Thursday, 19 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 4


Suddenly i return back from my memoires to present moment, open my eyes in the darkness, and the penislike gag in my mouth brings my thoughts to Sir William, who is my current owner. Sir William is a strong black guy with a big cock. He is really pedant and strictest of our Masters. He is the latest addition to our family, moved in as Sir Marc had finally got my Wife believe i was incurably gay. Later i have come to think that Sir Marc started the campaign that aimed at getting me donated to a gay Master already as i was preparing christa to be fucked by ricki. i start reminiscing that story again:

Now i had the strap-on fixed over ricki’s cock cage. i guessed next i was meant to guide ricki to his slut, but i dare not take any initiative. Sir proved my thought wrong.
-‘We still have to tend to the matter of lubrication. As you bois and gurls know, saliva is the only lubricant for slut holes in this house. In the early days Mistress used ky jelly as She fucked hubby, but after my suggestion She stopped that. That created bit of a problem for hubby. Though he’s supple, he’s not so supple he could lick his own asshole. he had to settle on licking on the dildo and then turn around and offer his slut hole. Am I not a thoughtful Master to take more slaves so there’s always someone to offer more lubrication! i’m sure you want a piece of that pretty ass as well, hubby.. Don’t worry, you will get it. but this time i will be allowing the sissy slut an once-in-a-lifetime luxury of having his hole oiled. So hubby, go to the bathroom and get Mistress’s skin cream and be quick about it.’
-‘Sir, yes, Sir’ i hurried to the bathroom as quickly a i could. i was glad that i didn’t have to lick that gurly bois ass. As i presented the cream to Master kneeling at His feet, He continued:
-‘Are you capable of giving up that jockstrap from your mouth for a second. Put that in your jockstrap, and it goes back in your mouth right when lubrication is ready. Open your mouth! Tongue out!”
i felt a dollop of cream dropping on my tongue.
-‘Now do the thing you know best! Give that motherfucker’s asshole a good tongue bathing. Spread the cream all over her virgin asshole. Maybe you start liking her butt better when you get acquainted with it.’
-‘Hir, yeh, Hir’ i mumbled with my tongue sticking out. my cock twitched in its cage. He had done it again! He had invented another way of humiliating me like never before. i had to walk on my knees to christa and use my tongue to spread cream in Her asshole. Why didn’t i say i liked Her butt better than any Woman’s butt!

i had been thoroughly trained by Sir Marc to lick assholes, first Mistress’s, but lately only male assholes, His own (we had not Sir William yet at that point) and even ricki’s. christa’s a bit roundish bottom that is completely hairless by electrolysis was not a big challenge. i had even been taught to analingus in different styles, so i quickly set to the task as helmeted ricki waited by her. i knew i had to tongue sissy’s asshole as long as Sir wanted, until He frees me by His command. As i had crossed my wrists at the small of my back like i am taught to do if they are free as i tongue someone, i planted the cream on her asshole i knew i had to follow a taught routine, first circulate the asshole with the tip of my tongue, then stick it in a bit, circulate her sphincter, then penetrate her ass deeper and deeper. Master took His time, letting me fuck her asshole with my tongue with repeated thrusts and alternate it with my tongue extended as far as it goes, doing circular movements, my mouth pressed tight against her ass.

-‘OK, stop eating the cream, or we’ll have to do it again. ricki, fuck your bitch! hubby, kneel by! christa, you are expected to only meet each of his thrusts with your hips. As long as you are good, i will be rewarding you with this’

For positive feedback and reinforcement we slaves have a micro vibrator pushed in the end of our cock cages. Sometimes even a dual egg vibrator, with another vibrator or vibrating butt plug in the anus. All the vibrators are of course remotely controlled. The arrangement makes the cb-2000 very crowded, as ricki and me have medium sized cocks. On the other hand, the vibrator gets pressed very closely against the frenum area in this small space, and actually we can even be made to cum inside our cb’s using the vibrator. Sir Marc now showed christa the power He has to give pleasure or pain at the flick of His finger. A buzzing sound was heard between her legs. she winced, maybe it was the first time the cage vibrator was used on her. she started breathing hard.

-‘Now fuck your bitch, boi’ ricki felt his way using his hands, found the lubricated hole and pushed in with difficulty. The bulbous head of the black lifelike strapon dong disappeared as her hole stretched. The buzzing intensified. Sir had twisted the knob.

-‘christa, remember, you are not allowed to cum without permission. If you feel close to cumming, you will inform me’

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