Tuesday, 21 June 2011

D/s holiday planning

Summer holiday is here!

This year i have my summer holiday early, starting at Midsummer. Though my holiday started i wake up at 6am even without alarm. Epilating, a little net. Lina wakes up after 7, i start preparing porridge. During that Mistress wakes up, i serve porridge and tea, get the paper, then prepare coffee for myself. She discards the tea, it’s weak. i brew it further. Next i make icing for my carrot cake, Mistress helps by pouring it on the cake.

She tells me to pack a bag with mugs and tea, and a coat, W/we are going for a walk. W/we walk to a park in the town, sit down to drink tea. W/we discuss the holiday. W/we come to the conclusion that i don’t need to affect holiday planning anyhow, and for that matter, i don’t even need to know about the plans, all i need to know is the task at hand. W/we also talk about winter holiday. She will decide where W/we go and when. She plans to talk with Mats about it before making the decision. i tell Her i’m happier now that i don’t need to plan anything. i have also a chance to talk to Her about my idea about environment friendly slavery i blogged about a few days ago.

As W/we get home it’s time to prepare Midsummer dinner: three Spanish tapas (difficult to prepare), Chinese meat stew and dessert. i prepare at least two dishes at a time, and only at 3pm the table is laid and all ready. Afterwards i clean the kitchen after myself and clear the table.

Later i prepare more alarms to my mobile for Mistress’s favourite tv programs, and i may take a nap as i slept so little. In the evening W/we are invited by O/our neighbours for supper and coffee. i take the carrot cake with U/us, and Mistress brags it is me who made it. i am a bit embarrassed.

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