricki’s pace He shocked me again. Undoubtedly He did the same to ricki whenever he slacked. Pain from the burns becomes excruciating, new nettles brush the tender regions, and each new touch burns, while all the earlier ones still sting and create a constant heat and ache. We get nearer and nearer Mistress. As we finally kneel in front of Her, She says:
‘Now walk backwards to Sir. Keep your legs on the paths like before.’
Now the nettles get contact with the rest of the erogenous areas that had yet escaped the nettles, the buttocks, crack and asshole, where the stems and leaves now gather and brush. As we get to Sir, we turn to face Him and kneel. My crotch, balls, penis… all on fire..
‘Walk to Mistress. Repeat what you did’ Again we start, now quicker, routinely, accepting that our genitals constantly touched stinging nettles. Erection has died out; pain is too much.
‘Stop!’ We are just in the middle of the bed.
‘Squat!’, Sir shouts. Mistress looks me in the eye, as i obey Her lover’s command and start to lower my butt towards the abundant nettles. My crack opens, and the spiky leaves find still new targets, between my balls and asshole where i feel a few nasty, angry bites.
Argh, not again!
‘Continue to walk!’ Now His voice comes from another direction, He is walking back to Mistress. The ordeal would be over soon. As we kneel up before Them, i notice christa is filming all this. They soon have it on tape.
‘Head down! Ass up! Turn around! See how red their whole butt is. And full of welts. Like they were well whipped. But they did it all by themselves, no work for us, ha ha.’ The pain was evenly distributed throughout the whole area, no square centimeter without nettle burns between the belt and the boots.
‘Do you think dogs would be eager to fetch’
‘But they are always’
‘Yeah, can you think of a better place for fetching than the pain garden?’
‘What do you say dogs?’
‘Woof woof’ (in unison)
‘As you showed such obedience and willingness to suffer, you will be rewarded. christa, give each boi a kiss on the mouth. Bois, turn, on all fours, neck tilted up!’ christa was passable as female, her face looked so feminine, as it approaches, her mouth opens and a sweet kiss is like something from another world.
‘you will get another prize as well. One of you is going to get fucked, and the other one will fuck him. But which one? W/we will find out. I am throwing this ball far in the pain garden a number of times, and the one to get it back to me most times is the winner, and gets fucked. You may tread on the plants, don’t worry, nettles don’t die easily. This time you are exceptionally allowed to fetch on two legs. you may grab the ball from the other dog’s mouth, trip it, whatever. But your hands stay all the time behind your necks.’
He shows us the ball, it was a large red rubber ball, bigger than one’s mouth, and difficult to keep in it. He throws it far away in the boundless nettles field with some cacti towering above everything else. No movement is seen.
A leap into action.

Why were we so enthusiastic to get fucked in the ass? Being fucked means a chance to cum, as we never get to cum unless we are being fucked. Those days before Sir William another slave was always used to fuck us with a strap-on, no-one else was interested in fucking us.

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