Thursday, 30 June 2011

Holiday means more chores

Tuesday to Thursday

i revert to deeper and deeper meekness as the effect of orgasm fades away. my new job is grinding the concrete stairs, because She wants them covered with stone slabs. i work any long multi-hour shifts with the project, assume i would get a reward – and i do: Mistress bites my ears, making me howl, and kisses me. i may go grocery shopping, and get pads, as Her period is starting.

On Thusday morning She orders me to take a bottle of water, W/we go to the beach. There i have to empty the rowing boat, and start rowing Mistress along a route i may choose myself. The wind is heavy, the rowing is hard work, and i have to continue longer than i would have. Then She directs U/us to a peaceful bay, and orders me to lie down crosswise in the boat, on a thin mattress set on the middle seat. i may rest this way, nothing else happens. Then i must row home.

Back at the beach i am ordered to continue painting one more of the hut walls. It takes abot three hors. She is going to Her bosses party, alone, and She gives me a list of orders: prepare a meal, order stone slabs, grind the stairs for one hour. This list takes me through the afternoon.

In the evening, with Her back, i prepare Her bruchettas and tea, and chili cocoa, which becomes Her favorite, and a disfavorite for others. i pick up the strawberries, and prepare whipped cream to go with them and ice cream, even i get some. Evening workout and to sleep. Her period started.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Holiday week ahead


i wake up at 6am to the alarm, i am very tired. Mistress wakes up before i have finished epilating, so no net today. i prepare Her tea and sandwiches and clean up the kitchen.

W/we start a shipping spree early, i trail Mistress and Lina. W/we visit also a café. Unpacking the bags, cleaning up kitchen again, preparing lunch (tortillas again).

In the afternoon i have to learn how to use the steam cleaner, and steam the big bathroom tiles, which have accumulated lime. Floor tiles are the worst, even lime removal substance doesn’t help. i have to expose my upper body because of the heat. Little by little i proceed, but it is hard work. Finally it starts to smell burnt and i stop.

For dinner T/they have ordered meatballs and mashed potatoes. It takes a long time as i have to prepare everything myself without the help of convenience foods. i start to be tired and easily irritated – maybe the orgasm two days ago starts to have its effect now? i fall asleep on the living room carpet in front of the tv (my usual place in the living room).

In the evening i have to pick up strawberries, but i may only eat them myself after all O/others, if there are any left. After abdominals and weight lifting Mistress orders to bed to sleep.

Monday, 27 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 19


Suddenly it’s just me, strapped to the block, with a possibility to blink my eyes and breath hard but not much else, and an orgasm building inside me, left on its own devices it lingers and lingers, without stimulation, only pressure against my prostate. The feeling is overwhelming - so big need for at least a little stimulation, even a light touch on the g spot, but no possibility to get any. i have to squirm, against the bonds that are not yielding. What a way to cum! i’m sweltering as i feel as liquid starts leaking out of my urethra. i hope someone is there to catch it so that i don’t have to lick it from the floor. More and more oozes out, i got through, finally i get drained.
i just lay there, all trussed up and drift to beautiful pink and lacy dream world. i hear my Master’s voice through the drowse: ‘Let’s leave him like that, and when the Emla’s effect is over, i will strap his penis.’
An hour or two passes, i lie on the horse in the room that has gone dark. The tight bondage becomes more and more uncomfortable. The plug was left in my butt, and it starts to ache viciously.
i have time to think about my situation. Never again penetration. A sad but exciting thought. Will i become more and more a Male Master’s slave? i don’t have any influence on that.
Door opens. People enter. Lights turn on. my head is looking at the opposite direction, i cannot turn it as it is strapped so tightly. i don’t know who got in the room. Someone walks to me and without a warning a full force hit with some strap on my penis head.
me (gagged): ‘mmgh mmgh mm’
Sir: ‘Has the sense returned to your boi knob? Make your fingers in to an O if it has’
Yes it sure has. i signal.
‘mmgh mmgh’ – Another slap, now from the right side. my knob is accessible from all directions. He uses all the possibilities. my balls are still pulled up towards my ass so He can access all of the underside of the shaft, and most of the upper side, only the base of the upper side rests on the horse. i was numb during sex, Master wants to show that my knob is a mere torture target. After He has driven the point home with 20-30 blows, She addresses someone:
‘untie him. Put the cb back on before you release the hands.’
Now i notice it is the elegant christa, her demure steps and thin ankles in sheer stockings and high heeled sandals enter my view. she removes my ankle bonds and waist strap, then the ball strap, and while my wrists and neck remain fixed, she gives me a silent order
‘can you raise your butt a bit, hubby’
i try to arch my back up and her delicate, experienced fingers push my balls through the a-ring and finally lock the cock cage back on me.
As i am freed, my arms and legs are still asleep and weak. Sir doesn’t give me any orders, He tests how i know the protocol. i kneel before Him, noticing that my Wife’s with Him too. i keep kneeling silently looking at His hands. This is the standard way to report, not disturbing the Superior too much with my presence.
‘How did you like your last penetration?’
‘Sir, thank you Sir. Sir, it was great. The greatest experience of all – greatest in my life, Sir. i cannot thank you enough for it, Sir’
‘Yeah, I thought so. Like i said, Kate.’

The next day Sir and my wife started to look for a gay Master for me. i didn’t know of course. i was told nothing. i don’t know how They found Him, Sir William that is. Of course it is easy nowadays, with all net forums and kinky dating sites.
My next week was routines in the kitchen until Wednesday. After dinner christa brought the dirty dishes to kitchen and said:
‘Sir and Mistress want us to change places. Report immediately in the living room.’
i scurried there on my tiptoes, happy about the sudden change in the routines. i reported to Sir who was lying on the large sofa before the extra wide tv screen. we slaves normally never ever get to watch anything on the tv – at least not me, maybe christa gets to watch it.
‘Kneel in the corner, hubby. Push your nose as close to the point where corner meets the floor. Hands behind neck. Legs together.’
That was difficult. i pressed my nose and mouth against the floor so that the top of my head touched the corner. But hands didn’t seem to fit. Fortunately Sir was paying attention:
‘No, cross your wrists behind your back’
After that Sir and Mistress ignored me during the whole evening. After a little while They must have summoned ricki using his “bleeper”, because i heard hasty light steps (it is so easy to say from sound if the one approaching is a slave) and my Wife ordered someone to massage Her shoulders. i know that normally They have both ricki and christa massaging Them, but this time Sir didn’t want to use my services. i was a bit disappointed for that, but i understood that what was going on was a demonstration of His absolute power over me. He could interrupt me whenever, call me, and make me do something totally different for a short or a long while. Routines give security and even a sense of control to a slave, and They wanted to show there is no such security.
But i was so happy as i got a rare chance of hearing how They spend a regular evening at home, to hear what They talk to Each Other and how They talk. i saw nothing from the bottom of the corner. i didn’t know if they even glanced once at me during the evening. If They did They would have noticed how steadily i held the difficult position. It was quite hard to stay put after the first hours.
But Their voices were music to my ears. They talked like any married couple, about the current topics like politics and weather, They watched a few tv shows together, laughing and commenting the shows. And They talked like lovers: ‘Oh, Marc’ Mistress said mockingly, then She giggled. Maybe He had kissed Her cheek? Did They cuddle now?
‘ricki, remove Her knickers’
‘Sir, yes, Sir’
(sounds - he moves and must be removing my Wife’s panties now; spikes dig into my penis)
‘As christa is doing hubby’s work today, you get a rare chance to practise your tongue on Woman parts. How do you say?’
‘Sir, thank You Sir, yes, Sir.’
(sounds of heavier breathing, that’s my Wife)
‘hubby, crawl here’
Finally i can leave the corner and the position that has become so much more painful during the time, legs, hips are numb. i go on all fours and approach in jerky movements as the feeling returns slowly. They are on the sofa side by side. ricki’s head is under Mistress’s wide skirt, his naked ass framd with his jockstraps protrudes up in the air. i kneel up demurely beside him, before my Master.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Work for me, pleasure for Her

On Sunday morning i wake up only to the alarm at 6.35. i epilate, shave the upper part of my thighs so that thigh hairs end at a straight line. i also trim my triangle of pubes so it is only a few millimetres long. i have big problems getting the cock cage on – even tough i got an orgasm yesterday inside Her - not moving, but anyway. Maybe it helped i didn’t move.

i start preparing rice porridge along Mistress’s wishes right after i get out of the bathroom. She gets up early too, W/we hug eagerly. my sissy clit tries to gets erect again. i serve tea very politely. She also tells me to make coffee for myself. i draw a chair for Mistress as She sits, i fetch the jam that is missing from the laid table, then W/we eat.

