Tuesday, 17 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 3

So i’m still in the dark indoor riding arena, tied to a sulky, waiting to be maybe used for pulling someone (Sir Marc? Or Sir William?). With my hands tied, i could not resist as the first mosquitoes arrived and feasted, i felt pricks in my thighs and neck. i continue recalling memories from the days when i got to fuck christ with a strap-on.


As we watched christa’s naked (fe)male butt Sir broke the silence:
-‘What do you think hubby, do you prefer this or a Woman’s butt?’
Now that she put it this way, all the nice memories of my Wife came back, and i remembered i am not gay, so i answered
-‘Sir, i prefer female butt, Sir’
-‘Oh, is that so? That’s a pity. I would have let you play a little with that cutie butt, but if you don’t like it… What about you ricki, do you prefer christa’s butt, or a female butt?’
-‘Sir, i love christa’s butt, i adore it. i think it is better than any female butt! Sir!’
Hearing that i thought ricki was also in deep need, he just played his cards better.
-‘That sounds better! christa, i’ve found you boyfriend. Try being a little less sluttish and cover that hungry as of yours. Now turn around and kneel. What would a girl and boy do when they like each other?’
We didn’t know whom He asked, so we remained silent.
-‘Approach each other, rub your faces together, kiss! you are a girl and a boy. ricki, stick your tongue in her mouth. Fuck her mouth with your tongue.’
i saw how her lipstick got divided anew. it looked hot. i could have kissed her like that! ricki and i were dressed in over the knee socks, collars, tight pink sleeveless belly shirts and jockstraps that covered our cock cages, but left our butts bare.
-‘Now you can feel her breasts… Suck her nipples. yes, don’t care about the rings. your gurlfriend’s got pierced nipples, that’s it.’
i noticed sucking made her nipples erect, just like a teenage girls nipples.
-‘Now you can fuck her – with this’
He tossed him a strap on dildo. i saw the disappointment in his eyes. he had thought she was going to be allowed to penetrate this beautiful boy and cum in his ass.
-‘Sir, Yes Sir’
he didn’t let the disappointment sound, the answer sounded military.
-‘I’ll let you change into smallest points for the event. Take off your jockstrap, bring it to hubby and get your ass here boi.’
-‘Sir, thank You, Sir’
-‘And you hubby, chew that jockstrap in your mouth as you watch them, and think what you will miss’
Putting another male’s jockstrap in my mouth was at that point just a mediocre humiliation for me so i pushed it in my mouth like it were chewing gum. i started languishingly as Sir opened lock to ricki’s cage, and gave him the smaller points. Opening the cb slightly ricki replaced the points and closed the cage again.
-‘Now, tie christa with a spreader bar, ass up, head down, wrists to the middle of the bar. she must learn her pleasure comes passively, not moving a muscle. hubby, get ricki a leather helmet and lace it on him. Fix the strap-on on him after that’
As ricki had christa tied up, and i was busy lacing ricki’s head in a helmet which had only nostril openings, Master addressed christa.

-‘christa, put your left cheek against the floor. So you can watch yourself in the mirror on your right. See the pretty gurl over there, thigh-highs, white ass turned up, tied down legs akimbo. Soon a male slave will push his rubber phallus in your sissy pussy. Savour the moment, this is arranged for your pleasure. Actually the only kind of pleasure there will be for a sissy like you.’

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