Saturday, 21 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - part 5


And so ricki and christa fucked right before my eyes as i continued chewing on ricki’s jockstarp. As told, christa bucked her hips as much as the tight bondage allowed her. ricki held on to her hips and worked in earnest as if fucking her with his own dick. The only difference was his dick will never fuck anything, ricki’s and christa’s penises were held in a cb-2000 with points of intrigue. What a great humiliation for hetero male slaves! The points must have bitten hard.

Fucking continued until Sir called it off. Just before He did he ordered:
-‘hubby, remove ricki’s eye patches. he can see the rest.’ As soon as his eyes were freed his gaze was fixed on the shaft sliding in and out.
-‘Pull out!’

Sir was still picking on my opinion of preferring a female butt to christa’s.
-‘hubby, while you are looking forward to seeing female butts – which probably takes a long time unless Mistress flashes to you – be good boi and take care of the dildo’ Now he made me even clean the dildo that had obviously gotten dirty in christa’s bottom! That was gross, i think you agree with that, but what could i do under such circumstances. If i had disobeyed, He would have found ways of persuading me to do it anyway. Though an ass licker can not be made to lick pussy for hygiene reasons, the amount of excrement consumed during an analingus session is minimal. However, i have never been trained to lick clean a dildo or penis that has been fucking an asshole, and i have never come to terms with that.

i took the smeared dildo in my mouth deeper and deeper until the tip hit my throat. then i licked and sucked on it and took it out of my mouth to be able to lick the upper side and the root as well. – ‘Good boi. Now wonder you Mistress doesn’t want to kiss you any more, ha ha. Now remove his helmet and ricki, remove the strap-on. As you are ready, ricki will remove hubby’s jockstrap and put it on, hubby will put on the one in his mouth’ The added humiliation of being made to wear wet jockstrap caused a drop of precum ooze out of my chastized cock.

christa was freed and after preparing and serving supper for the Masters it was bed time for bois.

We bois sleep in a bunk bed in a small storage room in the basement. The beds are only 60 cm wide. Nowadays christa puts us to sleep at 9pm. we sleep in our corset belts only, and our hands are tied to the sides of our waist, elbows jutting out. That means we have to sleep on our backs. christa connects our ankle bracelets with a 20cm short chain and takes our cock cages off after our hands are secured. she shaves the area under the cock cages and lock us in cb-3000s. she tugs us in under a coarse blanket without sheets. Last thing she does is brush our teeth. The toothpaste is left in our mouths for added hygiene. i appreciate Sir Marc has taken into account also the possibility of a fire. In that case we can just get up, and run to the yard with tiny steps. Sir Marc is an expert of home automation systems and owns His own automation business.

Our room has motion detectors and motion activated surveillance cameras to encourage us to sleep still and also not try anything during the change into the cock cage that allows nocturnal erections. It does not have points of intrigue. Isn’t that nice! However nearly every night the lights go on in the middle of the night, as one of us moves too quickly in the bed. In the evenings we are allowed to chat for 5 minutes in the bed. Our room is bugged with a voice activated mic, so Masters can listen to what we talk. We have no privacy. Talking is not allowed in any other situations unless spoken to by one of the Masters.

The night after ricki fucked christa, ricki started talking right after the lights went off which marks the beginning of the chat time.
‘That was awesome. God! it felt exactly as if i was fucking her! i’m sure i felt the thrusts in my cock! It was as if i was using my own cock. i have not fucked anyone or anything in 5 months now. i really needed that. And being allowed to see it made it even more real, even though seeing the black dildo kind of assured my brain that i wasn’t actually fucking her. i’m so glad he changed me into short spikes! you don’t know what you missed’

i was really sad that i had not pretended i liked TV butts better. i said,
‘Next time i will admit anything to be allowed to fuck her. i have not fucked anything for nearly 2 years. her butt was really cute. i was so turned on as i could see it all. All the time. her hips bucking, the lily white ass, stockings, heels, gloves, dress turned upside down on her. her cage was pointing backwards.’
‘Yes, i felt it against my thighs. it was vibrating pretty bad… she must have been so close to cumming inside her cage.’
‘Yes, she will be cumming in her cage in no time. she is probably a fast learner. Sir was accurate. The buzzing stopped right as He told you to pull out. No cock in her pussy – no pleasure. Training is on its way.’
‘i bet she would have cum right away if the butt vibe would have been in her ass with max speed.’

we noticed that the hands of the wall clock, glowing in the dark, showed it was soon 9.05 so we exchanged good night’s wishes. ‘good night, slave hubby’ -‘good night, slave ricki’

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