After breakfast Mistress wants me to follow Her to O/our beach. It is a cold +15 C morning, She orders me in the sea and to swim from the end of the jetty towards shore. i am able to overcome my deep fright for cold water. As i get near the shore and stand upin the water, She orders Her slave to squat in the water, before She lets me up to dry.

Up to the house to prepare ginger tea for Mistress! i make a whole pot and She drinks it throughout the day. i am sent to weed the flowerbeds. She joins me and W/we finish by lunchtime. i warm up old dishes for lunch, eat the oldest odd-come-shorts mixing them together in a heap. i may bring more tea to Her after lunch and make coffee. While drinking coffee i may massage Her shoulders thoroughly, i succeed well according to Her. She asks if i would like to watch football the national team is playing today. i say it would be fun, b ut i would swap it anytime for an hour of bondage.

She watches garden programmes, as i remind Her of them – i have programmed them as alarms in my phone. She orders me to gather painting equipment while She watches tv. i don’t guess what She’s planning, not even when She orders me to take the paint and ladders to the beach wearing scrap clothes. There She orders me to paint the beach hut facades, watches that i get the ladders up right. As other men watch football i paint walls. It takes the whole afternoon. i get one wall ready. She comes and i say i was already waiting for Her so that i can start preparing the tortilla meal according to the menu. She orders what to do with the rest of the paint, then changing clothes and meal preparing – Mats helps with it. She starts warming up the sauna, i take it from there. W/we eat and go to sauna. i may take the cb off for sauna, as W/we are still going to sauna with the kids. Taking cb off is followed by an erection again.

In the evening i still remember to wash kitchen floor that has got some stains. i get upstairs trailing Mistress, i do 55 abdominals, lift weights, Mistress orders me to bed. Surprisingly She guides my hand to Her crotch and i may masturbate her under the blanket, fondle breasts with the other hand. She doesn’t get satisfied with that, She locks the door and asks if i can fuck her without a condom and not cum. i say yes, and She guides me right in while lying on Her side, back to me. After a short while She changes to doggy position – wild, how good it feels bareback. Soon She asks if i’m near the edge and from my evasive answer She draws the conclusion that i am. i may get the condom, put it on so that foreskin is back, and continue doggy style. i have developed the position a bit, i put my hands down in front of my knees in front of Her loins so that my elbows keep Her hips in place. It seems more pleasurable to Her this way, and She comes, i can accelerate as She does. i am not very near cumming myself. i may sleep with the condom still on, my sissy clit erect.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Deeper submission

The same day Mistress started to use humiliating commands, like, She asks me to get Her a piece of cake i made as She watches TV. i make take some myself but only using the same utensils after She has eaten. In the afternoon She orders me to bring cake and drinks to the beach hut. As She accidentlly spills my drink on the tray, She controls the situation, orders me to clean, to collect the drink back into the glass from the tray even though all kinds of litter is washed there too (‘It’s your own fault the tray isn’t clean’) and makes me drink it.

As i wash the sink She gropes my cb-balls from behind. In the evening She points at some stain on the kitchen floor, i get it that i must clean the floor.

The jobs for the day are weeding flower beds and picking strawberries and protecting them from birds. For dinner i prepare, along to T/their menu, chicken soup, and the kitchen must be spotless before i may eat myself.

i kneel before Mistress s She sits on the living room sofa, each time i have to ask something, like whether to prepare a fresh salad to go with the soup. i look at her lovingly, a stupid smile on my face all the time. Lina doesn’t eat all Her soup, i eat the rest using her spoon while T/they watch. i’m with Her all the day, no net time today.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Morning surprise sex

i wake up much before the alarm again. i epilate and i have time to read and archive some of my D/s texts before Mistress wakes up and i go and hug Her. She orders me to make only a sandwich and tea for Her and bring it to Her. As i bring it, i say ‘my cock cage is hurting behind the balls can i change a larger ring’ She orders me to follow Her to the bedroom, and open the chest where W/we keep the cock cage parts. Then i notice She has taken out Her corset and stockings – maybe it is not about changing the a-ring? She orders me to sit down, and while She puts on the outfit, She orders me to don ankle and wrist bracelets and take off the cock cage – what a relief. She orders me in the bed on my back. i lie in an X, but She asks ‘Who told you to lie like that’ and i put my hands and feet along body.

She sits on my stomach and glides from where on top of my face. i start really intensive licking which goes on until She gives me a condom and orders me to put it on. She fixes my wrists to the headboard above my head, and takes me inside Her by impaling herself on me. She lets me fuck Her from below. Then She removes my hands from the headboard and makes me fuck Her on my knees on the hardwood floor while She lies on Her back sideways on the bed. At the same time i may suck her wonderful breasts.

She wants me to fuck Her from behind with my tongue next, as i press my face tight against her butt, and then She guides me behind Her and inserts me from behind. She orders me to start slowly, and picking up the speed gradually. This succeeds and She gets a huge orgasm. i think that i succeeded without getting an (unpermitted) orgasm, but as i stop moving i begin to cum. She asks if i came, and i answer ‘i’m cumming’. i don’t move at all while i cum to ruin it even a little bit. It seemed to help, and along the day my sex drive was returning quickly, it seemed where was no downtime.

i have to clear everything up and get dressed. i may be without cock cage for some time. Mistress tightens her grip and says i have to be under Her surveillance all the time when i’m out of the cb. After breakfast She says W/we are going out again, this time She takes out her bike – i get it, W/we are going cycling. It’s a longish route, and like when walking, She doesn’t give away the route before Her own example shows me the right direction. Once i am about to miss a turn, as She turns unexpectedly. W/we are overtaken by a shower, and change clothes at home, Mistress tells me to put on the cb.

Later i will repot the large fern, which is a big project including cleaning up afterwards. i make a lunch by warming up old food and preparing Mistress’s favourite salad along the menu.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

D/s holiday planning

Summer holiday is here!

This year i have my summer holiday early, starting at Midsummer. Though my holiday started i wake up at 6am even without alarm. Epilating, a little net. Lina wakes up after 7, i start preparing porridge. During that Mistress wakes up, i serve porridge and tea, get the paper, then prepare coffee for myself. She discards the tea, it’s weak. i brew it further. Next i make icing for my carrot cake, Mistress helps by pouring it on the cake.

She tells me to pack a bag with mugs and tea, and a coat, W/we are going for a walk. W/we walk to a park in the town, sit down to drink tea. W/we discuss the holiday. W/we come to the conclusion that i don’t need to affect holiday planning anyhow, and for that matter, i don’t even need to know about the plans, all i need to know is the task at hand. W/we also talk about winter holiday. She will decide where W/we go and when. She plans to talk with Mats about it before making the decision. i tell Her i’m happier now that i don’t need to plan anything. i have also a chance to talk to Her about my idea about environment friendly slavery i blogged about a few days ago.

As W/we get home it’s time to prepare Midsummer dinner: three Spanish tapas (difficult to prepare), Chinese meat stew and dessert. i prepare at least two dishes at a time, and only at 3pm the table is laid and all ready. Afterwards i clean the kitchen after myself and clear the table.

Later i prepare more alarms to my mobile for Mistress’s favourite tv programs, and i may take a nap as i slept so little. In the evening W/we are invited by O/our neighbours for supper and coffee. i take the carrot cake with U/us, and Mistress brags it is me who made it. i am a bit embarrassed.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

“you may masturbate now, but no cummies”

i do grocery shopping for Midsummer feast using the list i made. At home i empty the bags - Mistress’s out orienteering. i notice i forgot the tortillas, SMS the situation to Mistress. Her answer is short “Get them”. i calculate that i should fix this mistake by biking to the cornerstore. Back at home, i start programming alarms for mistress’s favourite tv shows for the next week. Then i bake a carrot cake according to Mistress’s and Lina’s menu.

