Wednesday, 25 May 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 8

After two days and some rehearsals (Sir trained me also in some other arts) Sir sent me to my Wife:
-‘Mistress, Sir asked you to join us, as He plans to provide some fun for everyone by directing a little satire on a cuckold’s creampie. He will make me undress and prepare christa for her bull ricki, then warm up both ricki and christa, and after they have fucked, i will get to lick them both clean again like a good cuckold. Would you be kind enough to join us for the show, Mistress?’, i said kneeling like i have to then approaching Mistress.
-‘Oh really, seems like He’s put some effort into this one. I think I want to see this.’, She answered. i followed in tow. In the playroom christa and ricki were kneeling up in their corners in the usual manner. ricki had his usual outfit, christa had a sheer pink dress that ended midthigh, white stockings. i knelt before Sir to wait for next order. He addressed my Wife.
-‘Kate, ready for some fun?’
-‘Yes, what do you have planned for us, dear? Something weird i suppose?’
-‘You could say that. Now that christa’s taken your hubby’s place in Our bedroom, i thought he needs some new hobbies, and W/we have been doing some training and drilling lately. he’s turning out a total faggot and so i will make him perform something that matches her true calling. Aren’t you a faggot, hubby?’
-‘Sir, i prefer sex with You, Sir, or supervised sex with other male slaves or transvestites’
my Wife: ‘Hmm. That’s peculiar. We used to fuck like rabbits.’
Sir: ‘hubby! What’s your opinion on sex with women?’
me: ‘Sir, that doesn’t excite me any more, Sir’
Sir: ‘Maybe that’s because you like different kind of sex now. Tell Her what sort of sex you like?’
me: ‘No Sir, i don’t like to penetrate, i like to be tied up so that i cannot move, i like my cock to remain in the cb as i have sex.’
my Wife: ‘It’s so great to be fucked in the ass, isn’t it?’ (sarcastically)
me: ‘Mistress, yes, Mistress. my favourite thing is to be fucked in the ass by Sir Marc, as i prefer a real cock, Mistress.’
Sir: ‘Sounds like you have started to like being my slave’
me: ‘Yes, Sir, i prefer to be owned by you, Sir’
my Wife: ‘Why?’
me: ‘Sir keeps tighter discipline, and being a slave to a Man, a Real Man, makes me submission and humiliation feel stronger.’
Sir: ‘I’ll show you one thing, Dear. Stand up and remove your jockstrap.’ i laid me jockstrap on the floor and rose, He took my key and opened my cb.
Sir: ‘Take off his cb, ricki’ we are not allowed to touch our own penises. ricki had trouble removing it as i was semi erect, as far as the long points allow.
Now Sir patted His Penis inside His leather pants. That was a new sign for me, i knelt before Him and opened His zipper, caught His penis through the fly and took it in my mouth, crossed my wrists behind my back and waited. One knock on my forehead would now mean ‘start a blowjob using a lot of tongue movements’, two knocks ‘start a blowjob by moving your head back and forth, lips tightly to penis and three knocks ‘i will pee in your mouth, swallow the pee, don’t let anything fall.’ The latter had been taught to me in a few wet sessions, it was really hard to keep swallowing that fast. The thought of this new type of humiliation, in front of my Wife made my penis stand at attention.
Sir: ‘See how hard he got. ricki, tie his wrists: hands and dick not free at the same time’ As ricki was connecting my wrist bracelets, He knocked three times on my forehead. Piss started streaming, not very fast though. Oh god it was warm, sickening, god-awful. Gulp, first mouthful down, more pouring in, my whole concentration was in surviving the task, i felt like choking, vomiting… second, third mouthful down. The stream started to slow down, and my cheeks blushed as i could think again and understood what had just happened. i had drank Master’s pee in front of my Lady Wife.

my Wife: ‘hubby, you are disgusting. Ew, drinking another man’s piss. Are you happy now?’
me: ‘mmm (penis in mouth)’
Sir: ‘Take my dick out of your mouth and answer properly to your Wife!’ As i have pulled away he slaps my face hard making me stagger and my right hand appear a bit from behind my back.
Sir: ‘Hands back! (shouting) i composed myself again – another slap on my right cheek. Now i managed to just swing to the left, keep my wrists crossed and return quickly to basic kneel-up position.
Sir: ‘Now speak’
me: (my thoughts had tangled up by the smacks, i had forgotten what was asked and fought to remember it, and when to decide what to answer) ‘…Mistress,… i am happy because i am drawn towards a deeper humiliation and stricter discipline.
my Wife. ‘At least your dick twitched as if it was a fishing rod. i thought you explode right were. he also leaked some on the floor’
Sir: ‘hubby, i like you being that honest in front of your Wife. Now lick me clean, button up, lick your precum from the floor and let’s start the actual play. Kate, why don’t We sit down to watch. hubby in the corner, ricki and christa, you are the bull and the hubby’s hotwife, kiss and fondle each other here (pointing the area in the middle of the room)’ i poked the corner with my nose but leaned forward and stood a bit further away from the corner not to touch it with my erection. Smacking noises and Sir’s occasional cheering were only clues of what was happening now.
Sir: ‘hubby needed to fix bull his strap-on’ i leaped and brought the basic strap-on behind my back. Working mostly with my back against ricki i finally managed to fix the straps and get it on him’
Sir: ‘hubby, tie your hotwife up the usual way for the bull to enjoy. Expose her ass.’
me: ‘Sir, yes, Sir’
More difficult chores when your hands are tied behind your back. Fortunately christa helped as much as he could, taking the right position. i could use handcuffs on her, which helped. she had lacy thong panties, which i had to remove. As christa was all trussed up i moved back to my Master and knelt eyes down, a standard way to report.
Sir: ‘Now get bull ready for penetration.’
me: ‘Sir, yes, Sir’ ricki was kneeling where i left him. i took the bulbous head in my mouth and draw it as far back towards my throat until gagging started. Then i took it out and licked the rest of the shaft.
Sir: ‘Now make your hotwife all wet and ready for the bull’
me: ‘Sir, yes, Sir’
The spreader bar kept christa’s thighs ad butt cheeks well apart, so i got my mouth right to his asshole without my hands spreading her buttocks. i did my usual basic analingus routine: round movements going deeper and deeper until tongue is extended as far as it goes, then fucking with my only allowed sex organ, my tongue.
Sir: ‘Now guide the bull into his waiting bitch, with your mouth. bull, she’s yours now, do whatever you wish with her’

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