Thursday, 30 June 2011

Holiday means more chores

Tuesday to Thursday

i revert to deeper and deeper meekness as the effect of orgasm fades away. my new job is grinding the concrete stairs, because She wants them covered with stone slabs. i work any long multi-hour shifts with the project, assume i would get a reward – and i do: Mistress bites my ears, making me howl, and kisses me. i may go grocery shopping, and get pads, as Her period is starting.

On Thusday morning She orders me to take a bottle of water, W/we go to the beach. There i have to empty the rowing boat, and start rowing Mistress along a route i may choose myself. The wind is heavy, the rowing is hard work, and i have to continue longer than i would have. Then She directs U/us to a peaceful bay, and orders me to lie down crosswise in the boat, on a thin mattress set on the middle seat. i may rest this way, nothing else happens. Then i must row home.

Back at the beach i am ordered to continue painting one more of the hut walls. It takes abot three hors. She is going to Her bosses party, alone, and She gives me a list of orders: prepare a meal, order stone slabs, grind the stairs for one hour. This list takes me through the afternoon.

In the evening, with Her back, i prepare Her bruchettas and tea, and chili cocoa, which becomes Her favorite, and a disfavorite for others. i pick up the strawberries, and prepare whipped cream to go with them and ice cream, even i get some. Evening workout and to sleep. Her period started.

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