Monday, 23 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 7


When it comes to licking assholes, first time is the most difficult. Second time it is easier and soon it becomes second nature. During the time Sir trained me in ass tonguing, i was made to rehearse in a queening stool under Mistress’s bottom daily for three weeks (15.5.-7.6.2010). After that i just needed to see Her ass and my tongue was ready for Her asshole. My dick showed i liked it every time. Once they checked it by freeing my penis for the queening session, other times it bulged inside its cage.

As serving Mistress’s ass had become a routine for me, Sir took Her place on the queening stool. Initial mental distress was again great (though my dick witnessed contradictory), but They had secured my cooperation by tying my balls so they rested vulnerably on my thighs, as my head was fixed by the stool and my ankles were anchored to a bench so that i could not raise my thighs and try to fold double. Actually Sir didn’t have to use His riding crop on my balls, only a threat of Him striking them with force was enough to break my initial resistance. ‘If I don’t feel your tongue in my asshole right now, I will hit your balls hard with My crop’ Sometimes it’s easier to learn to swim when someone throws you in the cold sea. The first tonguing session with Sir was long. He had trained me to perform the analingus procedure by then – roundish motions, deeper and deeper until tongue is fully extended as far as it goes, then fucking with tongue. As He got my tongue in His ass He told me to start the routine. As i was ready, He told me to start it over. As i was ready again, He told me to redo it once more. At that point i had got quite well acquainted with His personal smell and the coarse hair in His crack.

After that He started another 3 week crash course of Master’s ass licking (20.6.-11.7.2010). On His whim the analingus routine was repeated 1 to even 5 times in a session. That course really earned me the diploma or “Master’s degree” in analingus. Putting my nose or mouth to another person’s ass hasn’t been an issue to me after that.

The day after i got to fuck christa 5 times (=5 thrusts) was a Sunday. i had much work in the kitchen preparing a Sunday Lunch and and a Dinner and doing all dishes and cleaning up. Suddenly Sir Marc appeared, and i ran to Him and knelt.
-‘Get pen and paper. I meant what I said last night about you getting any more pussy or ass. However, turning you into a kitchen slave has been progressing well, and you could deserve your own penis being allowed in christa’s mouth and a ruined orgasm. That would be another Last Time. After that you would never again be allowed to penetrate anyone or anything, not even dry humping a bed or floor. But you will not get in christa’s mouth unless you present me with special grounds. Now start writing down from my dictation’ i was kneeling up with pen ready.
-‘The following are your opinions:
1) you prefer to be owned by me, because I keep more severe discipline and because I’m male, and being owned by a male makes your submission and humiliation deeper.
2) sex with Women does not excite you any more, you prefer sex with Men, or supervised sex with male slaves or TV’s.
3) your favourite pastimes are sucking Master’s cock and getting fucked in the ass by Master. Next best thing is getting done by ricki, but that you prefer a Real Cock to a strap-on. Mistress knows why.
4) you want passive sex only. you are happiest when your penis is locked away in the cb. When having sex, you prefer to be tied so you cannot move at all. Your goal is to orgasm without any stimulation to your cock when fucked in the ass.
5) in the future you wish Sir Marc would keep you in even stricter discipline and deeper submission
6) you love Sir Marc, as you love Mistress, christa and ricki
You may also say that you would like to be feminized, like you do, and kept as Sir Marc’s bitch. Stop writing.’
-‘you will memorize these new opinions of yours by tomorrow. you will make a copy of the list now for me and i will test you tomorrow, and you must reproduce each opinion from memory. I want you to also answer along these opinions of yours when asked by Mistress, also privately. I ask Mistress to talk to you and ask what you answered and if i ever hear something contradictory, it will be no penetration for you again. I also require swifter obeying whenever i give you an order. As all these opinions are communicated to Mistress, ricki and christa, you will get your dick in someone’s mouth for the last time, and a ruined orgasm. you will not be allowed to move during that last blowjob, christa will take your stationary penis in her mouth. Continue!’

i was not happy with having to say things that were partly untrue, and might even annoy Mistress. But when you are kept in a constant state of arousal, and ruined orgasms are the only form of release and they come sparse and seldom, a promise of a blowjob and ruined orgasm fills your world in a way one cannot imagine by only reading these lines. Also, it was an order to memorize the lines. A fail in the test might lead to an unbearable punishment, so i set to the task of learning them by heart. The more i repeated the lines in my brain, the more pleasant the sound of those lines became. They could be my real opinions. Especially the last one. i am a transvestite. i love the silken feel of stockings and a glimpse of suspenders and my bare thighs below the hem. Before christa was acquired, Mistress and Sir allowed me to use a maid’s dress all the time at the ranch. Then They decided it would be only used as a treat and prize for exceptionally excellent service. If i just was allowed back in the dresses, i would be glad to offer my ass in exchange, for Sir to pound. Am i in love with Sir? Or just in love with the sweet feeling of utter humiliation He brings about?

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