Mistress gets home, settles comfortably on the sofa, has me pamper Her, get Her a book and a blanket, and a cushion. She orders me to prepare Her supper sandwiches while kids hear it. i serve pretty sandwiches and tea. O/others watch Top models show, i clean up kitchen while eating my supper, then sneak to my laptop for the rest of the show. As the program ends, W/we head upstairs.

i open up Her side of the bed, do a workout, read a book, She reads Her book. Suddenly She orders me to fetch today’s paper. i get it, She orders me to lay it on the floor. She takes my watch, i kneel on the floor in my thong and sleeveless shirt.

“you may masturbate now, but no cummies” i don’t dare ask her if i may edge, but to be on the safe side i don’t. This is grand. She doesn’t watch me, She reads Her book, but supervised masturbation without orgasm permission is great, especially as it is months, maybe even six months since the previous time, and it has been a good while since the last time i got to masturbate in a toilet alone.

“Stop”. i stop and raise my thong. She watches the clock, i wait. “you may start stroking…now” i drop my thong and start anew. sissy clit feels meaty and thick, different. It’s a while since i have stroked it. “Stop now”. Still She stares at the watch, and “you may start stroking…now” A shorter while elapses this time, before She again stops me and orders me to raise the thong. Then She asks me, how long She let me wank each time. i think, guess 60, 30 and 15 seconds. She is surprised, the right answer is 60, 15 and 15 seconds. As a prize i may stroke for 10 more seconds, but i must estimate the time myself. i fell on 9 seconds! Then to bed.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 18


Thinking back i understand that my prize – the last “penetration” – was going hand in hand with the fact that Sir Marc got my Wife convinced that T/they should take a gay Master in the household and give my ownership to Him. My graduation meant She had been convinced that i was a gay slave and i was not going to “be cured”. Now i was going to get my prize. Another week went. At work during days, grocery stores after work, evenings full of housework. Next weekend came. On Saturday after dinner my time had come. Sir decided it was my time to cum. Of course i didn’t know at all what was the reason as He summoned me to the play room. Masters call me sending a ‘bad dog’ signal sound to my dog training collar i have around my genitals. That means: find your Master and be quick about it. The ‘Good dog’ sound means: find your Mistress and be quick about it. i scurried there and knelt in front of Him keeping my hands crossed behind my back.
-‘i’m going to open your cb now. Remove the jockstrap and stand up!’
i stood up close to Him so He could open the lock.
-‘ricki, remove his cb and attach him to the horse so that most of his penis is available from all directions. No movement allowed.’
i stood with hands behind my back as my fellow slave handled my genitals, and my erection became rampant as soon as the cage was off. he had to push hard on the penis head get the a-ring removed. The horse is a saw horse type punishment horse. he took me to it and with his hands he helped me in the right spot on the top of the horse, which was a leather padded board, only 15 cm wide. my upside down turned penis was now resting so that only its base was on the padding, middle and tip were protruding to the rear from the end of the top board, in mid-air. Now he tied bracelets tightly around each of my ankles in the pretty pink above-knee socks, and around my wrists. Sir Marc had introduced a way of tying a person to the horse so that he/she can be strung to it extremely tightly. ricki used that method, tying my wrist bracelets to rings at the lower rear part of the horse, and tautening the string so that my hands were drawn near the place there my feet were. Then he did the same with my ankles, drawing them forward and forward until my legs had crossed my hands and my knees were touching my elbows – elbows to the horse and knees to elbows. i saw my feet that rested straight below my head on either side of the horse. my wrists were similarly straight below my butt. Then he took a wide strap and fixed it around my waist and around the top board. Now i had to lay my left cheek to the board to let ricki fix my neck to the board with another strap. Again he tightened the strap taut. There was no moving my torso, my hands nor my legs, i was all trussed up, penis awkwardly tilted back, ass readily available for any use that Masters might find for it. i still didn’t know if this was going to be a torture session or the long awaited prize – He had mentioned nothing about it. i actually thought it was going to be torture. i have been branded with Regina Ranch logo tied like this, so anything could happen.
Now Master approaches. He tightens a strap around my balls, and pulls my balls tautly back, fixing strings from them to my corset belt.
-‘Fetch christa and Mistress’
W/we are left together, Sir and me – a slave and a Master. i have totally accepted His status as my main Master. i always consider myself a hetero being forced into homosexuality – the furthest point of submission. He walks slowly around me, gets nearer.
-‘Mouth, open!’
a dildo gag is yanked into my mouth, Sir fixes it around my head. No chance of speaking any more.
i hear approaching steps, Mistress is here. i cannot see Her but i sense Her. i have no time to think about Her presence as Sir tells ricki to cover my dick with Emla cream. As i feel the cool substance on my dick head i wonder why He is making my dick numb.
Sir: ‘Now take the big black butt plug, lubricate it with tabasco - and his ass too - and push it in’
Oh why, the big black dildo hurts so much! It’s going to be a struggle to get it in, and now Mistress is here witnessing everything, what a shame. Soon my brain concentrates on my asshole as his fingers spreads burning chili drops in it and then cruel stretching starts and ricki pushes part of it inside, waits a moment, pushes it further, waits again, pushes and stretches me to my limit, waits a second, pushes again, more than i can take, and after resting makes a final shove and the bulgiest part travels past my sphincter. i’m tied and gagged so tightly all i can do to express the pain is straighten and tense my fingers and toes. The feeling changes into constant ache from tabasco, fullness from the plug against my prostate and fullness at my sphincter.
Sir: ‘Now put the blindfold on him’
It is not easy for him to get the blindfold between my head and the bench, but soon i am engulfed in darkness.
‘christa, take hubby’s dick in your mouth’
Now i understand Sir has tricked me again: i am not going to get my last penetration, but i don’t feel it as Emla cream has made my knob nearly numb. i get disappointed and excited – i was such a fool to believe anything more than this.
i sense christa getting behind me, kneeling and suddenly i feel a little pressure on my dick. But Emla has desensitized my penis, and it is as if she was holding my toe in her mouth. he doesn’t order her to give me a blowjob. she doesn’t lick or suck me, she’s not ordered to. Was it a blowjob He said i was going to get? Or just a penetration? So it is this? Is this all i get?
Suddenly the plug starts to vibrate in my ass. First weakly, then stronger and stronger until it massages my prostate and makes my bowels and whole butt vibrate. The plug is painful, but the vibration against my prostate soothes. i try to relax and get into the swing of things.
‘slave, you will ask permission to cum by clenching your fists. ricki, switch on the pink dildo, and press the root of his penis with it’
Root of my penis has still got sense, and the dildo presses hard against the base of the underside of my cock. So many emotions swirl in my head: humiliation, pain, prostate simulation, pressure of christa’s lips enclosing my penis, vibration… But it’s not enough to take me over the edge.
‘christa, take a small vibrating egg in your mouth and take the dick in your mouth again’
i barely notice the pressure vanishes, Emla is effecting fully now. But as the pressure returns with vibration, i feel kind of a little tickling in my penis and it starts taking me towards the edge. i forget the pain, the smart of tabasco…it’s nice to be the center of attention for once, all my friends here around me… Oh my God, it’s happening soon, i have to clench my fist to signal ‘begging for permission to cum’…
‘you may cum, slave’
my friends prepare for my ruined orgasm. One stops the vibration in my ass, another removes the dildo, christa her mouth and the lovely vibrating egg.
[at this point i had to stop writing as the points of intrigue gave me such great pain. That’s odd as normally i can control my erections]

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Keeping slaves is environment friendly

i use my early morning net time after showering and fixing the pink cb-2000 on me. i search using search terms Epilator and Countdown, a way to find funny T&D. Soon it’s a year i have been a slave. [all my diary posts until this point are entries from a 10 month time period]

i drive home. It’s 22 Celsius. Mistress’s can put slave in the front line in the battle against climate change. As a slave i must save energy, and don’t use air conditioning of my Nissan, only i open both front windows partly. As i am on motorway the roar is intense, but i stay cool. During the winter i changed into a more environmental health small car. Slaves with easier commuting routes can be made to use public transport. i don’t think anything else could have made me give up my big Mercedes that is now used by Mistress, but cleaned inside by me every 3 months and washed by me a little more frequently.

my sissy clit is in chastity belt save for nights and sauna, showers and epilating. The belt only allows semi erection painlessly. Body starts to adapt and i get only small erections. i tend to the groceries, meals, cat litter box. i may only masturbate seldom, there’s sex only when She wants to fuck. Most times i must/may give Her oral sex, but i never receive it. The habit to masturbate constantly has disappeared in the couple of months that i have been in the cock cage. i still read (and write) erotic stories, but i never masturbate any more. As i get excited, my semi erect sissy clit oozes slime on my balls. i epilate my crotch and breast daily, pluck my ball hair. i obey My Wife without questions, swiftly.

i use colder water in the shower than before. i have lost some weight, and i hav not caught one single flu, because i eat 0% less candy than i used to. If i eat something sweet it is probably a cake i have baked myself for the whole family. i get only one small bottle of beer per week, sometimes wine, if She makes the initiative. Only diet coke. i eat leftovers, which is also environmentally healthy. Sometimes i massage My Wife, or wash her feet. i actively offer these services, and refreshments to Her. Otherwise i am not supposed to take initiative. i sleep the year round in a tight sleeveless shirt and a thong.


