Thursday, 16 June 2011

Keeping slaves is environment friendly

i use my early morning net time after showering and fixing the pink cb-2000 on me. i search using search terms Epilator and Countdown, a way to find funny T&D. Soon it’s a year i have been a slave. [all my diary posts until this point are entries from a 10 month time period]

i drive home. It’s 22 Celsius. Mistress’s can put slave in the front line in the battle against climate change. As a slave i must save energy, and don’t use air conditioning of my Nissan, only i open both front windows partly. As i am on motorway the roar is intense, but i stay cool. During the winter i changed into a more environmental health small car. Slaves with easier commuting routes can be made to use public transport. i don’t think anything else could have made me give up my big Mercedes that is now used by Mistress, but cleaned inside by me every 3 months and washed by me a little more frequently.

my sissy clit is in chastity belt save for nights and sauna, showers and epilating. The belt only allows semi erection painlessly. Body starts to adapt and i get only small erections. i tend to the groceries, meals, cat litter box. i may only masturbate seldom, there’s sex only when She wants to fuck. Most times i must/may give Her oral sex, but i never receive it. The habit to masturbate constantly has disappeared in the couple of months that i have been in the cock cage. i still read (and write) erotic stories, but i never masturbate any more. As i get excited, my semi erect sissy clit oozes slime on my balls. i epilate my crotch and breast daily, pluck my ball hair. i obey My Wife without questions, swiftly.

i use colder water in the shower than before. i have lost some weight, and i hav not caught one single flu, because i eat 0% less candy than i used to. If i eat something sweet it is probably a cake i have baked myself for the whole family. i get only one small bottle of beer per week, sometimes wine, if She makes the initiative. Only diet coke. i eat leftovers, which is also environmentally healthy. Sometimes i massage My Wife, or wash her feet. i actively offer these services, and refreshments to Her. Otherwise i am not supposed to take initiative. i sleep the year round in a tight sleeveless shirt and a thong.


  1. You are doing well.

    May I ask a question? You mention your up coming slave anniversary. In your blog you don't write about what occasion made you and your Mistress start this relationship. Was it something you always wanted and now was accepted by your Wife. Or is it because of some misbehaviour?

    I hope you'll explain. I thank you in advance.


  2. It was something i always wanted and now was accepted by my Wife. W/we had never before tried out full time WLM, though She had the upper hand already before.