Sunday, 22 May 2011

my Wife and sirs - part 6


My waiting in the dark stall may last the whole evening so i have plenty of time to think back on my life as a slave.


Two days later Sir sent us again in the play room, and told us to both put on masks with only nostril, ear and mouth openings, kneel up and face the corners of the room. He had us waiting for a long time, hands kept at the smalls of our backs, noses pressed tightly to corners . The mask blocked the light so i didn’t even know when the lights went off, but i managed to keep as still as possible as i though He was monitoring that the motion detector doesn’t switch on the lights. Then we heard footsteps, one or to people visited the room, stayed without saying anything, and left. Soon the footsteps returned, and also clicking high heels could be heard.

-‘hubby, i brought someone in the room. Someone with an ass that needs licking and fucking. i just wonder. If you could choose, what kind of an ass you would wish it would be?’
-‘Sir, thank you Sir. i wish it were a hairless male ass, a white ass that belongs to a sissy gurl. i like christa’s ass best’
-‘So what would a pathetic male slave do if he would be allowed to be in contact with another male slave’s feminine ass’
-‘Sir, i wish i could lick christa’s ass and be allowed to fuck it.’
-‘Would you like to fuck it with a strap-on while your own dick is locked tightly in your cock cage, with spikes hurting it, or would you like to fuck her ass with your own dick.’ That was a tricky question. i thought for a moment. Probably he wants to hear i submit and i want to fuck her even with a strap-on. i didn’t want to fail again!
-‘Sir, i wish you would leave my dick locked in its cage. this slave is not meant to penetrate anyone. i wish i would be allowed to fuck her with a strap-on only.’
-‘That sounds reasonable enough, slave. Turn and walk on your knees to the other corner, free ricki’s eyes.’ i kept my hands behind me as i walked, making me bump into the wall and furniture a bit, but i didn’t want to risk anything. i found ricki and her eye batches and removed them.
-‘ricki, tie christa up, spreader bar, ass up, wrists to the middle of the bar.’ After some time which i waited kneeling where ricki had been.
-‘equip hubby with this.’ Soon i felt ricki’s hands on my hips and thighs, fixing straps.
-‘hubby, your moment has come. you have now exactly two minutes to find a sissy slut here in this room by going on all fours. i started crawling around, bumping my head hard into dungeon furniture, afraid that time runs up. Finally i find her, feel with my hand and find a silken leg and a strap, spreader bar…
-‘Seems it’s your lucky day, hubby. you made it in time. Now stick your nose in her ass and smell your bitch. Is she your favourite bitch?’
-‘Sir, yes, Sir’
-‘The one you would love to fuck more than any real female ass’
-‘Sir, yes, Sir’
‘Wouldn’t you rather be fucked in your own ass’ A tricky question. To be on the safe side i answered:
-‘Sir, i would love that as well’
-‘So licking male assholes is fun, fucking males with a strap on is nice, getting fucked is awesome – anything goes but fucking a woman with your own dick like a real man?’
-Sir, yes, Sir’, i started and repeated what he just said as exactly as i could: ‘… anything but fucking a Woman with my own dick like a Real Man, Sir. You are right, Sir’ He clearly wanted to show how low i was, and i played along, and that made my dick twitch in its prison and emit a drop of precum in my jockstrap. i still had my nose in her ass, not being told otherwise.
-‘If you obey me exactly, i will allow you to stick your little strap-on in her and fuck her. But first, only good dogs are allowed to mate. Let’s test you a bit further. If you succeed well, i have your eye patches removed before you are made to fuck her.’ A familiar click at my neck, tugging of a leash prompted me to remove my nose reluctantly from her ass and start moving on all fours. Sir directed me to the corridor, we made a short round on the gravel paths outside which was agony to my knees, and got back. It was difficult to heel Him without sight, but i concentrated on the leash and it went well, i suppose.
-‘Move forward until your nose in the bitch’s ass again and give her asshole a good lubrication. bitch, relax and just squat there as passively as you did last time, and you are a good gurl. Sir will reward a good performance. ricki, remove hubby’s eye patches and put glasses on him.’ my tongue was extended all the way in her ass as the poppers were snapped open and glasses were attached to my ears, and from the corner of my eye i saw another pair of female legs. It was Mistress, my lovely Wife! How long had She been standing there? i assume all the time as i was blindfolded, that was why Sir made me talk so much and repeat my preference for a TV butt. She has never seen me lick another slave’s anus! i got bright red as it hit my brain. She will never kiss me again, was the next thought. What if She thinks i am really gay? They were all gathered around me. Anyway, the fear of Sir made me continue licking christa’s hairless anus, and only until i started fucking her with my tongue, He spoke.
-‘Now push your little pecker in. Hurry!’ i took hold of the strap-on penis, and indeed it was small, much smaller and thinner than mine. Without problems i shoved it in. The buzzing sound started as Sir started the vibrator inside her cock cage, and she started moving a little, breathing louder. He was training us both simultaneously! i didn’t move as i had the dildo in her anus all the way, as i had been told only to insert it. After a small pause which He took to check if i start fucking her without permission He said:
-‘Now slave, i am sure we all know, that you were not meant to fuck anyone, not even with a rubber stick. So there will be no pussy and no ass for you or your strap-on any more. This will be the last time, so plant this in your mind, well. you are to do five thrusts, in rapid succession, as you hear me snap my fingers. Then it is over for you forever.’ A long pause followed. During it the new information sank in, and my dick twitched again. Then a snap of fingers, soon another, 3., 4., 5. i thrusted my small dildo in at each snap and then pulled out until He snapped again. Right after fifth:

-‘Pull out, and kiss your Mistress’s feet’

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