In the morning i empty the dishwasher before leaving for work. As i get back in the evening i report to Mistress who’s in the garden, and if She has jobs for me. She seems soothed, i may eat old nettles pasta and change to homework clothes. i report again (i don’t dare use my laptop the whole evening) and get to weed the gravel paths. W/we do that until 8pm, finally i may take the weeds away to fill a hollow.

As kids have got back from their friends Mistress orders me to make a suppper of sandwiches and tea for Her. Every time i bring anything to Her i curtsey, if kids are not seeing it. That’s the normal protocol. Also saying ‘Yes’ (or Yes, Mistress if W/we are alone) after each of her direct orders to acknowledge hearing it.

In the evening i get a special permit to go to bed first. i do my workout first, obediently though She’s not there to see it, then i may remove my cb for the night. Now i would have a chance to masturbate but i fight the urge and don’t.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ruining my chances

i wake up a minute before my alarm again. As i have an unsupervised shower i notice that i have stopped masturbating without permission. Again i would have a chance, but instead i pluck and restrain my sissy clit.

In the evening i get early from work, my family is going out orienteering. They have planned a 10 course menu for Midsummer. i get a task to prepare a Midsummer shopping list based on the menu while T/they are out. i also tend to the laundry and registration papers of the boat before indulging myself in nettle discussions on

Mistress has had to prepare chili con carne herself during the day, so She’s not happy. After T/they have returned i prepare a mushroom purée soup, and serve it. My summer holidays are starting next week but the weather forecast is lousy. i propose i could go to work some day next week if the weather continues to be bad. Mistress turns down the idea noisily while kids hear. i almost get frightened: ‘okey, okey’, i say, i give up my thought immediately.

W/we go early to bed, but Lina joins U/us and Mistress starts to tell her a story, so i patter to my laptop for a moment. i get stuck and as i hear Lina coming down the stairs i get up again. Lina says She’s missing me already. She’s angry as a wasp: ‘Where did you disappear without an order?’ ‘you are sneaking to the laptop time and time again’ ‘you separate yourself from your family’ i apologize many times. i stay kneeling by the bed, waiting to be called to bed and maybe Her approving my apologies. She doesn’t do that, but finally, after many glances at me She orders me in bed by Her. This means farewell to the prize.

Monday, 13 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - part 17


As the helmet was yanked off my head, i saw my Wife, read cheeked in a bathing robe on the sofa, just opposite of me. i was looking at Her from below, still on my elbows and knees as i spoke
‘Sir, no Sir! i don’t think my filthy semen should be spilled in the same room used for the same purpose by Sir and Mistress, Sir.’
‘Are you comparing yourself to Us, slave. Huh?’
‘Sir, Sir, not at all. i am a worm in front of you, Sir. i cannot be spoken of during the same day, Sir’
‘What do you think would be appropriate for you here in this room then?’
‘Sir, to drink Your Cum, Sir. To drink Your Cum from where You deposited It, Sir. Nothing else is appropriate for me, besides fulfilling Your wishes, Sir’
i was happy to find such a clever and suitable answer. He clipped off the leash and threw it to ricki without saying a word. ricki ran to put it in its place.
‘Now climb to the queening stool, hubby. christa, clip his hands together behind his back.’
Now i noticed the pink dress of christa’s was removed, and left was only corset, stockings and sandals. she was so hot. She seemed to have a butt plug in her ass, but no straps - she had to keep it in place with her sphincter.
‘On the stool, christa. Remove the butt plug before you sit, but only as you are as close to his mouth as possible. hubby, mouth wide open.’
christa’s shaved androgynous ass appeared and grew and grew in size until it filled my view completely. Squatting above me she stretched tight her skin around the anus with her left hand and with her right hand she took hold of the plug and removed it with a long steady pull. Soon the black base of the plug nearly blocked my vision, then it vanished and i felt drops in my mouth. Cum! At least i got Sir’s cum from such a hot place like christa’s ass. Thinking back, i was totally degraded as male semen was pouring to my mouth from a male slave’s cunt, while i kept my mouth open just because of obedience to Sir. However it didn’t feel bad at the moment. Maybe They had made me a person who gets excited through stuff like that.
‘Look, Kate. his pouch is close to exploding. he’s erect despite he has to eat a slave’s cum from a male slave ass. And in spite of the nettles.’
What did He say? A male slave’s cum? So i was tricked again. It wasn’t His cum. Now my erection must have shrunk a bit.
‘Now I pour My Cum in christa’s mouth. See! A line of cumeaters! christa eats My Cum as hubby eats christa’s cum. Ha ha ha ha ha! cumeater eats cumeater’s cum. hubby’s got the lowliest position in the hierarchy.’
my Wife joined Sir as they both laughed at my new all time low. christa’s ass was pressing against my cheekbones now, and my tongue was busy inside her ass even though it was only her cum i was allowed to clean.
‘That’s pathetic. This is something I could have never predicted while W/we were married’, said my Wife.
Were married? What? W/we are still married! Why is She talking in past tense? In the middle of all this degrading i got disproportionately anxious because of Her phrasing. Does She think W/we are not practically married any more? Or does She plan to divorce me? i will not be allowed to ask Her. In the middle of my ponderings someone hits my pouch again. Ouuuuch! Is there an end to what i has to endure? Is there a prize in the end?
Sir: ‘Enough. christa, get up. Give him the plug to clean.’
Sir: ‘hubby, get here on your knees. Are you happy now?’
me: ‘Sir, yes Sir. i’m very happy, Sir’
Sir: ‘Get nearer’
He held out His hand towards my pouch as i walked on my knees towards Him. As i got near enough He took hold of the pouch. A-a-a-a-a-h. i cannot describe the pain as He started to massage the nettle leaves against my balls and penis. The pain hit me like a thunderstorm, i barely heard Him as He continued.
Sir: ‘Are you still happy?’
me (in horrible pain): ‘Yes, Sir. Yes Sir. i’m, i’m happy. Sir. Sir.’
(oops i forgot Sir from the beginning)
Sir: ‘Uhum? you like pain in you penis?’
me: ‘Sir, yes, Sir. i like the pain you are giving me, Sir’
Sir (starting slapping the pouch severely with his hand): ‘you like being made to lick christa’s ass?’
me: ‘Sir, yes Sir, i like it very much, Sir.’
Sir: ‘you like the taste, the feel?’
me: ‘Sir, yes Sir, i like licking assholes, Sir’
Sir (with a slap on my balls): ‘you like being among male slaves, being in an all male family?’
No more slaps. i’m through, i’m through, i panted in my thoughts. His question was part of the opinion manipulating He was doing on me. As i could now concentrate better, i answered:
‘Sir, yes Sir. i would like to be the lowest slave in hierarchy in an all male household, being only made to lick male asses, and never getting to fuck anything. Sir, i would like to be a maid in such a household, Sir’
Sir: ‘A-ha, i think you have now graduated from the training. Now you are ready for the last time your wee-wee gets inside something else than a cock cage.’
me: ‘Sir, thank you Sir’
Sir: ‘you may now massage your penis with your left forefinger’
i awaited an order to remove the nettle-filled pouch that contained my family jewels, but it never came. Also no order to remove my tied hands from behind my back. So i pushed my right arm as far as it goes behind my back, drew my left hand forward, and drawing the right hand with my left i managed to get my left hand so far, that i could touch my pouch. i was still semierect. i put my forefinger carefully on top of my penis head and started drawing it up, along the shaft from the tip to the base. Nettle leaves soon woke up and i got new bites with each stroke. Anyway, i started pressing firmer and firmer, and stroking quicker and quicker and even got firmer myself, which caused yet another bites.
Sir: ‘Just be a good boy and you will get the last penetration in just a few days’
An especially painful bite at the underside of my glans caused me growing erection to retreat, and i never got fully erect, even though my Master allowed me to masturbate this way for a royal 3 minutes or so.

