Saturday, 14 May 2011

A new story - my Wife and Sirs

i have been doing some new writing lately (wearing the points of intrigue of course), and i will probably continue this in later posts

my Wife and Sirs
Part 1

i laid the shopping bags on the doorstep, rang the doorbell and christa came to open. i was so happy to see she was made to wear the so-called sexy maid’s dress, which pushed up and ex-posed Her titties completely. The thick golden rings in her nipples reminded me of the strong willed Masters (my Wife and Sirs) who had made him grow her male breasts into a form of perfect teen-age girl’s mammary glands, and then pierce the tender parts so cruelly. Looking at her face it’s hard to tell she ever was a boy: They picked a thin-faced, slender youth, and with bright red lip-stick, kajal and Her long hair hanging free she looks like a sexy young woman. i have been made to fuck Her in the ass with a rubber strap-on, and i always come to think of that when i see her. The sexy maid’s dress is short and her suspenders show between the hem and black stockings. she wears high heeled strap sandals. i feel a twitch inside my cb-2000, though the long points of in-trigue have a long time restricted my penis to grow into full tumescence.

christa takes my shopping and i take off my clothes, put them in a locker and close the door – i don’t have a key of course. Currently i am a boi in this household, and i put on my basic attire: a leather corset, narrower at the back and wider at the front, working as a waist cincher, a heavy duty leather posture collar, a leather bra which has wide 10 cm openings for my small male breasts to push through, leather wrist and ankle bracelets and present myself before Sir Marc by kneeling down and kissing His foot as She continues to talk casually with Mistress (my Wife), reading the paper. His voice is firm: ‘Take him to the indoor ring, hitch him up before the light sulky and remove his cb’ He addresses ricki, who was the stable boy today. ‘Get up!’ He shouts to me. Now He takes a key and turns it, opening my cb lock, but not taking it off yet. Only Masters have keys to our cock cages. ‘Go!’ i follow ricki - who is dressed exactly like me - out through the back door and to the ring. The arena (which has been used by real equines earlier before my Wife bought the ranch) blocks the view to O/or back yard, so we slaves can walk in the yard in any state of nakedness.

In the paddock part of the ring i automatically start to put on the harness. First i put on the head gear: a bridle going with an O-ring bit in my mouth and a strap around my head, with “browband” two additional straps leaving upward from each of the bit rings, joining at the forehead and continuing straight up over my shaved head (did i mention all slave heads are shaved, maids wear wigs. This makes it easier for Masters to change maids into pony bois, stable bois into maids etc.) to connect to the main strap at the back of my head. The O-ring makes my saliva flow and drip freely. i put back my glasses back on, they rest on top of the head harness. Next i have to lace up the thigh high pony boots myself, taking the time needed. The outfit leaves available my ass and my crotch which is all epilated save a small triangle of short hair. Next i must approach ricki, turn my back, and present my arms for him to strap to the rings at the opposite sides of the belt. Hence my arms are crossed behind my back, but my ass was left completely uncovered. Now ricki takes my bridle and takes me to an area with posts. Posts are short poles with adjustable height, with rings at the top and at the bottom. There are 10 poles in the are in two rows. he attaches my ankles to two poles so that i must stand legs apart. Then he draws my head down using the bridle, and ties it tightly to the next pole, which resides under my throat as i am bent over.

i know what is to come. Soon he appears before me and pushes his strap-on rubber penis, a life-like phallus in my mouth and i suck and lick on it eagerly, making sure it becomes all wet. This is all lubrication we slaves are allowed. Bois are encouraged to fuck the ass of a slave if their assign-ment includes plugging that ass. But of course they must use a strap on because Masters keep all slaves locked up in chastity, and take care that no such abnormality as a slave penis fucking something ever happens. we slaves always use these opportunities. we are always so needy, and even if you’re fucking only with a strap on, and even though it’s a male ass (we slaves are all het-erosexual, only gay one here is Sir William), you are fucking all the same, you grab the hips of the boi, you do the same fucking motions, your own penis doesn’t get part of the action, and points don’t allow even full tumescence, but it becomes semi rigid, fills the cage fully, and after long enough chastity you start getting at least part of the same fulfilment you would get from actual fuck-ing.

But now it’s my time to offer that fulfilment to ricki, as She bangs away against my buttocks, mak-ing the most use of my boi pussy, fucking in earnest. he continues until the points start to dig too deep into his sensitive penis skin, he withdraws, and makes me clean the dildo for him in my mouth. Then he fills my mouth with a rubber gag, inserts a butt plug deep into my anus, puts a big steel ring in my septum piercing, clicks a lead to the nose ring, unties me and leads me by the nose ring before the sulky. i feel horse hair against my bare legs, the butt plug has a tail and it completes my attire.

There are two traces which will connect me to the sulky and ricki attaches one to my posture collar. Now it’s the moment i have been waiting for. i am growing a little already. Sir promised i would be unlocked. It’s a rare moment. i am unlocked only one or two times a week. Sometimes it leads to getting some pleasure, sometimes not at all, and sometimes even a ruined orgasm, if i have been good – excellent - all week. i close my eyes and concentrate in the feeling of fingers working the lock. The cage brushing my penis as it is leaving my body. Fingers dancing on my private parts as ricki pushes the locking pin out and relieving me of the plague of the points. i don’t care if they are male fingers, i try to derive as much pleasure out of these feelings as possible. It is a challenge for ricki to remove also one-piece the a-ring before my growing erection makes it impossible. he has to violently press and knead on my pliable flesh, and push my penis head hard towards the root of my penis, but he succeeds. i’m all naked down there now, i can feel the cooling air. i am happy despite the circumstances.

Now ricki takes the other trace, a meter long leather leash that ends in a combination of straps, pulls it between my legs, and straps one wide strap around my ball sac and another even wider strap round my whole set of genitals. Masters make us pony bois pull them in the cart using only our necks and private parts. If we want to take the weight off our balls, we must lean forward, and take the pressure on our posture collars. Though the collars are wide, and spread the pressure, it blocks blood vessels somewhat, and we can only use our necks to take the weight momentarily off our balls.

As ricki steps back i can see myself in large mirror. My eyes feast first on the full erection. Oh God what a long and thick penis i have. It’s not like it used to be. Sir William wants all slaves circum-cised and pierced with a Prince Albert. i was not circumcised as a child, so i was sent to a doctor, and made to ask to be circumcised, making the skin as taut as possible. It wasn’t so bad. Most painful were the shots of local anaesthetic that were injected to the root of the penis. Then i could see myself the clamped foreskin being removed with a scalpel, blood vessels cauterized electri-cally, stiches… and didn’t feel a thing. It healed properly in 3 weeks and then i was sent for the PA… PA is needed to lock the CB-2000 on. Of course i have to sit down to pee because of the PA and CB-2000.

But back to present moment. i am fully erect as i admire my reflection: smooth crotch with pubic hair epilated daily, head harness with glasses, wide collar, peek-a-boo bra, tight wide corset belt – Sirs sometimes try if they can fit their finger between the belt and the skin, and once Sir William succeeded and gave me a punishment of standing up all night tied to a post, and being given strong electric shocks to my balls by christa every full hour throughout the night. christa also had to make a video account of that night.

i am standing before a white sulky, hands tied, not going anywhere without command, not knowing what is to come. my penis starts to leak as my humiliation is so clearly shown to me. i don’t know what my Wife is doing now, and with whom, as i stand here, a mere pony. i can not even cum though my penis is free, the straps allow so little movement – i am also strapped from both sides to shafts of the sulky.

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