Tuesday, 31 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 12


We started running with our hoof boots. With them one has to bend his knees a bit, balancing is difficult. There are nettles everywhere, we have to plunge among them, more hits to penis, balls, also outsides of thighs. ricki leads the way, i was following behind him, then tried to bypass him. he cannot find the ball. Suddenly we both notice it. It is in the middle of nettles. We both drop on our knees to reach for it with our mouths. i get a nettle burn on the tender underside of my penis, near frenum. Ouch! We stick our heads in the nettles. Burns in our cheeks, neck, hands, chest, tits, places that had survived the nettles so far. ricki is braver to take the pain in his upper body and he gets the ball in his mouth. It is not easy to hold on to it. It falls from his mouth, drops before me. i get my teeth on it, hold it cautiously, turn and raise myself, evade his tripping leg and start running with a result of an overdose of nettle bites. his leg… i fall down… In the midst of nettles… ouuuuuch… the ball drops from my mouth but i get a new bite on it. i get up and run full speed to Sir Marc with the mad stallion chasing me, kneel up, hands still behind neck, offer the ball in my mouth. He and my Wife are now sitting comfortably on garden furniture that ricki constantly maintains.

He takes the ball and throws it again. Also this time ricki gets to the ball first, but this time he doesn’t drop it. We are tied. Pain everywhere has got our penises to shrink.

‘Put the cb’s back on’
we put them on each other, anticipating they could provide some protection. Third throw, maybe the decisive. It becomes a fierce battle. This time we reach for the ball simultaneously from both sides. i am the first to get a hold with my teeth, maybe my mouth opens wider. he checks me roughly, but as i manage to keep the ball in my mouth he tries to grab it directly from my mouth with his teeth. i duck and get going again. After a few leaps he tries to trip me again. We both fall in the nettles, the ball drops from my mouth and he gets it. he is already running out of the nettles field as i manage to trip him down. The ball bounces from his mouth. he tries to crawl to it, i bypass him running. i lower my face to the ground, my red butt still once more in the air, and get it just under the watchful eyes of Sir and Mistress! Proudly i offer the ball again.
‘Seems We have a winner. ricki, come here. you’ll fetch us some accessories from the house’ (whispers to his ear)
As he gets back i am made to help the strap-on on him first.
‘Stand up here’ i stand up before Sir, He opens my cb.
‘ricki, change these to hubby’ Yes! He flings short points of intrigue to ricki. Without short points there is no possibility of cumming inside the cock cage.
‘Fix him in the spreader bar’. i kneel down in front of Sir and Mistress and lower my face to the wet ground. Soon my legs are spread and my boots tied to the spreader bar and my hands to the middle of the bar and my red bruised ass is displayed properly. i know what to wait for next. A big clamp is placed on my ball sac, and a rope is thread from a belt ring above my left buttock, through the clamp, my balls are being drawn back using the clamp. the rope is tied to another ring in the belt above my right buttock. my balls are drawn towards asshole, and the cock cage follows, penis now pointing upside down to the rear.
‘christa, suck on the strap-on’
christa is responsible for lubrication.
‘ricki, get behind hubby’
ricki puts his knees between the spreader bar and the hollows of my knees.
‘Push in. – Start fucking. christa, take the stick and start poking.’
Now christa takes a short blunt metal bar that fits between the bars at the tip of my cb-2000 cock cage. she starts poking at my frenum with it. Getting fucked hurts, but also excites, the attention i’m getting excites, and poking of my g-spot excites me especially. i bulge in my cb, try to shut off the world and concentrate in my g-spot. It is so much easier to get off if you are allowed to poke your g-spot by yourself, but Sir Marc insists i’m totally passive while being pleasured. Now she’s not poking exactly at the right angle. If i push back she might poke too hard, and it could be painful. Oh God, now it is on the spot! ricki keeps on fucking with the dildo that is larger than his or my penis, a bulbous head, lifelike veined shaft, producing so much feeling in my “pussy” and banging on my prostate. Oh God, Oh God. i can look through my legs and see how viciously my genitals are drawn back by the clamp in the ballsac, just a hairless mound showing between my legs, hands tied, ankles spread wide. Oh my God, i’m nearing the edge.
‘Sir, this slave is close to cumming, Sir. May this slave cum?’ i know my duty to ask permission to cum. No answer. i start holding back. i think about things on my work desk.
‘No, you don’t’
Poking stops, fucking continues. i’m so near, so fucking near. i bulge, the small points being merciful and allowing this. i need to cum – i am not allowed to say it, but the thought fills my mind. So long denial. i concentrate on the dildo kneading my prostate, a big dollop of precum pushes out of my urethra. A little vibration or a few pokes on my frenum would make me get off. i don’t notice any more how painfully the clamp now pulls on my balls, how unnaturally my penis is made to point in the wrong direction, how it will remain smashed inside the smallest of cock cages while releasing the pathetic semen, prevented from getting fully erect. i don’t notice the constant burning caused by the nettles. i just notice the friction i get in my anal canal, and it is only enough to keep me on the edge.

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