Update on chastity

Monday morning

i wake up before my alarm goes off at 6. Today Mistress and kids are join me in my car for my commuting trip to Oslo. They spend a nice summer holiday there as i am working.

CB-2000 a-ring has started to pinch behind the balls in the mornings as i put it on. There’s also some chafing of the skin. This happens most mornings, especially if i am somehow excited. i notice that the cb-2000 gathers dirt between the bars. i clean it thoroughly with a tooth pick. Now i have started to push penis in the cock cage with the foreskin covering the glans, and then drawing the skin from between the base of the points and the cage through the bars, and drawing the foreskin back through the bars.

Today the pee stream went directly towards my balls as i peed, sitting down of course. It felt embarrassing. It is also embarrassing as precum flowing from my caged sissy clit drips on my balls, so that my balls are slippery like hell in the evening. Sissy clit looks so miserable in its tiny prison. i have to wash my ball sac in a bidet.

i’m somehow turned on as i pee in the toilet of my lunch restaurant. The result is the pee stream narrows, part of the pee gets stuck in urethra and drips to my briefs as i leave the toilet. That’s a very rare problem – only once or twice a year i get so excited while peeing that the urethra contracts as sissy clit starts to grow, but can only grow inward, not outward.

After work i pick up my family. Mistress wants me to drive to Her workplace and then home. At home i prepare a meal right away, lay the table and empty the dishwasher. Later i clear the table. i will continue the yard project with the plastic edge until 9pm, then supper. By bedtime i remove the cb. Foreskin has been back all the day. During the day sissy clit has swollen a bit and stayed that way all the time – no semi erection, just a little swelling – and that has kept the foreskin stuck. The bars of cb-2000 has marked my clit with deep grooves all along the shaft. 60 abdominals, weights while reading New Scientist. Then to bed, no honours. She has maybe forgotten Her about the prize?

Sunday, 12 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 16


And W/we waited, i began to leak streams on the floor and Sir ridiculed me for drooling over christa and He made me lick it up.
Soon christa appeared again. This time only in her pink lacy corset, bare breasts hanging free with the golden rings, a bright red collar with a big bell ringing at every step. she had pink lacy garters, wedding garter type, around the tops of her stockings, and similar bands around her left wrist and right arm. she had childish pink shoes with low heels, straps with bow ties around her ankles and bikini panties of the same color. There were cat ears on her head and a long cat's tail was attached to her ass obviously by means of a butt plug. she walked slowly in front of us, hips swaying well at each step, then started lowering her panties a little, showing the cock cage, turning around and showing teasingly the fullness of her ass.
She walked away and after a break needed for changing the costume she appeared once again. This time in a pink frilly puffy dress with narrow straps going over her shoulders, white stockings, high heeled sandals again, now with pearls bracelets and necklaces. She had put on heavier slutty make up, lot of kajal around her eyes.
‘Put on the music, ricki’, Sir said after her coquet approach. ricki had been ordered to put on ‘Oops I did it again’. christa started a little feminine dance routine which included showing a little bare thigh above the stocking, a glimpse of a naked buttock under the petticoats and a lot of wiggling and wriggling in a flirty manner. Sir tapped His crotch, a sign for christa to lay sideways in His lap, her butt settled on His thighs. Over His shoulder i managed to see how He uncovered her smooth butt, shoving His fingers between the tops of her thighs. her head was in Mistress’s lap, She stroked her neck and cheek.
Sir: ‘ricki, get the nettles and the pouch.’
Now what was that? Sir must have some devious plan in His head, how to humiliate me during the blow job. Nettles in my pants, probably. But why the pouch? The pouch is made of leather and it can be used to enclose genitals. He will put my genitals in the pouch with nettles!
i was right. i was called to kneel before the Master Couple, hands still clasped behind my neck, as ricki was ordered to fit my erect member in the pouch and then stuff it with nettles using rubber gloves.
‘Push all the nettles in there. All you can fit in!’ Oh my God, nettles all around my erection, and balls. Burns in the most sensitive spots, and i had not yet fully covered from the trip to the pain garden.
‘Now this makes sure you don’t try to defy my rules and hump anything with your pathetic dick while you wait in the corridor behind the door while I fuck christa in the ass. I changed my mind. your time to have fun with christa is not yet today. Squat in the corridor, and close the door after you. But first ricki will put the leather mask on your head’
‘Sir, yes Sir. Thank you, Sir’
And so i was once again humiliated so much that my erection throbbed even though it was trapped inside a bag of nettles, with no possibility for me to let it out. Leathery odours soon encompassed me, darkness surrounded me and breathing become a bit more difficult as it had to go through the small nostril holes. i felt my way out of the play room with my elbows pushed forward to shield my head from impacts, and squatted a long time in the corridor, knees spread wide, not to any way touch or move the pouch of nettles and cause further burns. Thumps and cries from the play room told me that something was going on, but it was only in the bed that i got the full account through ricki:
‘christa was put into her usual sex position, but this time on the bed. Spreader bar, wrists to spreader bar. Then your Wife undressed Sir and took His cock in Her mouth, then placed a condom on it while i was told to put k-y jelly in her hole. And then Sir took her in the ass, i got the impression it was the first time Sir fucked her. Buzzing went on simultaneously, it was handled by your Wife, and soon christa was begging to be allowed to cum. Twice she was edged by shutting off the vibrator and denying her, but third time she was allowed to cum, while i held the cup under her cage. Master fucked her all through her orgasm, so she got a nearly full orgasm and spilled a good amount of cum, she must have been kept chaste for a long time. God she was spent at that point. Master did not cum in her ass, though. i was made to remove the condom with my teeth, and then He fucked your Wife, and came inside Her without a condom, and i got to lick it all up, in the queening stool. Master told me not to swallow, but gather everything in my mouth and spit it in another cup. Next He told me to funnel christa’s cum back in her ass – for you to drink later. christa was still tied, in the spreader bar. During this Master left to check on you’
Yes, i recall how my long squat in the darkness of the leather helmet was interrupted as the door was opened. i was squatting with my face to the door, like i was left. my thighs were killing me after a long time in this strenuous pose, but i tried to remain still, fidgeting being punishable offense if told to stay in a position. my eyes water again as i remember the pain when Sir Marc’s foot kicked my scrotum. i had tried to keep my genitals in peace inside the pouch, but now two types of pain hit me simultaneously: a kick on my balls and nettles brushing my balls and my penis. my reaction was involuntary. Sir was furious.
‘Keep those fucking knees spread idiot!!’
i tried to comply to His direct order, so He could keep kicking my nettle-clad balls. It was uttermost difficult for me to obey and allow Him access to continue to torture my worthless slave genitals. Somehow i succeeded, though He barked again:
‘Wider! Wider!’
before turning His attention again to ricki.
‘ricki, ricki! Bring me the leash.’
Soon i heard light, cautious footsteps near.
‘Hands off the neck!’
i hang my hands at my tits as something was hooked to a ring at the back of my neck.
So i was paraded back to the play room on my elbows and knees, hands still chained to neck. Inexistent vision caused that i had to rely on Sir’s guidance with the leash like a good dog. my limited moving ability made Him drag me along with a few sharp tugs on the leash which strained my neck and made me momentarily forget the pain in my elbows carrying my weight, something they are not used to, and the burning on my balls and penis, as well as the fatigue of my thighs. He spoke again after i had made my new entrée.
‘your Superiors have had Their fun here while you were dismissed. Do you think you are worthy of spilling your seed in the same room? ricki, remove the fucking mask so W/we can hear him!’

