Saturday, 11 June 2011

Eagerly awaiting a release


In the morning Mistress wants to go for a rather long walk, during which She forbids me to talk about the different methods of nettles punishment. She decides what i may and may not talk about. After the walk i may help Her clean the basement closet – putting coats on hangers etc. i prepare a fajitas lunch using chicken i peel and marinate myself. Lina has sleepover friends, they don’t even wake up for lunch (Mistress decides when kids are woken up).

Mistress orders me to vacuum and wash the inside of Her Mercedes and my car as well. As i am in the middle of washing Her car, Lina’s friend’s mother arrives to pick her daughter up and i will take a break to chat with her. Mats has been on a sleepover visit, and next Mistress sends me to pick him up and do the grocery shopping with him. Dinner is fajitas again – i have to only lay the table with all the pots and cups of fillings – and then i am off to warm up the sauna. Full water workout. No evening fun.

Sunday morning

i am in the core of submission as Mistress tells us to study different vacation possibilities, a trip to Jylland. i find a nice package holiday in the web, but it turns out She has been thinking about something totally different. My responsibility is to forget my own thoughts, ask Mistress about Her wishes until i thoroughly understand them and continue the planning based on them.

She orders me to the gym, O/others will leave for a boat trip in the mean time. It turns out the gym is closed for summer Sundays and i return home. i don’t go to my laptop, though i have found a lot of fun in the web this weekend. i have studied nettles punishments after last weekend, there are slaveregister chat forums discussions and Domme links at Instead i go to the beach and fix the jetty. Then i burn trashes and prepare another fajitas meal for Sunday lunch. Filling dishwasher and emptying it is part of my routine now. Mistress normally leaves Her dirty dishes on the table for me to clear, kids take their to the kitchen sink. i put them in the dishwasher carefully, switch it on and empty it. Mistress does most of the clothes washing, except ironing, which is my territory. She doesn’t count on my ability to wash each cloth with the right program. i got to iron Her shirts this weekend, too.

After T/they get back, W/we eat, i prepare coffee and tea, and then it’s time for Her to send me to the garden to start digging a 40 metres long plastic cover in the ground between the lawn and a flowed bed, to stop weeds from growing among the flowers. i have to continue until i’m called or whistled in, which happens only at 7pm – i have worked for 3 and a half hours and i am totally spent. She praises my industry, and asks if i would like to masturbate later. With pleading eyes i say yes. i get an immediate erection, points dig into my sissy shaft. She sends me to collect nettles, but this time for a nettles pasta, i have to cook them. i keep the nettles stalks on the table after stripping the leaves for the pasta, but there is no use for them to torment me, i put them later into compost. There’s no topping from the bottom in O/our household.

Later in the evening She orders me to make banana smoothies for everyone. but bedtime comes a surprise: 40 abdominals and lifting weights, but no fun nor masturbation privileges as a prize for the hard working weekend. i’m in Her strict control anyway, with or without prizes and punishments and so it should be.

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  1. Sounds like you're being helpful to Her, anyway! Sorry about no masterbation. Maybe soon?