Sunday, 15 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 2

yesterday i wrote chapter 2 two the story. W/we were also watching ESC2011 even though O/our "haba haba" (which i really like) did not qualify. After the show, quite late in the night, Mistress wanted sex. i had to use Emla cream under a condom as i have not cum in some 3-4 weeks. Emla worked well, cutting out the pleasure totally. i did not even know if i had an erection as i fucked Her on my side behind Her. But the erection stayed and She got the biggest orgasm i remember, and afterwards She made me masturbate into a ruined orgasm, kneeling on the floor. it took time because of Emla, but eventually i got to the edge and took my hand off at the exactly right moment. So much time passed that She thought nothing happened (She was watching intently from the bed), but then cum started to leak out, a long stream which wetted half of the handkerchief that i had placed on the floor, because Mistress expressly told me not to make the floor slippery. It just oozed out, but what a big amount! After long denial ruined orgasm works as well, just produces more cum. Erection stayed even after this and today no sign of cum-lag. Here's the continuation of the story:



ricki guides me using the nose ring to the main arena which is a roundish sawdust covered area some 20 x 20 m. he leaves me facing another mirror near the large open doors that lead to the yard and house. The arena is equipped with motion detector lighting. i must stay absolutely still, Sir will check that the lights go off and if they are switched on again before someone enters the arena, woe betide the slave who has moved. The lights can be easily seen from the house.

So i am left alone, tied to the sulky, and soon the lights go off. It’s becoming dark outside, and after some time i stand in complete darkness. i don’t know how long i will have to stand still, but my erection is still full and twitching, because Masters are currently training me to love being a pony boy by exciting my penis only when i work as a pony. i have great expectations that tonight i will get some treat in the form of penile stimulation. Will i get a ruined orgasm? In the darkness my mind goes through all possibilities, and what has happened during earlier sessions. Last time i was ordered to prance around the ring, a long, long time, lifting my knees high each time, but keeping a good pace as well. i was left alone, and maybe an hour passed, i don’t know how long. i was maybe watched through a surveillance camera, so i just walked and walked alone, lifting my knees.

In the dark my thoughts wander back to the time i was allowed to fuck christa with a strap-on. i tell you about it so you get some background to my situation.

Back then Masters were in the process of training christa to get her pleasure in the way a Woman does, in a passive way. she had just got her breasts, and also the sexy maid’s dress was new. It happened in the playroom, where Masters have placed all kinds of play and punishment gear: stocks, narrow tables with rings to help tie us, queening equipment... i was working in the kitchen that day, and just after christa had served a dinner that i had prepared, instead of feeding me as normally happens after dinner, Sir Marc told me to ‘Go kneel in the corner of the playroom’. We have motion detectors in every room, so i quickly scurried there, and pressed my nose in the corner and knelt still waiting for the lights to go off. Before that happened ricki arrived. i saw from the corner of my eye as he hurried to another corner, probably into a similar position.

Soon someone entered and i heard Sir Marc’s voice: ‘Bois, see what i got for you!’ We turned on our knees to look and there was Sir with a most beautiful fair creature, soft blonde long hair and nicely made up thin face. That was the first time we saw her in the sexy maid’s dress, which showed her small breasts that were still growing and her nipples already adorned with golden rings. she had long slender legs, which were in high heeled sandals - i suppose Sir Marc likes him this way. her thin bare arms and chest was completely hairless, as she had undergone full body electrolysis. She had dark thin nylon gloves which ended above her elbows. She stood in a feminine way Sir had trained her: one knee bent forward, smiling, wrists bent, fingers straight. ‘Show us what you got!’, Master told her.

she was already well trained, as she now did a walk around, swaying Her hips very sluttishly, turned to us, pulled her hem up showing more suspenders but not showing her balls yet, turned around, did the same slow lifting of the hem exposing her buttocks in a teasing manner. They were not small boy buttocks, but not full female rump either. They were something in between, as she was still on hormones. But boy, did they look inviting! Finally She lifted the hem all the way up to the waist, showing how her corset was laced tightly at her back (i wondered who tightens that – could have volunteered). Between her corset and her butt was a large tattoo, an ornamental ‘property of the Regina ranch’ – a modern cattle mark with a nice logo consisting of a lasso and tied hands. i didn’t know she was already wearing the mark! Now she bent at the waist, moved her left leg to the left, and she got in a position where her body was horizontal, and legs liberally spread. Now we saw it all, an opened cleft and her asshole, and below it her balls and the top of her small pink cock cage, everything completely hairless.

Now you may wonder why i loved her ass so much after mentioning only Sir William is gay in the household. i must start a little further past to explain. The beginning of the household was me and my Wife, Mistress Kate. Originally it was my idea to involve cuckolding in our relationship, back some 10 years ago. She was already my Mistress back then, but used me as Her sex toy. i love the female body and i find a male attractive only if he is extremely feminine. As She found Sir Marc things gradually changed. He didn’t want to share Mistress with me. Mistress loved me, but fell in love with Marc also, and wanted everything to turn out well for me as well. i was quite content with the current arrangement, although my sexuality was totally in Sir Marc’s hands, penetrative sex became off limits for me and i got humiliating ruined orgasms only on his whim. He allowed me masturbation, then masturbation with one finger penis tilted backwards, and now… i’ll come back to that.

It was Sir Marc who wanted to develop the dynamics even further. His aim was to further train my submissive side, and later i understood he wanted to make me a slave to a Dom. Mistress has now given my ownership to Sir William, but i see Her regularly as i clean the whole house, also Her quarters, and sometimes help christa to serve at the Masters’ table. She is ever so friendly and always asks me if everything’s ok. i sometimes see Her alone, normally in the garden, and i could ask Mistress to allow me to spend more time with Her or even let me kiss Her feet or lick Her pussy. However, Sirs have especially forbidden me to say anything to Mistress that would imply i want to be with Her more often or more intimately. That is not allowed for a member of personnel.

ricki joined O/our household as Sir Marc decided after being with U/us for half a year that W/we need another slave that would share my duties as i had time constraints (i still go to work). He screened slaves with Mistress and they chose young ricki. After initial training ricki spent more and more time tending to Mistress’s skin and Masters’ clothes while i landed the cook’s, cleaner’s and gardener’s roles. That meant i saw less and less of Mistress, and practically not at all naked. Sir also forbid net porn from slaves, putting all computers under a net nanny system.

i was totally surprised as in 3 months they took still another slave, christa. As christa was presented to us in her sexy maid’s dress, her naked butt framed with stockings and corset, i had not seen a naked woman in months. That explains my reaction towards her androgynous butt. i was in a desperate need of female sex, and christa was close enough. In the next chapter W/we get back to that night.

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