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Eagerly awaiting a release


In the morning Mistress wants to go for a rather long walk, during which She forbids me to talk about the different methods of nettles punishment. She decides what i may and may not talk about. After the walk i may help Her clean the basement closet – putting coats on hangers etc. i prepare a fajitas lunch using chicken i peel and marinate myself. Lina has sleepover friends, they don’t even wake up for lunch (Mistress decides when kids are woken up).

Mistress orders me to vacuum and wash the inside of Her Mercedes and my car as well. As i am in the middle of washing Her car, Lina’s friend’s mother arrives to pick her daughter up and i will take a break to chat with her. Mats has been on a sleepover visit, and next Mistress sends me to pick him up and do the grocery shopping with him. Dinner is fajitas again – i have to only lay the table with all the pots and cups of fillings – and then i am off to warm up the sauna. Full water workout. No evening fun.

Sunday morning

i am in the core of submission as Mistress tells us to study different vacation possibilities, a trip to Jylland. i find a nice package holiday in the web, but it turns out She has been thinking about something totally different. My responsibility is to forget my own thoughts, ask Mistress about Her wishes until i thoroughly understand them and continue the planning based on them.

She orders me to the gym, O/others will leave for a boat trip in the mean time. It turns out the gym is closed for summer Sundays and i return home. i don’t go to my laptop, though i have found a lot of fun in the web this weekend. i have studied nettles punishments after last weekend, there are slaveregister chat forums discussions and Domme links at Instead i go to the beach and fix the jetty. Then i burn trashes and prepare another fajitas meal for Sunday lunch. Filling dishwasher and emptying it is part of my routine now. Mistress normally leaves Her dirty dishes on the table for me to clear, kids take their to the kitchen sink. i put them in the dishwasher carefully, switch it on and empty it. Mistress does most of the clothes washing, except ironing, which is my territory. She doesn’t count on my ability to wash each cloth with the right program. i got to iron Her shirts this weekend, too.

After T/they get back, W/we eat, i prepare coffee and tea, and then it’s time for Her to send me to the garden to start digging a 40 metres long plastic cover in the ground between the lawn and a flowed bed, to stop weeds from growing among the flowers. i have to continue until i’m called or whistled in, which happens only at 7pm – i have worked for 3 and a half hours and i am totally spent. She praises my industry, and asks if i would like to masturbate later. With pleading eyes i say yes. i get an immediate erection, points dig into my sissy shaft. She sends me to collect nettles, but this time for a nettles pasta, i have to cook them. i keep the nettles stalks on the table after stripping the leaves for the pasta, but there is no use for them to torment me, i put them later into compost. There’s no topping from the bottom in O/our household.

Later in the evening She orders me to make banana smoothies for everyone. but bedtime comes a surprise: 40 abdominals and lifting weights, but no fun nor masturbation privileges as a prize for the hard working weekend. i’m in Her strict control anyway, with or without prizes and punishments and so it should be.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Some links and a not-happy-Mistress

i wake up at 5.25 and after breakfast before anyone else wakes up i have time to read a very erotic story called ‘monthly milking’ with an excellent idea of ways to humiliate the maid all the way while her monthly ruined orgasm is given to her i can attest that a ruined orgasm – an ejaculation without physical contact – is indeed a frustrating experience, and it rerally isn’t an orgasm, though it feels good.
i found also another masterpiece by the same writer about a nettles punishment. A night spent tied with bags of nettles tied around your genitals and hands is surely a good remedy for bad behaviour, especially if your penis has been thoroughly whipped beforehand. This is a picture of the tawse mentioned in the story.

i get back from work fairly early. Mistress complains immediately that there’s no meal of Her liking ready for Her. i apologize heartily that my calculations about food consumption have failed and start making a liquidized cauliflower soup, a favourite of Hers, while cleaning the untidy kitchen of used dishes and other dirt. Only afterwards i warm up myself a portion of sausage stroganoff.

Mistress plays with kids, they plan a trip and later watch tv for a long time. i ask mistress if it’s a sauna day, and it is. As i have warmed it up i ask, and get permission to go in first. Going to sauna means i am allowed to go upstairs and remove cb-2000. Though i am allowed to be alone in sauna without the cb i don’t touch myself, the new regime is enforced well enough. i have time to do also water workout alone. As i do jumping jacks in the water, my sissy clit firms. Then Mistress and Lina arrive and i have to go to the toilet to get rid of the tumescence.

Lina and Mistress continue in the sauna after i am ready, and i commit using the net without cage around my sissy clit. i also eat a few candies that lay on the table without asking permission, but my defence is Mistress had said they were for me.

After sauna the O/others continue watching tv, i am sent to unpack and pack things in Mistress’s Mercedes. i find dog shit on our yard and collect that as well. As i am ready Mistress says. ‘Go put Lina in bed. Don’t get back until she’s asleep’

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Practising countdown method


i wake up at 6.02, She wakes up too and hugs me. i’m naked and i get an erection. She fondles my buttocks and presses the meat inside my perineum that gets hard during erection. She says i may masturbate for 2 minutes in the bathroom. i go to the laptop and view some pics as long as i can do it without grabbing my sissy clit. Then i go to the toilet, kneel and start practising on countdown: 20,19,..1 in 20 seconds. 6*20 seconds is two minutes. Two first countdowns are misses, third is a bull’s eye, i accelerate till zero, let go of my sissy clit, 1-2 seconds go by with seemingly nothing happening, then two little effortless spurts, a little pool leaks on the floor. i lick it, notice that the floor is not very tidy though. Next try. i must run it down, slow down 5 seconds before time, and no results. Fifth goes the same way and only sixth time i know to start slowly enough, to leave room for momentum in the end – however no more leaking.

After work i must take W/women shopping and tend to the grocery shopping myself. Next i have to start preparing food. A little before 8pm pasta Palermo is ready, it gets eaten in a minute. i’m worn-out, it was a tight day at work. She’s nice, kisses me, kisses my mouth, bites my ear and pursues me until i lean against the microwave. She wants a slave that would smile more. i complain that i’m in need of a holiday (just 6 working days left to the summer holidays). Early to sleep. In bed She fondles my sissy clit again (i’m allowed to sleep on my tight sleeveless shirt only) and She squeezes my perineum a bit too hard.

Monday, 6 June 2011

The pleading look

As i get from work, i go to grocery store. At home i unpack the shopping, clean up after the quests – kitchen is packed with dirty dishes. Next i eat the oldest leftovers in the fridge, and i may read the paper while i eat. Mistress joins me reading. i know they have eaten cake and ice cream, which is my favourite. i pluck up my courage and ask for ice cream. She says Lina has more appeal in her pleading look, deer eyes. i may try a few times, i rehearse a more appealing look. i get an ice cream.

At bedtime Mistress has gone to bed and switched off the lights while i am out arranging watering system to night setting. i brush my teeth. As i get to bed She points at the bed beside Her, i kneel there knees spread. She notices my balls are not well inside the thong, She starts pulling on them, getting me into a wonderful erection (cb was off already). She starts massaging my penis through the thong. i warn i may cum in it. She is cautious, i suspect this is T&D. i put my hands together behind my back. Then She massages my perineum and takes off Her hand. i remain kneeling. She asks what i am doing. i say i’m waiting for orders. i gaze into the distance. “Get a condom!”. As i put it by virtue of Her next order i think whether She’s going to make me wank in the condom. However She surprises me and orders me on my side behind Her, and takes my cock inside He pussy. i may fuck Her on my side, then doggy style. i have no trouble holding back the orgasm, as my foreskin is covering my glans inside the condom. She cums really noisily, orders me to put the condom in trash.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - part 15


