Friday, 24 June 2011

Deeper submission

The same day Mistress started to use humiliating commands, like, She asks me to get Her a piece of cake i made as She watches TV. i make take some myself but only using the same utensils after She has eaten. In the afternoon She orders me to bring cake and drinks to the beach hut. As She accidentlly spills my drink on the tray, She controls the situation, orders me to clean, to collect the drink back into the glass from the tray even though all kinds of litter is washed there too (‘It’s your own fault the tray isn’t clean’) and makes me drink it.

As i wash the sink She gropes my cb-balls from behind. In the evening She points at some stain on the kitchen floor, i get it that i must clean the floor.

The jobs for the day are weeding flower beds and picking strawberries and protecting them from birds. For dinner i prepare, along to T/their menu, chicken soup, and the kitchen must be spotless before i may eat myself.

i kneel before Mistress s She sits on the living room sofa, each time i have to ask something, like whether to prepare a fresh salad to go with the soup. i look at her lovingly, a stupid smile on my face all the time. Lina doesn’t eat all Her soup, i eat the rest using her spoon while T/they watch. i’m with Her all the day, no net time today.

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