When ricki has been to Sir and my Wife, i ask him during our bedtime chat minutes (when both are in bed) what has happened and what he got to do. Fortunately he is allowed to tell.
‘They made me help Mistress into a waist corset and stockings, high heels. Then i was put in a corner. They did some snuggling – i don’t what, i just heard the bed groan’
Now i got an erection. my semi orgasm did nothing to end my constant horniness. Nocturnal erections are allowed, we are completely spike-free during the night in our long (cb-3000) cock cages. But our hands are tied – no possibility of masturbating the cock with the cock cage, which could be an easy way of cumming for a horny boi in a cock cage without long points of intrigue. ricki continues his story.
‘Then i was summoned. your Wife wanted Her clit licked while Sir was fucking Her. They were doing it doggy style. He made big thrusts against Her ass, that created a strong thudding sound each time His loins hit Her butt. She was already close to cumming. i lied down under Her head, facing the opposite direction and wiggled my way under Her, towards Her pussy. i raised and tilted my head back so that i could lick Her clit while Sir’s penis was working Her pussy just an inch away. i started flicking my tongue across Her clit sideways which She likes, and She came in just 10 seconds. Sir didn’t cum yet. He withdrew and made your Wife sit on my face so i could continue licking Her pussy all around. From under Her i saw directly up to Her breasts and saw Sir was doing some sucking on Her nipples to get Her excited again. Then… He put His penis in your Wife’s mouth’
‘Her mouth? Did He cum in Mistress’s mouth’
‘No, He didn’t want to shoot His Load in your Wife’s mouth. He suggested to Her that She get on Her back, which She willingly did. Sir raised Her feet on His shoulders and started banging away, long thrusts all the way in. He wore no condom of course. At this point He smiled at me and told me to wait in the corner again. My nose in the corner i only heard the thudding sounds after that. As Master finally came, They were both exceptionally vocal, your Wife screamed a long time, She must have got another. Creampie with my knees on the floor, bent backwards on the bed. A regular amount.’
The 5 minutes allowed for chatting was over. No chance to ask anything else. As ricki spoke and proudly narrated the exciting events of the late night, i came to think of Sir’s beige Mercedes, a E300 model. It has leather seats, effective air conditioning, big motor, all extras. It could be me driving in that car! But they make me drive a used Nissan Note, a small-salaried women’s car. i have a good salary, they must have used a big part of my salary to buy the Mercedes. Isn’t it unfair? slaves know nothing about the finances. we just deposit our pay checks on the designated account (on Mistress’s name), and get a (too) small allowance for groceries, gas and clothes that must be bought second had or from a flea market. i feel my penis bulge in its prison again. It could be me fucking me Wife to tremendous orgasms! Or could it be? She never got a double orgasm with me.

i like to submit, but i have got more than i bargained for. Surely, now with Sir William. But mind is a surprising thing. It adapts, at least a slave’s mind does. my brain cannot handle a lot of pain, but it can cope with a lot of humiliation. Sometimes i wonder if there’s any limit to the humiliations i can take. They cannot hurt me with humiliations – but Sir has found to hurt me without giving me pain, too. The one humiliation that hurts is depriving me of humiliations, making me an outsider, not the one to lick Master’s cock clean after It has made my Wife orgasm.

A few days later, after Dinner, Sir sent ricki to get me. In His study He spoke.
‘you have been a good boi, hubby. you have now communicated to your Wife all the opinions i implanted in your mind. you will be getting your reward. The reward - do you remember? Of course you do, ha ha ha! Now you will get your Wife here to watch you get your reward. you will tell Her…’
Soon i was in front of my Wife with the taught phrase in my mind.
‘Mistress, would you care to watch as Master fulfils this slave’s biggest dream and gives this slave its last penetration: a ruined orgasm in a sissy male slave’s mouth.’
‘Yes, i know hubby. Your big night. I’ll join you in a minute, I’ll just go to the toilet first’
i got back to Sir in the play room and reported kneeling up. ricki was there too.
‘ricki, lock 25cm chains between hubby’s collar and wrists’
‘Sir, yes, Sir’
The chains soon made it impossible for me to touch my crotch even if i had gone berserk and tried something that stupid.
‘Hands clasped behind necks, all. hubby here’
He was sitting on the play room leather couch and pointed the floor before Him. He put His key to my chastity lock. Just as the lock clicked, Mistress walked in and sat beside Him.
‘ricki, remove his cb. Then, kneel up behind the couch facing it’
Now W/we were all watching in the same direction, to the open space in the middle of the large room. Behind the space was the motorized sex bed.
My erection soon stood rampant. Mistress turned Her head momentarily, looked at me and glanced down on my “manhood”.
Sir clapped His hands a few times. Now christa appeared. she had been preparing a show. she was stunning in a long straight blonde wig, light make up, crimson lips & mascara. she had only her red feminine collar, thick white stay up stockings, pink 6” heel sandals and a sleeveless shirt dress. It was that sheer and tight as a body stocking, ending at the tops of her thighs, showing half of the pink cb-2000 (no panties) as she walked towards us with her hips swaying and bare hands swinging with tilted wrists. her full breasts showed full and round under the fabric, even the rings showed, and a little below contours of a corset that was to blame for her curvaceous figure. she stopped before Masters, her weight on her right foot, tilting her head to the right. Then she turned around, a feminine looking butt so cute as she peeked around her shoulder to Sir and walked away.

my Wife: ‘she’s a smashing cutiebutt. Are W/we seeing her in other outfits as well?’
Sir: ‘Yes, just wait and see’

Friday, 3 June 2011

A nettles punishment

My diary texts are piling up so i continue my story and diary side by side. Now to the real life:

i wake up before 7, Mistress wakes up before i have finished epilating. She orders me to prepare a breakfast of porridge and tea, i obey and get Her the paper. After breakfast She wants to go for a quick walk. i have a strange allergic flu so She let’s me choose if i join Her or not. After W/we return i’l have to clean up the kitchen and prepare lunch. She goes to take care of a work related issue of Hers. Her friends are coming over tomorrow, so i will have to do a chocolate cake as well. Actually two cakes, W/we eat another today. As i wait for the dough to cool down i sit by the paper. Mistress notices and looks really angry. i get scared, but too late.
“What is this, do you call this service of a slave? Get a big bunch of nettles” i put on rubber gloves and go get them.As i get back with a big bunch i ask if i got enough. Not enough, but they’ll do, She says.
“Into the bathroom”
“On your knees, pants down”
She takes the bunch in Her rubber gloved hand.
“Keep the shirt up” i startle as She beats my sides and butt with the bunch of nettles!
“Spread your legs” i spread my knees further, but as the nettles hit my balls from below (my penis is “luckily” protected by the cock cage), i jump upward raising my knees from the floor and resting my hands on it.
She leaves the nettles between my underpants and my sensitive parts and tells my to pull up my pants and button them. As the first nettles harvest of the year is pressed tight and gets massaged against my unsuspecting buttocks and balls, the agony is something indescribable and as She makes me get up, i have to start walking with my legs spread wide.
The pain is stinging at first, but then certain numbness starts to take over and it turns into an itching heat. So equipped i may continue making the chocolate cakes for Her guests. As it is readyi lay the table, and as i have summoned the kids to eat, She allows me to remove the nettles and take them to compost.
As i get back from the toilet, having removed the nettles from my pants, kids are sitting by the table, and Lina wonders a moment why i have a bunch of nettles in my hand but forgets it soon. i get cake, but the heat in my butt stays on for a long time, like the nettles were still there. In the mean time i start cleaning. Mistress has told O/our cleaner not to visit us during summer, but because O/our house is large, W/we share the workload. i get the biggest part: the ground floor and all toilets. Then i have to warm up the sauna and move watering in the garden after each 1,5 hours.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 14


It may seem O/our life at the ranch was nothing but play, sessions and fucking. In real life it was 99% hard work, preparing meals, cleaning up and maintaining the house and garden with outfits and submission as our only joy, nearly always in cruel long points of intrigue. As we got really excited and semi erect, they dug little wounds to the root of penis. The wounds were extremely painful with even the slightest semi tumescence, and they rarely got to heal, so we didn’t even encourage ourselves to erotic thoughts, let alone poke our penises through the bars. That was possible only with points removed or with smallest points. So we always wore longest or middle spikes, depending on the mood of our Masters and the quality of our service. When i was especially horny, i tried all possible, even desperate means of getting off, like pressing my cock cage against a mixer i was using, but had to stop because of the spikes. The routine days are hard to memorize, so my story concentrates on the special occasions and the rare orgasms we got.

Special occasions included the days when christa had caught a flu and i was allowed to stand in for her. she must have caught a flu while W/we were in the pain garden, as she became sick the next day. her being sick means i first cook the meal and then serve Them at the table, spending the whole day in maid’s dress (even the sexy maid’s dress as i had grown nearly A cup titties) – corset, stockings, 6” sandals, bra, make up, a wig with black, bobbed, quite long hair, feminine wrist and ankle bracelets, a little lower cut white leather collar, a small remote control butt plug that Sir can make vibrate as a reward. Another small bullet vibrator is stuffed in the tip of the cock cage, under penis head. As i have also electric traiing collar around my genitals, Sir can both shock my penis for punishment and vibrate the penis head as a reward!

Dressed as a pretty maid i could watch Sir hug and kiss my Wife at the table. After the meal ricki was also summoned in our regular houseboy costume. Sir and my Wife reclined on the sofa.
Sir: ‘hubby, massage my feet’
Mistress: ‘ricki, my shoulders hurt, massage them.’
We started massaging, him standing behind my Wife and me on the floor kneeling before Him. we knew we must continue until told otherwise. After a long while of massaging Sir orders me to open His zipper and take his cock in my mouth. i reach forward and carefully uncover His Real Penis. It gets hard in my mouth. i’m not gay, but it feels good to get in contact with something warm and alive. i get turned on, long spikes hurt down there. Does that mean i am gay anyway? Or bi?
One … two knocks on my forehead. i start moving my head vigorously along Master’s shaft.
my Wife: ‘ricki, remove my panties’
ricki scurried around the sofa, Mistress continued: ‘With your teeth’. he knelt and raised Mistress’s skirt, diving under it. Soon he got hold of them and was drawing them downwards.
my Wife: ‘Now lick my pussy’ he was getting a rare treat. Knocks on his forehead guided his licking too. One knock, slow licking around the clit, two knocks, long licks along the pussy, three licks, make your mouth into a funnel at peehole and wait for pee, four knocks, fast horizontal licks across clit, five, fucking with tongue. One knock, a break and two knocks means to start a trained pussy licking routine, quite complicated actually. my Wife is careful not to let me even see under Her skirt, Sir is strict about that. my Wife starts soon breathing heavily beside Master. My lips are interlocked around His penis, now at full mast, a big pole bouncing against my throat, Sir taking advantage of all that training with large dildos to control the choking reaction of my throat.

my Wife starts kissing Sir on the mouth, Her hand appears and takes hold of the root of His cock, limiting my mouth’s territory to the engorged penis head. Soon Sir’s hand pushes me away, my Wife starts a slow masturbation routine on Him. i feel so privileged to finally be here with T/them. After all the nights of handwashing dishes and then going to sleep early, tied up in bed. Now i see what “Adults” do after kids are put to bed!
The pleasure is short-lived. Masters decide to continue in the play room (It also has a motorized king-sized bed, besides all sorts of vibrators and other toys.) and i am sent to christa who is reclining in her room, to ask her to put me in the bed. ricki gets with Them to the play room, he may remain and assist in Them.

my Wife and Sirs - Part 13


Sir: ‘hubby, are you OK?’
me: Sir, yes Sir, i’m very comfortable Sir’ my concentration now moves to Sir and my Wife sitting beside Him, just a few feet away from me. i realize all i need to cum is a word. A word from His lips.
Sir: ‘What do you think about the circumstances, do you like it down there?’
me: ‘Sir, yes Sir, this is heaven – agh (a deep thrust by ricki) – i like this so much. Too much, Sir’
Sir: ‘Wouldn’t you like to fuck your Wife instead?’
me: ‘Sir, no Sir. i love Her very much, but i am a slave. i don’t deserve to use my penis. i don’t want to use it. Sir, you are so right keeping it locked so it remains small. i love to be taken this way, Sir, with my Wife watching, Sir’
my Wife: ‘So this is the only kind of sex you want from now on?’
me: ‘Yes, mistress. This way, or any other way Sir and you decide this worthless slave is allowed to spew his cum, Mistress’
Sir. ‘christa, resume’
Oh God, the stick starts hitting on my sweet spot again. immediately i return to close proximity of orgasm. Only later i come to think that this is the closest to a clitoris orgasm a male can get.
me: ‘Sir, this slave is close to cumming, Sir. May this slave cum?’
Sir: ‘No, not yet.’ christa removes the bar.
Sir: ‘hubby, is there anything you wish you could have in your ass right now instead of ricki’s strapon?’
me: ‘Sir, your cock, Sir. It would be a privilege to be fucked by a Real man’s Real Cock, Sir.’
Sir: ‘Well, you are not getting everything you wish for, do you?’
me: ‘Sir, no, Sir’
Sir: ‘Any other wishes not fulfilled now?’
me: ‘Sir, i wish i hade makeup and was dressed as a pretty gurl when fucked, Sir’
Sir: ‘And what is the pretty gurl’s ideal way of cumming?’
me: ‘Sir, i wish i would be taught to cum in my cb with anal stimulation only, with no stimulus to my cock. Sir’
i was happy i had memorized my “opinions” so well.
Sir: ‘Now you may beg.’
me: ‘Oh please, please, Sir. Sir, my Master, please let this lowly, measly, worthless slave to cum, Sir please, pleeeeease’ (in a very pleading voice)’
Sir: ‘Why would you need to cum, boi?’
me: ‘Sir! Sir, you have kept this slave chaste for 33 days now, and Sir, i am so excited and horny, with all that fucking (that went on right then) and poking on my g-spot. But my orgasms are under your rule, Sir, and i wish to cum only at your sign, Sir’
Sir: ‘resume, christa’
The compression of the cock cage alone had been enough to keep me overtly excited, i was so turned on i whined as the metal rod again made contact to the underside of my penis. ricki kept on pounding my ass, all i could do was open and close my fingers and toes inside boots as the inescapable approached. Only 10 seconds and i had to think of my office desk again.
me: ‘Sir this slave is close to cumming. Is this slave allowed to cum, Sir?’
Sir extends His boot to my head.
Sir: ‘Lick it, yes, you may cum now, boi’
Oh Yes! Yes! christa continued to poke, and no longer was it necessary to hold back. i became my ass, so royally fucked. i became my g-spot, so wonderfully poked. i was finally pushed – poke – by – poke – over – the – point – of – no – return. my orgasm was irreversibly on its way.
me. ‘Sir, this slave is cumming, Sir’
That was no longer a question, it was report. That was a message to christa and ricki, too. christa knew to stop poking now. ricki knew to withdraw quickly from my anus. i was to cum passively without contact to another person and without any stimulus. All i could do was wiggle my toes and fingers. It’s difficult to describe how it felt during this, one of the most peculiar male orgasms that can be imagined. the orgasm was on its way, small spasms moving semen inside me towards the cramped urethra. Bondage was forbidding all natural thrusting a man would do during orgasm. The compression of the cock cage serves as a reminiscence of a vagina and maintains spasms that don’t exist in a normal ruined orgasm. i feel orgasmic pleasure, though its amount is severely controlled. i cannot concentrate on the pleasure as i have to keep licking Master’s boot – now He offers me the dirty sole. i have to keep my tongue moving, i know no moment without a new lick is allowed. A formerly active male is now reduced so that his only active part during his orgasm is a busy tongue along with useless fingers and toes. It looks like almost nothing is happening, though i am experiencing a luxurious cum: my 4 earlier cums have been totally ruined. Then suddenly, as if out of the blue, white drops start dribbling out in tiny spurts to a small cup held by christa, as my licks on the boot of the Superior Male continue. Lick – drop – lick – drop - they intermix bizarrely. i have cum. Because semen does not just leak, but oozes out in small spurts it means this is better than a ruined orgasm, something between a real and a ruined orgasm. As last drops fall to the waiting receptacle, He offers generously His other sole for me to lick.
Sir: ‘Smear the dildo, let him lick his cum’
The words are addressed to christa and ricki. he drops on his back before me as Master draws back His clean boot. she pours a little semen on ricki’s dildo that still bears marks from its conquest in my cavity. What is about to begin is a routine for us. What comes from the boi must go back in the boi. The released semen has to be licked from a used dildo or another slave’s boot (Masters not letting Their boots smeared). The final humiliation is to be made to lick a mixture of my own cum, so humiliatingly excreted, and my own faeces. christa pours little by little on the dildo, making sure all parts are cleaned.
Sir: ‘remove the bonds, slaves’
ricki and christa join forces to let me up and pile or equipment.
Sir: ‘hubby, you are back to long points now’
i stand up before Him for easy access to my cb. He opens the lock, follows as longest spikes are put back by me and the lock clicks closed.
Sir: ‘ricki and hubby, back to your chores’ we leave running as is the rule outdoors. we have a busy night of preparing dinner and ironing before us.